Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Ways to Make Money from Home

Working on an 8-5 shift, 5-6 days a week can eat up all your time. It can take your time away from home; family and to your self. Nowadays, husbands and wives join forces to make a living by both of them going out from the home to work, whether an office job or anything from field. During the olden times, women of the house are customary to take care of the home and the children. Making sure that all things at home are properly organized, prepared and children are sent to school, while the husband goes to work and provide for the family financially. 

The stereotype of how women are perceived this way is slowly broken down into pieces and women can do and provide as equal as the men can do. With this evolution of the workforce, parents can now provide more with the family, well all this can be feasible when opportunities are available, along with proper skills.  All they have to do is to how to manage their time working and raising the family at the same time. 

In my personal experience working in a medical field with shifting, the schedule was difficult at first, I was asleep the whole day while the kids are away from school and vice-versa, until I decided to transfer from an 8-5 job with the same medical profession. In this way, I can be with the kids at night, but the monetary side of this was a struggle until I figured out how to maximize my time at home when I get off from work. 

I have my laptop with me and an internet connection at home, I started going online and do research and learn that there are a lot of ways to make money from home. I was eager to learn and was very positive that by doing this I can penetrate the world of making money from home. 

It was never easy and fast, it took me a lot of months and even years on how to go along and eventually with a lot of patience, perseverance and hard work I was compensated with my first ever online job as a blogger

And, right now after several years, I am earning money by writing on my blog, when I was able to save funds I was able to buy my own domain name for my blog and the story of my blog evolves until now and for more than seven years now and still running. My blog runs an advertisement, collaboration with companies, and revenue from Adsense. In blogging, there is also that peak and slow-peak times, that's why I never stopped looking and applied for micro jobs online. 

I am also into photography, way even before I started blogging it was my hobby to take pictures using my DSLR camera. There I was able to venture out in photography as a hobby and as an extra income too. Showcasing your ability and passion in photography can be profitable too. There are a lot of guides and tutorials online on how to start a photography business

Learning and earning at the same time can improve your way of living, it can profit and make your everyday living a little easy, also when you are passionate about it the desire to learn more is a breeze. Make use of your spare time, grab every opportunity you can encounter. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

A Childhood Fantasy Just Turned Into a Reality – living in their new home in BellaVita

Starting my own family is one of my goals in life that makes me excited even when I was still a child. An image of a loving husband and a child that we will both adore and dote upon will fulfill my childish fantasy and now a starting reality. After being married for six months now, the next significant detail about these life goals I had is a perfect new home where I can create new memories and have an exciting life.

Finding a new house and lot for sale is a difficult process. Within our tight budget, finding an affordable house and lot is not an easy task. We took brochures given away at malls, looked up the internet, and had asked our friends and colleagues about finding affordable homes. After we saw an advertisement through a cinema about BellaVita Land Corp is an unexpected but a welcomed suggestion. We searched through their website at and facebook page about its details and other information and finally, we are convinced.

And now, after living in our new home, I knew we made the right decision. A beautiful home that fits our lifestyle, a stylish modern design, and a personal residence that I can personally decorate to meet my chosen design for a cozy and comfortable home for a starting family like us.

Learn more by visiting their facebook page.