Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shopping for Bath Essentials Online using Zalora App

Over the weekend I visited my Zalora Ph app on my iPad and I made another order and of course another batch of bath essentials. 
Since my bath essentials need some restocking and some of my favorite bath products are available at Zalora I made an order lt Sunday morning. 
I max up the number of products of P995 to avail the free shipping, besides shopping online with almost the same amount of products you can get in going to the supermarket is a big factor for me. Saved up my time going to the supermarket and also the travel fare. Some of the positive things when purchasing items online. 

1- pack of 10 Ivory Aloe bar soap Php245 
1- Ivory Body Wash Island Oasis 21oz. Php175
1- box of 200 grams Belo Intensive Whitening (Kojic+Tranexamic) soap chips Php120
1- 300ml Clairol Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Silky straight hair conditioner Php220
1- pack of 3 Ivory Original scent bar soap Php79
1- 180ml Sunsilk Co-creations Smooth and Manageable Nourishing Conditioner Php85
1- 180ml Creamsilk Dandruff Free hair conditioner Php104
1- 160ml Clairol Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight hai conditioner Php120 (which I have to bring up for return or exchange).

Total cost Php1148 less the My Wallet balance of Php140, I got all 8 items for Php1008 with free shipping, items arrived within 48hours after I placed the order. I paid using PayPal balance which I received my online payments from my earn money online sites, making all these for free. 

Going to the Clairol hair shampoo bottle which I discovered while opening the bubble wrap, the push cap was half-way open making the content spill inside the bubble wrap. As I checked they did not seal the opening with a clear tap to secure it compared with the other items like the Clairol conditioner. The content of the shampoo left a mess and made the content of the bottle exposed within the delivery time.
will email this concern to Zalora support and will ask for replacement or refund of the item. 
Inside the packaging box is the Customer Copy receipt which you can use you need to send back an item for replacement and refund. You just need to identify and send the item back using the service courier indicated on the form. One of the negative sides of online shopping is when you find out that the items you ordered were damaged.
Or I can drop an email to www.zalora.com.ph/refund-form for the same purpose. I hope they can get back to me as soon they receive my email about the product. 

Needless to say, I am still satisfied and happy with this purchase I made and will definitely buy my essentials using Zalora App. 'til next! 

***update: I emailed Zalora customer care and after checking with a couple of emails they gave me an option to refund the amount of Clairol Shampoo (Php120) via PayPal reversal or a Zalora Wallet Credits. I chose wallet credit which I can use later on with my next purchase. For the prompt action with the query, I give them a super thumbs up! Thanks, Zalora!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Cafe Noir #4 by Marks & Spencer

I am a confessed caffeine lover! I love the adventure of indulging myself to caffeine experience whether it's the cheapest to the most expensive kind I can afford to purchase. 

We got this jar of coffee last December from our Marks & Spencer's shopping. My heart was divided whether to get the coffee grounds or this instant one. Since, I still have some of the grounds I received from a "pasalubong"in Batangas. I decided to get this Cafe Noir #4 freeze-dried French style, dark roasted and full-bodied instant coffee.
The jar is a glass jar with golden brown twist cap.
When you untwist the cap the jar is sealed with gold foil to retain the freshness of the coffee. 
Cafe Noir #4 - 100 grams of instant coffee
At the back label indicates the coffee instruction per serving and some information.
Serving: For average strength coffee- place one teaspoonful in a mug. Add hot (not boiling) water and stir. Add milk or cream and sugar to taste.
Coffee Quality A blend of Robusta beans, darkly roasted to deliver a full flavoured cup of coffee. Store in a cool dry place.
This jar sells for Php365 ($7.77). Packed in Germany for Marks & Spencer 
United Kingdom, marksandspencer.com 

For my personal take on the Cafe Noir coffee. Coffee is the first thing I can think of every day I wake up. It is my booster drug to start my day. Good thing I bought this last Christmas and I was fully able to learn and distinguish the taste. This is the photo of my first cup of Cafe Noir, decided not to add any cream or milk to it so I can taste the bitter taste. Sadly one teaspoon was not enough to satisfy the taste I wanted. I added half teaspoon more. I did expect that whoa reaction in me after the first sip, but I did not. It was a plain instant coffee for me, a cheap plain taste. Comparing this to the local instant coffee you can buy in the supermarket which is cheaper. But, since it is an instant coffee that I can take it anytime of the day without much preparation to do, I am enjoying every cup of it. 
Have you ever tried this Cafe Noir coffee? What was your take on it... did you like the taste?
Send me a comment below for any questions. Thank you fro reading.:) 'til next,

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pay Day Dinner at Seoul Korean Restaurant

After two weeks of hard work, t is good to treat yourself and the family with something delectable and a new experience the kids can enjoy. 
Seoul Korean restaurant was our choice to dine last Saturday, lately, we have been exploring food and restos around the city and the korean food is almost everywhere. I personally into Korean food lately, my taste buds for Korean kimchi and the Ramyun calls for it. A couple of weeks ago I made a blog post about Chin Ku Restaurant which I slightly made a comparison to this post. 

Seoul Korean restaurant signage which you can see from the front to the driveway of the restaurant. You can never miss the location of the, especially at night. 

From our place to the restaurant we walked about 15-20 minutes passing the Harbor Point Mall.You can also get a private taxi but due to accessibility of the places inside the bay walking  would be the best thing to do. We reached the place around past 7pm and the restaurant was almost full. The are tables and chairs outside for al fresco dining and also some private function rooms which can accommodate up to 20 pax. The inside of the restaurant is not that extravagant, it is a simple and yet presentable Korean restaurant you can find. 

Let's go talk about the food! 

We were seated right away when we arrived, a menu was handed to the four of us and it took us about 5 minutes to decide on what to order.We were served a pitcher of water and some aluminum cups for it, also each one of us got wet towelletes to freshen up our hands for later use. In the menu they have set dishes which ranges from Php899 up to Php1499. As the "mother goose,"I decided on what to order but of course with the approval of the kiddos. 
Photo shown above is the Set B in their menu which is mainly beef and priced at Php999. 
Korean bulgogi barbeque with 8 side-dishes, 3-cups of rice, 1-pitcher of iced tea. This set was served to us 10 minutes after we ordered and the burner was set-up.
Some of the appetizers included were baby potatoes in sweet and spicy sauce, monggo sprouts (togue beans) and steamed scrambled eggs.
Beef searing in the barbeque grill and some side-dishes.
Kimchi, fresh crispy lettuce and other cold veggie side-dishes.
My kids with our waitress who set-up the grill and the meat for grilling. 
As soon as the heat reaches the meat and started searing time to turn the beef strips and bulgogi. 
One of my favorite side dish was this baby potatoes coated with spicy and sweet sauce with sesame seeds.
Plus, this very delicious kimchi plate. I love the fermented taste, the spiciness really compliments and got my approval for the taste and texture. They have this in the menu for a separate order which they sell in 500grams and a kilo. I will definitely buy this next time I passed by the restaurant.
Korean rolled cakes was served too as one of the sidings. I love how colorful and vibrant the colors of the yellow, orange and green in the cake.
I ordered the kids separate kimbaps for them, for the boy I got him his request for this spicy Jepkyu rolls. Php 130 served in a sushi plate cut into 10 pieces per order. 
For the mini me, I got her this Bulgogi kimbap for the same price of Php130 per order. She loved the combination of the sweet mango inside that blends well with the meat inside.
A single order of their Ramyun priced at Php160, this one failed my expectation. It was served last after we made a couple of follow-ups. It was served to us half-cooked and messy. The taste did not pass on my liking. It is somehow come close in buying the instant kimchi noodle packs you can get in the supermarket and crack it with an egg.

For the over-all experience of our dining experience at Seoul Korean Restaurant. For the food taste it was okay nothing special expect for the fresh beef and the kimchi sidings, 5/10. The price of the food is way too much compared to other Korean restaurants inside the Freeport. I also got the same reaction from one of my FB friends who had tried it that's why I am giving it a 6/10. The service was okay though we tried to follow-up some orders in the middle of our stay and did ask for some condiments for the Samyeopsal. Due to the volume of the customers I find the restaurant under staff  giving them a 5/10. 
The restaurant is recommendable for the experience alone though I can see myself dining here again and will try out some of the food specially a kimchi take-out is definitely on my list.
On our next Korean restaurant adventure will be the Bulgogi restaurant besides Interpark Hotel, definitely a blog post in the making. 
Seoul Korean Restaurant
Lot1-Blk 73B Labitan Street
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City.

***this is not a paid post


Thursday, January 14, 2016

Autograph Azure Breeze Eau de Toilette by Marks & Spencer

Autograph, a breeze in a bottle...another flashback from the holiday's gifts I got last Christmas.
This scent is very close to Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue which I had and this is also the reason I asked and wish for it for a Christmas gift to receive. I saw this bottle scent at Marks & Spencers-Harbor Point Mall in Subic. I checked out the tester bottle out of the couple ones lined up for their Christmas holiday display. 
The classic and simple white and blue rectangular box packaging of 100 ml content bottle.

At the back of the bottle indicates the combination of the scent.
"Opening with spicy ginger, crispy green apple, and refreshing bergamot notes, with a fruity heart of beautiful rose, soft peach, and orange flower scents, resting on woody base aromas. The fresh fruity fragrance of Azure Breeze will awaken your senses."

The bottle content is flammable, needs to store in a cool dark place and avoid eye contact. Made in the UK for Marks and Spencer. 
The bottle is almost the shape of the box with matte frost and a see through the plastic cap for the sprayer.
Easy to hold and press the sprayer nozzle and it emits a content in a mist. 
The color of the liquid is a slightly yellow with a tinged of green.
Marks & Spencer Autograph Azure Breeze eau de toilette 100ml bottle.
From the tester spray I had from the day I learn about this fragrance it really caught my attention, the calming and soothing scent I had was lingering also I made a distinct comparison to it with D&G Light Blue. I was delighted with this because of the pricing perse'. D&G is far way more expensive compared to Azure Breeze. Also, we got a 20% off from the original price of Php 1,296 ($29) to Php 1,037 ($23) made me even decide for this as a Christmas gift. 

The only downside of this is the scent easily fades especially outdoors, that's why you need to spray from time to time like I do when I want to smell fresh and beautiful. :) 
I highly recommend this brand of fragrance if you are into citrus-woody scent, grab a bottle at your M&S stores nationwide. 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Feature: Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee

One of the most exciting part of Christmas season was to receive gifts you like most, do you agree with me? 
A bag of sachets full of coffee was one exciting gift we got last Christmas. Super charcoal roasted white coffee (2 in 1 coffee and creamer packs). 
I was able to taste this brand of coffee a couple of months ago and I did like it. That one was the Super coffee from here in the Ph is was on a small pouch pack. This Super coffee is in a bigger pouch pack which means the content was a little more than the local packs from here. 
Super Charcoal White Coffee in 25grams each pack and in this bag it has 15 sachets.

Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee "Savour the rich and aromatic classic White Coffee with no added sugar, charcoal roasted to perfection."
Manufactured by Super Coffeemix MArketing in Malaysia and imported by Super Coffee Corporation Singapore. 

My verdict for this Super Charcoal Roasted White Coffee...
.... I poured in the whole sachet in a cup filled with boiling water (i like my coffee super hot), it creates a foam while the powder was diluting. The scent of the coffee was not too powerful compared to instant coffee locally branded one (Nescafe). Super coffee 2 in 1 only has coffee and creamer in it, so you need to add sugar according to your liking. But, since I am trying to lessen my sugar intake I did like mine with no sugar. It is frothy and creamy and my liking to a coffee did pass this brand. 
Since it is an imported one, it would be hard to find one in our local supermarket, I am glad was able to try it, I might try to purchase the Super coffee from here. 
I still have a few sachets left at home and still savoring the creamy goodness of Super Coffee. 

'til next. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Daughter's DIY School Christmas Wreath Project

Holiday vacation has been the busiest week I had since before the kick-off until the last days of it. Just today I browse through my iPad gallery and saw some pictures from last month. And, this one is truly a worth sharing picture for a blog post. 

Before my daughter had their Christmas break at school, they were grouped and instructed to come up with a Christmas wall decor that is mostly recyclable. They have given exact measurements a theme for it. I searched and browsed Google and led me to my Pinterest site and had an idea for it. 
My initial plan for the Christmas wreath was to use a Christmas tree design cookie cutter and will tweak the rest as we go along the way building the wreath.

Unluckily, I couldn't find that cookie cutter shape which will be the main material for the project. I resulted in another material which I saw at the thrift store, the aluminum cupcake molds. 
Let's begin the fun part of building this Christmas wreath. 

This Christmas decor consists of 90% recycled materials we have at home. The remaining 10% was the materials bought. 

Materials used:

1-styrofoam board, around half to an inch thick- bought
red aluminum foil
1-roll Christmas themed design gift wrappers
1-pack muffin mold cups (used or new ones)- bought
red ribbon lace
3-white candles
some gold glitters
spare plastic red Christmas tree ornaments (flowers)
pieces of red paper
twisted wire
scotch tape
double-sided tape
Elmer's glue
3-inches wire 

Instructions on how to do:
  1. For the base of the wreath, we cut up the spare styrofoam to 18 inches round, measure it using a pin in the middle with a pencil tied in a cord on the other end. Making a circle figure, then cut the shape using a cutter. 
  2. Wrap the styrofoam with the red foil, securing it with scotch tapes, maintaining the shape of the circle. Be careful not to disfigure the shape of the wreath, which can be made by tight wrapping. Cover all the white color of the styrofoam. Set aside. 
  3. Cut up Christmas design from the wrapper, with this the cut-up where just exactly to fit the inner space of each muffin cups. Secure it with double tape or Elmer's glue, let it dry.
  4. Get the red ribbon lace (recycled from the local cake shop which they use to tie the cake box when you buy). Cut approximately 4-5inches, make a ribbon out of it. We run out of the materials for this that's why some cups doesn't have one.
  5. When the cups are dry, glue the base of the muffin cups in the styrofoam. Checking the design in a proper position. When two sides of the cups meet, secure it with red ribbon each, securing the cups first with bendable twisted fire and glue in the middle of the ribbon onto the top of the wire.
  6. Fill-in the space of the wreath. Let it dry.
  7. Cut a piece of styrofoam with a measured hole for the base of the candle to stick, glue the candles. (prepare candles wrapped in leftover red aluminum strips securing it with scotch tape). Cut pieces of red paper with a flame shape, glue it with the candle wick add sprinkle with gold dust. This will resemble as the candle is lighted with flame.
  8. Secure the wreath with a wire you can use to hang it on the wall.

It is pretty simple to do, the key to this is to spend as little for the materials but it will pop-out with colors and the motif of the event. 
My daughter submitted their project and she got a good feedback from her teacher. I guess the wreath will be hung again next year, I certainly do hope for that. 

Did you make something colorful and fun Christmas project last holiday? If, yes share it with us by posting a comment link below. 'til next DIY project. :) 

Friday, January 8, 2016

Our Christmas Ham from S&R - Traditionally Smoked European Ham

Although holiday season is way behind us already, just now I am tweaking some of the blog drafts I have during that time. 
Sharing to you this brand of Christmas ham we got for the holidays. 

Christmas is about family tradition that we keep and pass along to our succeeding generation in the family. Christmas can be celebrated in a simple way but some can go as extravagant as possible, well this will always depend on one's family income.  

When I was little I always anticipate in opening that imported canned pear shaped ham for Christmas. Normally my father would bring a big sized can or sometimes two during their Christmas party at work. He used to work at the Subic Naval Base- Morale Welfare Recreational department, were Christmas season is like Christmas in the United States. Imported candies and chocolates for treats were also the highlights of that season. Nowadays, due to the open ports and the demand and supply everything is possible. Imported Christmas hams can be brought from supermarkets and some specialty stores and the variety are endless... also the price can fit according to you your budget. Our ham was from S&R their premium holiday Christmas ham. It's a traditionally smoked European ham and It was given to us as a gift, i'm not sure how much this cost... apologies for that. :) 

It weigh more than 500grams and when I opened the plastic pack container I instantly smelled of the smoke flavoured meat. I used the sharp butchers knife in slicing the ham and took a small piece to taste. It was tasty, smokey and the delicious. The ham can be eaten just like that or you can bake it drizzle some pineapple juice or sear fry it in a hot non-stick frying pan. No extender as you can see, it has whole meat that when I was slicing the meat were separating according to the chunks when it was moulded during curing process. You can also see the net marks plus some fat sticking outside the ham. That morning we paired some slices with homemade pancakes and it was a perfect match. Drizzled some pancake syrup on top to add a little sweetness to the ham slice. The meat was tender and delish! I would want the same ham for our next Christmas feast if only we have S&R supermarket here in the City.

Have you tried this ham last Christmas, did you like too? 
drop me a comment below and let's compare. 'Til next. 

Thanks for reading.:) 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Avon Sheer Passion- Simply Tempting, Instagram Prize

Last December I joined the hundreds of Avon Ph Instagram followers when they launch the repost contest for this new line of scent they offer, Avon Sheer Passion. 
I reposted one time and luckily I was one of the one hundred followers who won, and only one here in my place Olongapo. 
When they made the announcement before the holiday break, I contacted the AvonPh IG admin and a few days after I got the confirmation plus additional instructions on how to claim the prize. As per instructions winners need to dm reply the contact details and also the Avon branch where we wish to claim the prize. 
I received an email last Monday with another set of instructions for claiming. Yesterday, I was able to dropped by Avon branch near my work place and handed them my printed copy I got from my email which came from the Avon admin along with my identification card. 

I asked the security guard on duty and she forwarded my printed copy from the email and a representative assisted me right away. They had my id card photocopied and ask me to sign log book that I already claim the prize. The Avon rep asked me for the scent I wanted from the Sheer Passion line and told her if I can get to see the three for me to choose. The store doesn't have any tester for the fragrance mist so I slightly removed the cap of each bottle and sniff the scent of each bottle. 
I finally decided to get the Avon Sheer Passion-Simply Tempting bottle for my prize. I went for the closest scent I can imagine from some of the reviews I got online.  Avon Sheer Passion-Simply Tempting is a combination of sparkling caja, mango blossom and blond wood. The 200 ml liquid content is in a plastic container with yellow color, yellow with floral design plastic cover in a cylindrical pear-shape design. It also has a transparent plastic cap sprayer for mist with gold color plastic screw to lock the bottle. 
At the back of the Avon Sheer Passion fragrance mist bottle is the description of the scent, how to use, warning note and the ingredients. The bar code of the bottle product, comments and question box with telephone numbers and email address where you can contact Avon. Manufactured and distributor name and also the address of Avon Philippines. 
 Avon Sheer Passion-Simply Tempting, A bright citrus explosive introduction to a fresh floral bouquet with light and airy impressions leaving soft impressions of woody musk. 

To use: hold bottle 15-20cm away. Press button quickly and completely. Spray lavishly. 

Now, for my thoughts and comments about the product. 
My initial reaction about my chosen scent of Avon Sheer Passion-Simply Tempting scent. I sprayed a couple of times left and right side of my neck this morning after I shower and the plunger sprayer released a powerful amount of the liquid. I was expecting a more finer mist of the content which eventually will dry up easily when sprayed. But the liquid can be felt as it touches my skin. The mango citrus scent is very evident with the combined deep woody scent. 
As I travelled to work in a public commute I can stiil smell the scent, not until I reached my office an hour after the sprayed. I needed to spray 4-5 times more inside an air conditioned room just to get theintense scent I wanted. The liquid when sprayed doesn't leave a sticky feel and that is plus. 

As I am writing this review, I sprayed once again just to get the exact description of the scent based on my experience. I will see if the scent would be enough to last until 5pm today. Because of the mild scent of the mist you really need to spray more than a couple of times indoor and much more when you are outdoor. Well, it will really depends on your mood using this scent. Now, I am more curious on the two other scent in this line.

Will I buy Avon Sheer Passion for P399/ 200ml bottle as my daily cologne? My answer is 50/50 for now. What I really like about this product is it doesn't feel sticky on skin but for the price it's a little pricey for me. But, I would like to try the other two scent ( I hope AvonPh can send me some for an added review in my blog post... |:D) 

You can get this Avon Sheep Passion fragrance mist line at your nearest Avon representative and dealers or you can sign-up and be a member to get your own personal account for personal consumption. I hope this review can give you an idea of the product. Drop me a comment below for any questions and experiences with this mist. Thanks for reading! 'Til next. 

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Powerful Concoction of Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

Apple Cider Vinegar or ACV as they call it and natural pure Honey are the two of the most amazing natural substances. I have known ACV years back through my reading online. I have been taking ACV of the different brands years ago as my weight loss partner. I used to buy gallons of ACV and consumed daily until my system got a hold of the taste and the smell.

Recently, I was introduced to this brand Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar which I am aware of but did not buy because it is more expensive than the brand I used to take. 
I started to make a concoction consist of these two products in the hopes that it will helps my body inside-outside. 

Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar organic, raw, unfiltered, unpasteurized', naturally gluten-free, contains 5% acidity, Mothe of Vinegar which occurs naturally as strand-like enzymes of connected protein molecules. The available size the time of this purchased was.in 473ml bottle which cost Php245 ($5.11). 
Cems Honey Prime Brand finest honey approximately 500gram bottle. I am not sure about the price of this honey brand because it was given to us as a gift last Christmas. 

I tried to mix this two using 1 teaspoonful each in a glass of cold water. The ACV has a very strong scent and to first time user of this product this might cause a negative effect of the user. Have patience with it think of the benefits of it in the long run. Mixing ACV and honey in a cold water is not a good idea because the honey did not dissolve quickly. It was all over the spoon and at the bottom of the cup, although the scent of the vinegar was lessen and I chug the whole concoction right away. This morning I tried the mixture in warm water. I dissolved the honey and ACV mixture in hot water just enough for the two to blend and dissolve, then added some cold water to make a warm mixture. This is much better than the cold water mixture. I took the concoction 30 minutes before breakfast and I will do this again tonight before dinner. 
It is advised that you take ACV and honey mix in an empty stomach. 
I will make an effort to continue this and let's see what will the effects be like in the coming days. 

As an additional information to these product Bragg ACV read on below.

Bragg ACV external and internal benefits: 
  • rich in enzymes and potassium
  • support a healthy immune system
  • helps control weight
  • promotes digestion and ph Balance
  • helps soothe dry throat
  • helps remove body sludge toxins
  • helps maintain healthy skin
  • helps promote youthful, healthy bodies
  • soothes irritated skin
  • relieves muscle pain from exercise

Why is the combination of ACV & honey so successful?

The overwhelming benefits of the mixture can be explained by looking at their chemical properties and interactions with the body. Many experts believe that we become ill when our bodies turn overly acidic (pH below 7). Vinegar is naturally acidic, but when consumed, it turns alkaline. Honey, too, has a low pH, but raises the alkalinity of the body once eaten.

The two substances are a perfect way to get rid of excessive acidity (resulting from stressful lifestyle and unhealthy foods and drinks) and building an internal environment with a protective pH. Our bodies function at their best and healthiest when the body’s pH is between 7.0 and 7.4, so slightly alkaline.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Airline Toiletry Bags

Do you keep those airline toiletry bags from your travels, or even friends and family hand it out to you as souvenirs and such? 

I am not much of a fan of toiletry bags, not until I got this two from a family friend who traveled recently via Oman Air and United Airlines. These two toiletry bags catches my eye in an instant. 
Let's unpack these bags and see what's inside, shall we?
The first bag is the Oman Air toiletry bag. It has this gold plated Oman Air name engraved. The bag zipper in brown color. 
Exposing the inside of the bag opening the bag zipper open wide. I see gartered compartments on the sides. A folded socks and gold color silk eye mask. Let's do a flat-lay on what is inside in the bag. 
Oman Airlines Toiletry Bag
  • 1- Oman Air toiletry bag with zipper.
  • 1- hand lotion (black tube with gold twist cap)
  • 1- moisturizer (black tube with gold twist cap)
  • 1- shampoo (black tube with gold twist cap)
  • 1- conditioner (black tube with gold twisted cap)
  • 1- pack Bilsom yellow ear plugs
  • 1- pair brown socks
  • 1- pair gold satin eye mask
  • 1- Schick shaving cream and razor with gold satin pouch
  • 1- Colgate toothbrush with small Colgate tube toothpaste also has a gold satin pouch
I find this toiletry bag from Oman Air nice because of the content of the bag, having those branded necessities placed a good mark into it. Also, the color looks elegant and presentable too. Gold and brown really compliment each other. This is definitely a keeper for a toiletry bag. I can reuse this bag as my makeup bag when I used up items inside. 

Second toiletry bag we have here is the United Air toiletry bag. 

United Air toiletry bag has a brown color with two brown zippers around the edge that can meet in the middle when you zip and unzip. It also has the name of the airline embossed in the lower right corner of the bag. Let's unzip and see what's inside.

The inside of the United Air has two compartments, one with zipper mesh compartment and the other one is an open compartment. It also has this extra loop at top for you to hook up the loop for easy access to the items inside the bag. The inside has a color blue cloth and zipper. 

What inside the United Air toiletry bag?
  • 1-cotton eye mask (blue color)
  • 1-pair ear plugs
  • 1-pair stripe blue socks with non-slip rubber at the bottom.
  • 1- Cowshed transparent zip mini pouch with lip balm and a small container of lotion.
  • 1- Cowshed wet wipes
  • 1-pack of mints
  • 1-pack facial tissue
  • 1-piece comb
  • 1-piece foldable toothbrush
  • 1-pieces Colgate single use toothpaste
  • 1-toothpick with floss
This is a little dull in color and my favorite item of all in this bag is the bag itself and the pair of socks.

Both of the bags can be reusable depending on what you need. I am surprised how airlines equipped their toiletry bags for the passenger's convenience. I will be on the look out for another batch of airline toiletry bags from relative and friends. If you have of you can send it to me and would gladly accept it. :)
Do you have any precious airline toiletry bags you want to share? 

'til next.