Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Airline Toiletry Bags

Do you keep those airline toiletry bags from your travels, or even friends and family hand it out to you as souvenirs and such? 

I am not much of a fan of toiletry bags, not until I got this two from a family friend who traveled recently via Oman Air and United Airlines. These two toiletry bags catches my eye in an instant. 
Let's unpack these bags and see what's inside, shall we?
The first bag is the Oman Air toiletry bag. It has this gold plated Oman Air name engraved. The bag zipper in brown color. 
Exposing the inside of the bag opening the bag zipper open wide. I see gartered compartments on the sides. A folded socks and gold color silk eye mask. Let's do a flat-lay on what is inside in the bag. 
Oman Airlines Toiletry Bag
  • 1- Oman Air toiletry bag with zipper.
  • 1- hand lotion (black tube with gold twist cap)
  • 1- moisturizer (black tube with gold twist cap)
  • 1- shampoo (black tube with gold twist cap)
  • 1- conditioner (black tube with gold twisted cap)
  • 1- pack Bilsom yellow ear plugs
  • 1- pair brown socks
  • 1- pair gold satin eye mask
  • 1- Schick shaving cream and razor with gold satin pouch
  • 1- Colgate toothbrush with small Colgate tube toothpaste also has a gold satin pouch
I find this toiletry bag from Oman Air nice because of the content of the bag, having those branded necessities placed a good mark into it. Also, the color looks elegant and presentable too. Gold and brown really compliment each other. This is definitely a keeper for a toiletry bag. I can reuse this bag as my makeup bag when I used up items inside. 

Second toiletry bag we have here is the United Air toiletry bag. 

United Air toiletry bag has a brown color with two brown zippers around the edge that can meet in the middle when you zip and unzip. It also has the name of the airline embossed in the lower right corner of the bag. Let's unzip and see what's inside.

The inside of the United Air has two compartments, one with zipper mesh compartment and the other one is an open compartment. It also has this extra loop at top for you to hook up the loop for easy access to the items inside the bag. The inside has a color blue cloth and zipper. 

What inside the United Air toiletry bag?
  • 1-cotton eye mask (blue color)
  • 1-pair ear plugs
  • 1-pair stripe blue socks with non-slip rubber at the bottom.
  • 1- Cowshed transparent zip mini pouch with lip balm and a small container of lotion.
  • 1- Cowshed wet wipes
  • 1-pack of mints
  • 1-pack facial tissue
  • 1-piece comb
  • 1-piece foldable toothbrush
  • 1-pieces Colgate single use toothpaste
  • 1-toothpick with floss
This is a little dull in color and my favorite item of all in this bag is the bag itself and the pair of socks.

Both of the bags can be reusable depending on what you need. I am surprised how airlines equipped their toiletry bags for the passenger's convenience. I will be on the look out for another batch of airline toiletry bags from relative and friends. If you have of you can send it to me and would gladly accept it. :)
Do you have any precious airline toiletry bags you want to share? 

'til next. 

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