Sunday, January 10, 2016

My Daughter's DIY School Christmas Wreath Project

Holiday vacation has been the busiest week I had since before the kick-off until the last days of it. Just today I browse through my iPad gallery and saw some pictures from last month. And, this one is truly a worth sharing picture for a blog post. 

Before my daughter had their Christmas break at school, they were grouped and instructed to come up with a Christmas wall decor that is mostly recyclable. They have given exact measurements a theme for it. I searched and browsed Google and led me to my Pinterest site and had an idea for it. 
My initial plan for the Christmas wreath was to use a Christmas tree design cookie cutter and will tweak the rest as we go along the way building the wreath.

Unluckily, I couldn't find that cookie cutter shape which will be the main material for the project. I resulted in another material which I saw at the thrift store, the aluminum cupcake molds. 
Let's begin the fun part of building this Christmas wreath. 

This Christmas decor consists of 90% recycled materials we have at home. The remaining 10% was the materials bought. 

Materials used:

1-styrofoam board, around half to an inch thick- bought
red aluminum foil
1-roll Christmas themed design gift wrappers
1-pack muffin mold cups (used or new ones)- bought
red ribbon lace
3-white candles
some gold glitters
spare plastic red Christmas tree ornaments (flowers)
pieces of red paper
twisted wire
scotch tape
double-sided tape
Elmer's glue
3-inches wire 

Instructions on how to do:
  1. For the base of the wreath, we cut up the spare styrofoam to 18 inches round, measure it using a pin in the middle with a pencil tied in a cord on the other end. Making a circle figure, then cut the shape using a cutter. 
  2. Wrap the styrofoam with the red foil, securing it with scotch tapes, maintaining the shape of the circle. Be careful not to disfigure the shape of the wreath, which can be made by tight wrapping. Cover all the white color of the styrofoam. Set aside. 
  3. Cut up Christmas design from the wrapper, with this the cut-up where just exactly to fit the inner space of each muffin cups. Secure it with double tape or Elmer's glue, let it dry.
  4. Get the red ribbon lace (recycled from the local cake shop which they use to tie the cake box when you buy). Cut approximately 4-5inches, make a ribbon out of it. We run out of the materials for this that's why some cups doesn't have one.
  5. When the cups are dry, glue the base of the muffin cups in the styrofoam. Checking the design in a proper position. When two sides of the cups meet, secure it with red ribbon each, securing the cups first with bendable twisted fire and glue in the middle of the ribbon onto the top of the wire.
  6. Fill-in the space of the wreath. Let it dry.
  7. Cut a piece of styrofoam with a measured hole for the base of the candle to stick, glue the candles. (prepare candles wrapped in leftover red aluminum strips securing it with scotch tape). Cut pieces of red paper with a flame shape, glue it with the candle wick add sprinkle with gold dust. This will resemble as the candle is lighted with flame.
  8. Secure the wreath with a wire you can use to hang it on the wall.

It is pretty simple to do, the key to this is to spend as little for the materials but it will pop-out with colors and the motif of the event. 
My daughter submitted their project and she got a good feedback from her teacher. I guess the wreath will be hung again next year, I certainly do hope for that. 

Did you make something colorful and fun Christmas project last holiday? If, yes share it with us by posting a comment link below. 'til next DIY project. :) 

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