Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Kick Bad Habits Out The Door With These Round-the-House Cleaning Kata’s

Your home is a host of battlegrounds and dirt is the common enemy attacking all fronts. Learn how to combat your negative, cleaning habits by practicing positive, cleaning-Kata’s and facing your enemy with new allies on the five most common household fronts: The Kitchen; The Living Room; The Bathroom; The Bedroom, and; The Laundry Room

High-Kick Your Kitchen Back Into Shape

The Enemies: Dirty Sponges, Hardened Drops and Wet Wooden Spoons

Dirty rags and sponges accumulate germs and bacteria when not cleaned daily. Drops and splashes of oils and sauces harden into damaging and disgusting stains. Wooden spoons and cutting boards crack under pressure and absorb detergent in the intense and heated moisture in your dishwasher

The Allies: Sponge Care and Replacement, Accessible Cleaning Solutions, Hand-To-Wood Cleaning Combat

The strongest enemy force in your battle for a clean kitchen is that nasty sponge. Replace it once a week and every day in-between, sterilize it by washing and rinsing it thoroughly then microwaving it for 60 seconds or putting it in your dishwasher. Also, make sure you store it in a sponge dish that has drainage so the water can evaporate and not build up excess mildew and germs.

Keep a glass container filled with water and ample dish soap handy. It will be your go-to weapon against splashes, stains, and spills while cooking…especially for your stove. As soon as you’re done cooking drip the soapy water over your range-top focusing on the most-assaulted areas. Remove grates, grills or burner items if necessary and soak them in the sink. Let the soapy water do its job for 10 minutes then rinse and wipe down with a soft, damp cloth.
Your wooden spoons and cutting boards need to be hand-washed. Use soap and hot water then allow the items to air-dry. To combat enemy stains or odors, rub a lemon on the items and sprinkle with a pinch of salt. Let them sit for 20 minutes then rinse. You can also use heavier artillery such as a 400-grit (wet-dry) sandpaper to smooth over rough spots in the wood. Do some food-safe, follow-up recon by rubbing some mineral oil into the wood and wiping off the excess after a few minutes.

Power-Lift Your Living Room

The Enemies: Overused Rug Routes, Losing Control Of Remote Controls and Gritty Solutions

Your carpet’s piles get threaded on in the same directions every day and dirt digs in and sets up camp. Vacuum in different directions to keep dirt loose and more easily swept up. TV remotes and video game controllers are handled-by-hands every day and accumulate germs as fast as sponges. Alcohol and ammonia can not only be abrasive and scratch your TV and/or computer screens but if applied to a warm screen can leave permanent streaks.

The Allies: Change In Direction, Wiping and Swiping, The Magic of Microfiber

Vacuum your carpets in different directions to keep dirt loose and more easily swept up. Alternate starting and ending points every time you bring out the vacuum and go back over areas from cross-directional angles. This will draw out all enemy debris and make it easy to capture. Find out what are the best vacuum cleaners to make this task easier as well.

Wring out a strong, antibacterial wipe and use it to clean TV remotes and game controllers regularly. Use a Q-tip or makeup applicator to clean around buttons or crevices. Last, store the devices in a drawer or box to reduce dusty buildup.
Microfiber is a magical ally for defending against dirt and dust on even the most delicate of household battlegrounds. Wipe screens in longer strokes to avoid streaking. You can wet the cloth minimally –I repeat, “minimally” – to attack smudges. Never spray cleaners directly onto screens – there are no general products that are safe for that application. Try “Monster Flat Screen Clean” for $12 at monstercable.com as an additional ally if needed.

Box Your Bathroom Bacteria Into Submission

The Enemies: Wet Willies and Hideous Hooks

The toilet brush holder is a breeding ground for combatant bacteria. Multiple towels piled up on hooks don’t dry properly and give way to increased mildew and germs.

The Allies: Dry and Disposable Dropkicks, Full Metal Coatracks

There are toilet brushes out there with disposable heads. Honestly, it’s your best bet for keeping extra germs at bay around the toilet. If purchasing these is not an option you can also boil water and pour it on the brush while holding it over the toilet. Allow to air dry – OUTSIDE – before returning it to its normal location.

Towels need air to dry. Enemy mildew thrives in tight, moist spaces. Metal coatracks with multiple hooks are a great ally against mildewy buildup. You can also wash your towels in hot water with appropriate bleach to help kill excess germs.

Bouncing Your Bedroom

The Enemy: The Un-Cleaned Closet

Leaving your closet untended to can attract moths, bugs and also damage clothing and shoes.

The Ally: Operation Overhaul

Sometimes you have to do the dirty work. Take everything out of your closets at least once a year and apply standard cleaning protocol as you would every other area/room in your home. Shake off your clothing outside before returning them to the bars or racks, and dust off those shoes! You can also clean the soles of your shoes periodically to prevent nasty buildups from outside that you never want in your home).

Lunge at Your Laundry Room

The Enemy: Lazy Laundry Habits

Clothing left sitting in the washing machine can acquire mildew quite quickly. Laundry left sitting in the dryer will wrinkle.
The Allies: Efficient Timing and Extended Tumbles

Wash your clothing, towels, and sheets when you know you have time to immediately take them out of the machine. Run the empty washing machine on “hot” with white vinegar and bleach in the water once a week to help sterilize it. Most modern dryers allow for an extended tumble setting. Clothing will periodically be tumbled which helps prevent wrinkles if you can’t get right to the dryer when the 1st cycle completes. Use permanent press settings to further reduce wrinkles.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

AltRiders GOTRAX Hoverfly ION LED Hoverboard Giveaway!

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