Friday, June 14, 2019

Taking the Right Steps in Applying for Self Employed Loans

Several years ago I attended a symposium about how to financially handle loans. They covered mostly the general aspect of acquiring loan; from company loans to housing loan. There they discussed the pros and cons of taking a loan while you are employed and also tackling self-employed loans. I must admit when I was new in the company I was working, my co-workers then where convincing other co-employees to file monetary loan from our social security provider, since I am new I didn't have the knowledge of the how's and what's of it, even they introduced it to me. My only knowledge about it is the possible high-interest a certain loan an incur. Years passed by the same topic about personal monetary loan has discussed, and I gave in, I was able to file a one-month salary loan under our social security provider, through our company's loan program. 

Honestly, the hesitations at first did set-in, that was literally the first loan I made since I started working. You may ask what made me do it? I need extra money for my parent's house. They needed extra funds for painting and some fixtures and that's where my loan sets-in, it did serve the purpose.

In the loan contract, I signed in with, a computed amount for payment will be deducted every payroll, the 15th and the 30th of the month, for two years. A percentage was computed for the interest and was added to the primary loan amount. Deductions were made in the payroll by my employee for the whole two years (24months). And after two years, I was able to finish the contract loan. Although, hesitations and some worries when applying for personal loans your overall finances should always be put into consideration. 

Loan programs vary from company's loan program scheme, you need to be equipped with the knowledge on what to apply and the need for this specific aid be used. In the scenario of a person borrowing money to friends and family is the customary way, whether this money will be used for emergency or personal use or sometimes for business use. Sometimes, due to the close relationship between the borrower and the lender verbal agreement suffice in such, but in a legal and more formal way, a written agreement is suggestive. This is to prevent future disagreement between family and friends which can and the possibility of this can happen. One good example is if the borrower couldn't make the promise of returning back the borrowed money on the promised date. You wouldn't want your name to be listed with bad credit

Credit score will determine how are you-you borrow money from an institution, this will define your debt standing, interest rating, and whether you will be eligible in the next time you apply for a loan.

Overall, when asking to borrow money make sure your capabilities to pay the amount. Do not put yourself in the debt and see to it that the money you are asking will be put in good use. 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

What You Need To Know About Personal Injury

A situation that we don't want to be a part of or we get involved with is to get involved in any form of accident or injury. 

When a person suffers harm from an accident or an injury and involves two or more parties in which they might be legally responsible for it, a legal dispute can be brought upon it, this can be called a personal injury case. 

Let define the term "Personal injury", "a legal term that brought about an injury to the body, mind, and emotion." This excludes the property damages that resulted in the cause of the accident. The very common types of personal injury that can lead and eventually makes you want to file a lawsuit are as follows: road accidents, accidents due to product defects, work-related accidents and tripping accidents

In cases such as work-related accidents, as an employee, you should be equipped with the facilities and hazardous related side of your work area, in event of any accidents you and your team would know what to do. If there are any seminars being conducted in your work station, attend and learn and basics of it. This is how the employee can prevent and secure themselves from the possible and mishap that can happen at work. 

Filing a case to the company or a third-party involved in relation to personal injury, the complainant can file their case personally and proceed to the required process of monetary claims, do all the leg-work needed. Although, in general things can be facilitated by legal experts for a speed-up and technically applied process of claiming. Expect a more tedious and can cause an added burden to the complainant.
The number one rule in processing your personal injury claim is to educate yourself. If you have that enough time to do so, you can proceed with the steps needed such as; 

  • building your case
  • future damages 
  • a lot of patience
  • prepare your medical history
  • making a plan
  • preparation with all the documents
  • monetary settlement
  • court settlement

To spare you the complainant in regards to legal equity between party involved, one can consult a personal injury attorneyThere are a lot of legal companies that can cater to a specific kind of personal injury cases. 

In the recent news regarding a local veteran actor in the Philippines who was shooting a film and suddenly collapsed in the set. The initial report was a heart attack due to possible heat stroke. This was the first report made, a few hours later video clips surfaced the social media sites showing that the veteran actor wire-tripped while doing the scene. 

The actor is the one in the screen captured photo, his left foot was in the wire on the floor leading to the actor to fall on the concrete. The videos showed the people in the set rushed towards him and gave him assistance, lifting him to rush him to the hospital. He was transferred to another hospital and there made an official medical statement that the actor did not endure heart attack or brain aneurysm, it was a cervical fracture due to the trip and fall. He is now on critical care and in deep sleep. 

We don't ever wish to have any form of an accident as it can hamper your health and well-being. 

Do you have any other ideas on how to go about with personal injury claims?