Thursday, January 14, 2016

Autograph Azure Breeze Eau de Toilette by Marks & Spencer

Autograph, a breeze in a bottle...another flashback from the holiday's gifts I got last Christmas.
This scent is very close to Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue which I had and this is also the reason I asked and wish for it for a Christmas gift to receive. I saw this bottle scent at Marks & Spencers-Harbor Point Mall in Subic. I checked out the tester bottle out of the couple ones lined up for their Christmas holiday display. 
The classic and simple white and blue rectangular box packaging of 100 ml content bottle.

At the back of the bottle indicates the combination of the scent.
"Opening with spicy ginger, crispy green apple, and refreshing bergamot notes, with a fruity heart of beautiful rose, soft peach, and orange flower scents, resting on woody base aromas. The fresh fruity fragrance of Azure Breeze will awaken your senses."

The bottle content is flammable, needs to store in a cool dark place and avoid eye contact. Made in the UK for Marks and Spencer. 
The bottle is almost the shape of the box with matte frost and a see through the plastic cap for the sprayer.
Easy to hold and press the sprayer nozzle and it emits a content in a mist. 
The color of the liquid is a slightly yellow with a tinged of green.
Marks & Spencer Autograph Azure Breeze eau de toilette 100ml bottle.
From the tester spray I had from the day I learn about this fragrance it really caught my attention, the calming and soothing scent I had was lingering also I made a distinct comparison to it with D&G Light Blue. I was delighted with this because of the pricing perse'. D&G is far way more expensive compared to Azure Breeze. Also, we got a 20% off from the original price of Php 1,296 ($29) to Php 1,037 ($23) made me even decide for this as a Christmas gift. 

The only downside of this is the scent easily fades especially outdoors, that's why you need to spray from time to time like I do when I want to smell fresh and beautiful. :) 
I highly recommend this brand of fragrance if you are into citrus-woody scent, grab a bottle at your M&S stores nationwide. 

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