Thursday, January 7, 2016

Avon Sheer Passion- Simply Tempting, Instagram Prize

Last December I joined the hundreds of Avon Ph Instagram followers when they launch the repost contest for this new line of scent they offer, Avon Sheer Passion. 
I reposted one time and luckily I was one of the one hundred followers who won, and only one here in my place Olongapo. 
When they made the announcement before the holiday break, I contacted the AvonPh IG admin and a few days after I got the confirmation plus additional instructions on how to claim the prize. As per instructions winners need to dm reply the contact details and also the Avon branch where we wish to claim the prize. 
I received an email last Monday with another set of instructions for claiming. Yesterday, I was able to dropped by Avon branch near my work place and handed them my printed copy I got from my email which came from the Avon admin along with my identification card. 

I asked the security guard on duty and she forwarded my printed copy from the email and a representative assisted me right away. They had my id card photocopied and ask me to sign log book that I already claim the prize. The Avon rep asked me for the scent I wanted from the Sheer Passion line and told her if I can get to see the three for me to choose. The store doesn't have any tester for the fragrance mist so I slightly removed the cap of each bottle and sniff the scent of each bottle. 
I finally decided to get the Avon Sheer Passion-Simply Tempting bottle for my prize. I went for the closest scent I can imagine from some of the reviews I got online.  Avon Sheer Passion-Simply Tempting is a combination of sparkling caja, mango blossom and blond wood. The 200 ml liquid content is in a plastic container with yellow color, yellow with floral design plastic cover in a cylindrical pear-shape design. It also has a transparent plastic cap sprayer for mist with gold color plastic screw to lock the bottle. 
At the back of the Avon Sheer Passion fragrance mist bottle is the description of the scent, how to use, warning note and the ingredients. The bar code of the bottle product, comments and question box with telephone numbers and email address where you can contact Avon. Manufactured and distributor name and also the address of Avon Philippines. 
 Avon Sheer Passion-Simply Tempting, A bright citrus explosive introduction to a fresh floral bouquet with light and airy impressions leaving soft impressions of woody musk. 

To use: hold bottle 15-20cm away. Press button quickly and completely. Spray lavishly. 

Now, for my thoughts and comments about the product. 
My initial reaction about my chosen scent of Avon Sheer Passion-Simply Tempting scent. I sprayed a couple of times left and right side of my neck this morning after I shower and the plunger sprayer released a powerful amount of the liquid. I was expecting a more finer mist of the content which eventually will dry up easily when sprayed. But the liquid can be felt as it touches my skin. The mango citrus scent is very evident with the combined deep woody scent. 
As I travelled to work in a public commute I can stiil smell the scent, not until I reached my office an hour after the sprayed. I needed to spray 4-5 times more inside an air conditioned room just to get theintense scent I wanted. The liquid when sprayed doesn't leave a sticky feel and that is plus. 

As I am writing this review, I sprayed once again just to get the exact description of the scent based on my experience. I will see if the scent would be enough to last until 5pm today. Because of the mild scent of the mist you really need to spray more than a couple of times indoor and much more when you are outdoor. Well, it will really depends on your mood using this scent. Now, I am more curious on the two other scent in this line.

Will I buy Avon Sheer Passion for P399/ 200ml bottle as my daily cologne? My answer is 50/50 for now. What I really like about this product is it doesn't feel sticky on skin but for the price it's a little pricey for me. But, I would like to try the other two scent ( I hope AvonPh can send me some for an added review in my blog post... |:D) 

You can get this Avon Sheep Passion fragrance mist line at your nearest Avon representative and dealers or you can sign-up and be a member to get your own personal account for personal consumption. I hope this review can give you an idea of the product. Drop me a comment below for any questions and experiences with this mist. Thanks for reading! 'Til next. 

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