Friday, July 20, 2018

Ways on how to remedy an itchy throat

From the sudden change of season- to the extreme sunny weather to non-stop rain due to the tropical storm that hit the Asia-Pacific region. This also the sign were we can expect an increase of health cases such as common colds, cough, and even Influenza virus or flu virus, with this I have known numbers of students who come and seek for first-aid intervention a couple of weeks ago since the class started.
Influenza virus is communicable and can be transferred from one patient to another person most especially when the immune system is weak. And, with that, I am one of the unlucky people who was contacted with flu, along with a cough and colds. 

What are the things you need to do to prevent you from getting sick?

  • Rest and recuperate- get enough sleep (preferably 7-8 hours)
  • Eat more- eat nutritious food, a balanced diet (protein rich source, fiber, vegetables, and fruits)
  • Fluids and liquid- hydrate your body with water, juices, and soup
  • Daily pill- take your essential vitamins daily (vitamin C, Iron, Calcium) 
A healthy immune system will fight and combat possible sickness when one is in contact. 

If your body cannot defend sudden sickness due to other extra predisposing factors. It is time for you to do some remedy to help your body regain strength and recover fast. 

Influenza virus comes with a cough and colds, along with throbbing headache pain, itchy throat, and hoarseness of voice. These are the symptoms I had for days now. I don't have the fever anymore but the coughing and the itchy throat which made me cough so hard and continuously especially at night. The reason also that my sleep is interrupted in the middle of the night. 

My medications are over the counter drugs such as a mucolytic tablet, an effervescent tablet (Fluimucil) which acts as a cough drug, throat lozenges, and I added more from my usual multi-vitamin intake. I tripled the amount of my fluid intake since I started getting sick. It has been six days now and still, I am dealing with this terrible itchy, non-stop cough.  

When you talk about home remedies there are a lot of ways you can follow and practice. It may sound like a trail and error method but soon one will work out fine just for you. Here are some of my go-to home remedies when I know and feel that the throat starting to itch. 

1 Gargle warm water with salt, especially at night before you sleep. 

2. A concoction of honey and lemon juice in warm water as a drink or eat it just like that. 

3. Eat pure honey.

4. Apple cider vinegar mixed it in warm water, you can add honey in it too. 

5. Preserve and rest your voice, avoid shouting. 

6. You can invest in a good brand of a humidifier. 

7. It is always an advantage to know your allergen so that you can watch out for early signs and you can also avoid what triggers your allergy. 

Also, one product brand that I discovered recently was this lozenges candy called Pei Pa Koa. 

Pei Pa Koa candy is made from natural herbs, Loquat, and honey extracts. It claims that it can relieve discomfort from coughs, colds, sore throat, hoarseness or loss of voice. Contains no artificial flavors and colors or preservatives. 
I bought this at a local drugstore and this pack contains, I guess 12 candies. I forgot to count it when I open the pack. This was sold at P40 ($0.80). 

I am almost done with the whole pack and I am not convinced about the taste and the effect of it. It tasted sweet like a typical hard candy, I was expecting a stronger taste of the herbs but unfortunately none. I guess it was too good to be true. 

Have you tried this candy lozenge before? What was your take on it? 

If you have any other tips or home remedies for itchy and sore throat, please do comment down below. 

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