Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Healthy Diet Safeguards Against COVID-19


The COVID-19 Pandemic intensifies Philippine’s battle against Double Burden of Malnutrition. Double Burden of Malnutrition is defined by World Health Organization (WHO) as “the coexistence of undernutrition along with overweight and obesity, or diet-related non-communicable diseases, within individuals, households and populations, and across the life course.” 

The limited distribution and access to food supplies aggravate the plight of poor and low-income Filipino households to sustain each person’s required nutrients through healthy meals. On the other hand, home confinement due to the mandated community quarantine may cause more people to not only restrict their physical activities but also to overeat and/or consume more food with empty calories as part of coping with stress and/or boredom. 

Given the importance of maintaining healthy diets to sustain our health and immunity against viruses and bacteria, we should turn to the practice of Pinggang Pinoy® as a viable safeguard to protect our family from diseases.

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) introduced “Mag-Pinggang Pinoy® Tayo 7-day Menu Challenge” as a way to encourage homemakers to serve a variety of balanced meals to their families. Homemakers could access the Mag-Pinggang Pinoy® Tayo 7-day menu plan at www.ajinomoto.com.ph and facebook.com/CookmunitybyAjinomotoPH. This is part of the company’s “Eat Well, Live Well. Stay Well.” campaign to provide Filipino families with practical tips on proper nutrition, recipe menu, and fitness activities to cope, stay well, and enjoy life despite the current COVID-19 situation.

Ajinomoto’s 7-day menu plan is composed of complete meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Each meal provides recipe suggestions for Healthy & Delicious Pinggang Pinoy® Recipes that are easy-to-do and affordable. These recipes are simple, solutions to serve enjoyable Pinggang Pinoy® meals. Homemakers could make use of their extra time to purchase widely available and inexpensive vegetables and fruits to complement rice beyond the usual supply of canned goods. Ajinomoto’s recipes make common ingredients more palatable like tofu sisig, meaty pechay picadillo, pork tapa and tomatoes, ensaladang talbos ng kamote, sweet and sour galunggong and many more. Here are three (3) recipe samplers done in three (3) easy steps:

Meaty Pechay Picadillo

1) SAUTÉ onion, garlic, and ground pork and mix in carrots, green peas, and pechay. 
2) SEASON with pepper, soy sauce, and AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix. 
3) COOK for 1 minute more.

Tofu Sisig

1) FRY tofu until golden brown and set aside. 
2) SAUTÉ ginger, onion, and garlic, add fried tofu and liver spread and mix well. 
3) SEASON with sugar and PORKSAVOR® All-in-One Seasoning mix and add chili peppers.

Pork tapa with tomatoes

1) MARINATE pork in water, sugar, soy sauce, pepper, and SARSAYA® Oyster Sauce for an hour or overnight. 
2) SAUTÉ onion, garlic, and pork. 
3) BOIL. Pour the marinade mixture and boil until the mixture is thick.    

For full recipes and more information about Ajinomoto and its products, visit www.ajinomoto.com.ph and facebook.com/CookmunitybyAjinomotoPH.
The Ajinomoto Group is a global company with specialties in the business of food and amino acids, guided by our leading-edge bioscience and fine chemical technologies.

Based on the corporate message “Eat Well, Live Well.”, we have been scientifically pursuing the possibilities of amino acids in supporting the healthy lives of people all around the world. We aim for future growth and continuous contribution to greater wellness by creating value through sustainable and innovative solutions for communities and society.

The Ajinomoto Group has offices in 35 countries and regions and sells products in more than 130 countries and regions. In fiscal 2018, sales were 1.1274 trillion yen (10.1 billion U.S. dollars). To learn more, visit www.ajinomoto.com.

Monday, June 1, 2020

How to Make Mango Chia Smoothie

Mango is a juicy stone fruit produced by numerous species of tropical trees belonging to the flowering plant genus Mangifera, mostly cultivated for their edible fruit.

One of the best and the sweetest mangoes are said to be found in the Philippines, in the province of Zambales, to showcase their best mango produce they hold an annual festival called The Dinamulag Festival, also known as the Zambales Mango Festival to celebrate or encourage the abundant harvest of mangoes in the province.

I think I have tasted at least five varieties of mangoes in my lifetime and the most typical ones are the "piko" the pointed ones and "dinamulag" the rounded-shaped mangoes. They are sour and green in color when unripe and yellow and sweet when ripe. 
They can be added to dishes or can be eaten as is, you can also make candies our of the meat, mango jam, and for a refreshing drink, smoothies and shakes are the perfect drink. 

I made three jars of mango smoothies out of the 10 ripe mangoes I have in the kitchen, want to know how to make mango chia smoothie? Check on the video above and learn how easy. 

You will be needing:

10- ripe mangoes, peeled and pitted
1-cup yogurt
1-cup skimmed milk
3- tbsp organic chia seeds. 

Do not add any sugar or sweetener to it as the mangoes have this natural sweetness. 

I hope you can make one and tag me when you do. 

Friday, May 29, 2020

Refreshing Mint Lemon Chia Cold Drink

Day 74, can you believe that?! Thinking about how time flies and how many hours we spent time inside the house, that is 1,776 hours to be exact (that is for me) since day one of the community lockdowns. 

Since we have all the time and all the things happening around us, and added immune system booster and taking care of our health is our primary goal. 

I am trying to add more on our greens and fresh produce from the home delivery I am availing since the start of the lockdown and I made up some refreshing drink with all the ingredients available. 

This is very easy to do and nothing special ingredients needed. 
Here is the drink I made earlier and I still have some chilled in the fridge anytime anyone gets thirsty. 

A healthy drink that is full of vitamins. 

Chia seeds, lemon slices, and lemon juice, mint leaves, honey, and ice. 

Add chia seeds in water in a container and let it sit overnight. Slice up a lemon and squeeze some juice depending on your taste preference. Add honey and ice in a pitcher of water and stir until the honey is dissolved, depending on the sweetness taste you can adjust the amount of honey. Served it chilled and enjoy a refreshing mint lemon chia cold drink.