Thursday, September 17, 2020

3 Simple Makeup & Beauty Tips For Every Woman

Cosmetics is a multi-billion dollar industry, and that's because most women around the world use cosmetics to boost their appearance and self-esteem. Makeup can help a woman feel beautiful and confident, whatever the situation may be. For me, I always follow the three-basic and simple makeup and beauty regimen to achieve that natural and glowing look. 

1. Hydration, our skin needs plenty of water to keep it hydrated. Drinking plenty of water can lessen dry and saggy skin, it can also help good blood and oxygen circulation to the body. You can get enough water by taking water alone and by food intakes such as fruits and vegetables.

2. Maintain good hygiene, after taking care of the inside of your body by hydration - it is time to work on the outside of the body. Keeping your skin especially the face clean and healthy. Moisturize your skin, there are soaps and liquid moisturizers available in the market that you can use. A good moisturizer before putting on makeup can protect your skin from irritation.

3. Choosing the right makeup. 

There are considerations a customer should weigh when selecting the right makeup: A customer will go for the following:  

  • brand
  • pricing
  • matches their skin tone 
  • good product reviews & a good recommendation

When the pandemic started I promised myself not to buy or purchase any makeup products for me to use because there will be no sense of wearing any makeup when we are on lockdown. Even more, when all of us are mandated to wear facemask and face shield to protect us from the Covid-19 virus, makeup is no use at all. Not until after months of still on lockdown and days passed that I felt I need to uplift and bring self-esteem back by making myself look good and feel good. And, one of the things I love to do when I prepare myself going to work is to put on makeup. 

I dived into the craze of online shopping since I cannot go to the mall and shop. I did not go crazy on buying stuff online as I know myself's limit and capacity to purchase, btw, I became unemployed because of the pandemic...after 17 long years od working I am officially unemployed. So, unemployment made me go stick with the budget I have at the moment. Also, the brand of the makeup I bought was a recommendation from my niece.  

SACE LADY BUNDLE 06- 3pcs Waterproof Mini Liquid Matte Lipstick, I got from Shopee but it was initially on my Lazada cart, after comparing the prices from the recent 9.9 shopping sale, Shopee offered the best price and deal for this mini lipstick set. These set of three mini lipstick cost P89 (less than $2)!

You can check out the full and comprehensive review of the lipstick on the video link below. 

My before photo without any lipstick on.

SACE LADY BUNDLE 06- 3pcs Waterproof Mini Liquid Matte Lipstick




So, how do you find the lipstick color I wore in the video? Which one of the three best suits me? 

Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Snus as Compared to Smoking Cigarettes

If you are a cigarette smoker and considering switching using Snus, these are the things you need to know. 

What is Snus? 
Snus pronounced as "snoose" that comes from Sweden, it is smokeless when used, it is a moist powder tobacco pouch that you put on your upper lip. Flavors such as wintergreen and mint are the most common flavors you can find. Doesn't require spitting and it doesn't require burning. 
As a way to preserve tobacco, Snus got its start in Sweden. It is seen as the one that has helped to lower smoking rates in that country. Over half of Sweden's snus consumers are ex-smokers. There are many brands of Snus in the market along with information and Snus brand reviews.

How Snus and different tobacco products differ

For the forms of tobacco used in the mouth may be categorized as: 
  • Swedish snus- the one that we described above, sold as loose powder also called loose snus or pouches known as portion snus. "Snus is sometimes mildly flavored with a food-grade aroma of smoke, bergamot, citrus, berry, herbs, and/or floral flavors."
  • American snus- the availability if this was since the late '90s, it is similar to the Scandinavian form, but usually has a lower content in moisture and a lower pH, resulting in a lower bioavailability of nicotine than the Scandinavian varieties, which indicates that less is available for absorption.
  • Nasal snuff- it is in a form of powder and dry, it is sniffed but not snorted and mostly mentholated in flavor.
  • Chewing tobacco- from the word itself "chew", is tobacco in the form of short or long, less commonly of chopped leaves and stems compressed into blocks called plugs. 
  • Dipping tobacco- known as dip, spit tobacco, moist, and somewhat finely ground, but less so than snus. Placed between the lower lip or cheek. 
  • Chema- Sales within the European Union are legal due to its classification as chewing tobacco. Its safety in comparison to snus has not been studied sufficiently.
  • Naswar- can be found mostly in Central Asia.

Snus and nicotine pouches are sold in countries like Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark, but most people around the world have liked this product. 

What do you need to know about nicotine pouches

"Nicotine is a widely used stimulant and potent parasympathomimetic alkaloid that is naturally produced in the nightshade family of plants. It is used for smoking cessation to relieve withdrawal symptoms."
Some studies correlating nicotine to caffeine intake, which can have good or positive effects. It is a stimulant that raises the heart and increases the speed of processing sensory information, quick and sharp mind and releasing tension.

With that being said, have you heard about what nicotine pouches are?

Nicotine pouches are white pre-portioned pouches containing nicotine but no tobacco and are either identified as a tobacco-free form of snus, or similar. There is no combustion required. The user places a pouch between the upper lip and gum and keeps it there while the taste of the nicotine is released. Disposal of the pouch is done in a regular household trash can. 
Tobacco chewing is almost the same as taking nicotine pouches the main difference is that the user does not have to spit as the content remains in the pouch during use. Nicotine pouches don't require refrigeration for storage. Compared to vaping products nicotine pouched requires no battery. 

You can learn more about nicotine pouches by reviews from the users themselves. They can give you an added insight into the experience with the specific brand before trying and which kind of pouch would you need and would be best for your use. 

"Nicotine pouches often contain food-grade fillers, water, salt, flavorings, and nicotine. The nicotine content among nicotine pouch brands differs per pouch. Nicotine pouches are sold in an array of fruit flavors such as black cherry and citrus. Other flavors include peppermint and coffee." 

If you are a smoker and considering to lessen or gradually eliminate the use of a regular cigarette or tobacco- an alternative way is switching to nicotine pouches. 

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