Friday, January 8, 2016

Our Christmas Ham from S&R - Traditionally Smoked European Ham

Although holiday season is way behind us already, just now I am tweaking some of the blog drafts I have during that time. 
Sharing to you this brand of Christmas ham we got for the holidays. 

Christmas is about family tradition that we keep and pass along to our succeeding generation in the family. Christmas can be celebrated in a simple way but some can go as extravagant as possible, well this will always depend on one's family income.  

When I was little I always anticipate in opening that imported canned pear shaped ham for Christmas. Normally my father would bring a big sized can or sometimes two during their Christmas party at work. He used to work at the Subic Naval Base- Morale Welfare Recreational department, were Christmas season is like Christmas in the United States. Imported candies and chocolates for treats were also the highlights of that season. Nowadays, due to the open ports and the demand and supply everything is possible. Imported Christmas hams can be brought from supermarkets and some specialty stores and the variety are endless... also the price can fit according to you your budget. Our ham was from S&R their premium holiday Christmas ham. It's a traditionally smoked European ham and It was given to us as a gift, i'm not sure how much this cost... apologies for that. :) 

It weigh more than 500grams and when I opened the plastic pack container I instantly smelled of the smoke flavoured meat. I used the sharp butchers knife in slicing the ham and took a small piece to taste. It was tasty, smokey and the delicious. The ham can be eaten just like that or you can bake it drizzle some pineapple juice or sear fry it in a hot non-stick frying pan. No extender as you can see, it has whole meat that when I was slicing the meat were separating according to the chunks when it was moulded during curing process. You can also see the net marks plus some fat sticking outside the ham. That morning we paired some slices with homemade pancakes and it was a perfect match. Drizzled some pancake syrup on top to add a little sweetness to the ham slice. The meat was tender and delish! I would want the same ham for our next Christmas feast if only we have S&R supermarket here in the City.

Have you tried this ham last Christmas, did you like too? 
drop me a comment below and let's compare. 'Til next. 

Thanks for reading.:) 

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