Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Caffeine Brothers Co. releases CB's Finest, the Kickstarter blend for all

A new player in retail and distribution launches an online store for Philippine specialty coffee.

Manila, August 07, 2019 — Caffeine Brothers Co., an up-and-coming startup specialty coffee retail and distributorship based in Manila, Philippines, announced today the finest launch in the Philippine Coffee Industry history with the release of CB's Finest - the kickstarter. The first addition to the voluminous blends to be released shall be available for everyone to enjoy and within everyone's reach through their online store at

Amidst several coffee company which claims to have the perfect coffee, Caffeine Brothers Co. thrives through technology paired with deep love for a good cup of coffee. Now, enthusiasts and caffeine buffs can enjoy various types of coffee beans and Caffeine Brothers' signature blend sourced from local growers only in the Philippines straight from the web to their doorstep.

"Most us do not actually know but for a time in our past, the Philippines was hailed as a top coffee producing nation. We were once a coffee country!" said Robin, co-founder of Caffeine Brothers Co.

"This time is the perfect opportunity for Caffeine Brothers to grow. Our sole mission for this venture is to share our passion for coffee, be one of the pioneers in the purely online arena, and pro-caffeinate the country with our home-grown beans." he added.

First timers and coffee addicts have already tried and Raisha from Makati reviewed, "Waaaaaay better than my usual cup of coffee. CB’s Finest a must try.

· Perfectly balanced acidity, sweetness, and bitterness in one sip with a smooth flavor and no off-taste.

· Great blends of beans that aroma of a classic coffee scent will surely make your day.

· Smooth, delicate

· Matte black re-sealable stand-up pouch keeping it from moisture and preserving the freshness of the beans

· Fast delivery.

Meanwhile, Marriane of San Pedro, Laguna also said, "Very fast and convenient transaction. I am working on a night shift and had no problem with the delivery. The package even arrived earlier than expected! They provide quality from delivery up to the coffee experience itself. The coffee aroma is so good na maaamoy mo na sa packaging palang. It definitely didn’t disappoint when we tried their coffee. I would recommend you try their CB’s Finest blend."

Finally, Kerwin, co-founder of Caffeine Brothers Co. said, "We may have yet to grow in the business, but our dream of the resurgence of Philippine coffee's former prominence is what keeps us up every morning."

If you find value in what Caffeine Brothers do, check out their website at where you'll find tons of tips and information on how to enjoy your cup of coffee. You can also reach them via Facebook or Instagram @caffeinebrothersco.

Monday, August 12, 2019

How to Get All the Vitamins You Need

Do you take your vitamins and other health supplements on a daily basis?

They say, eat good nutritious foods and a balanced diet can do the trick. Basically, food is the best source of vitamins- but sometimes it is not enough that you eat three times a day to sustain your body's need for energy and growth, you also need to nourish your body with vitamins and supplements. They can help aid with the loss and lack of nutrients from what we are taking and as well as combating the exposure to harmful effects that surround us.

Also, another fact, our body tends to lessen the absorption of vitamins from the food we eat as we grow older. That is why we need to take supplements to aid this loss.

Vitamins are widely promoted, the variety of brands are endless; whether locally produced or imported from other countries. It is also one of the biggest industry when it comes to nutrition, health, and wellness. Multivitamins come in many forms such as pills, liquid, and also powder-based. You can choose what is best for you, the availability and of course, budget-wise. It can also support a specific need of your body.

Daily intake of multivitamins can boost all the needed nutrients in small doses, from A-Z. Individually prepared vitamins and minerals target the specific needs. The dosage depends on age and body weight. Some of the things needed to be considered. Also, there are prescription vitamins that your physician can require due to some impending medical condition.

I was prescribed by my doctor months back to add Vitamin B-complex to my daily vitamin intake; which is Vit. C, iron supplement and calcium. I was convinced by the sales clerk at Watsons pharmacy a local drugstore to add more than my prescription vitamins to save more. Since it was vitamins I was not hesitant to buy and stock up. Surprised to see that I saved almost 40% of the total cost of my purchased Watsons brand vitamins.

Watsons Comply N Save made me save Php247.50 (US$4.86) from the total of Php825 (US$16.17). That is Php5.77 (US$0.12) for three vitamin tablet daily.

100 tablets each of Vit.B complex, Vit.C, and Ferrous Sulfate, that will last for 100 days/3months use. This can be shared with adult family members. 
Along with your fruits, vegetables, and grains, incorporate your diet with vitamins for a healthy body.

Are you very particular with the brand of your vitamins? 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Easy 15- Minute Salmon and Spinach Recipe
Salmon Belly Strips in Oyster Sauce + Steamed Spinach with Sesame Oil

Food prepartion can take a whole lot of time especially when you did not prepare it ahead of time. The key to preparing healthy meals in less time possible is to plan the meals and have your ingredients readily available. 

For us, we make it a point to do our grocery food shopping every weekend, not unless we need something urgent. Since we are shifting to a more "healthier" eating by shifting to more protein from fish rather than pork, we always include salmon belly strips in our basket. Although, we often got the frozen one's we are sure that  it was sealed and packed fresh. Also, the price is reasonable compared to buying salmon in the fish market. 

In the photo, I used a pack of Norwegian Salmon Belly Strips, about half a kilo, frozen, thawed, and rinsed. This dish took only 15 minutes to cook including the steamed spinach.

How to cook: 

  • Thaw, rinse and lay the belly strips in the cooking pan.
  • Add 2 tbsp  oyster sauce (any brand)
  • Add 1/2 cup water
  • Add 1/2 tsp salt ( I used Himalayan Pink Salt for this reipe)
  • minced chili pepper (siling labuyo)
  • chili powder
  • ground black pepper
Cover the pan and bring it to a boil, once it boil simmer it in low fire for 15minutes. You can add more spices according to your preference. 

Simultaneously prepare one pack spinach leaves, rinse and drain water. Use your favorite steamer or improvise. Do not add any water while cooking. In less than 3 minutes you can remove it from cooking, drizzle sesame oil and you can add roasted sesame seeds too for the extra flavor. 

The dish can also be perfectly paired with streamed while rice.