Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Shopping for Bath Essentials Online using Zalora App

Over the weekend I visited my Zalora Ph app on my iPad and I made another order and of course another batch of bath essentials. 
Since my bath essentials need some restocking and some of my favorite bath products are available at Zalora I made an order lt Sunday morning. 
I max up the number of products of P995 to avail the free shipping, besides shopping online with almost the same amount of products you can get in going to the supermarket is a big factor for me. Saved up my time going to the supermarket and also the travel fare. Some of the positive things when purchasing items online. 

1- pack of 10 Ivory Aloe bar soap Php245 
1- Ivory Body Wash Island Oasis 21oz. Php175
1- box of 200 grams Belo Intensive Whitening (Kojic+Tranexamic) soap chips Php120
1- 300ml Clairol Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight Silky straight hair conditioner Php220
1- pack of 3 Ivory Original scent bar soap Php79
1- 180ml Sunsilk Co-creations Smooth and Manageable Nourishing Conditioner Php85
1- 180ml Creamsilk Dandruff Free hair conditioner Php104
1- 160ml Clairol Herbal Essences Dangerously Straight hai conditioner Php120 (which I have to bring up for return or exchange).

Total cost Php1148 less the My Wallet balance of Php140, I got all 8 items for Php1008 with free shipping, items arrived within 48hours after I placed the order. I paid using PayPal balance which I received my online payments from my earn money online sites, making all these for free. 

Going to the Clairol hair shampoo bottle which I discovered while opening the bubble wrap, the push cap was half-way open making the content spill inside the bubble wrap. As I checked they did not seal the opening with a clear tap to secure it compared with the other items like the Clairol conditioner. The content of the shampoo left a mess and made the content of the bottle exposed within the delivery time.
will email this concern to Zalora support and will ask for replacement or refund of the item. 
Inside the packaging box is the Customer Copy receipt which you can use you need to send back an item for replacement and refund. You just need to identify and send the item back using the service courier indicated on the form. One of the negative sides of online shopping is when you find out that the items you ordered were damaged.
Or I can drop an email to www.zalora.com.ph/refund-form for the same purpose. I hope they can get back to me as soon they receive my email about the product. 

Needless to say, I am still satisfied and happy with this purchase I made and will definitely buy my essentials using Zalora App. 'til next! 

***update: I emailed Zalora customer care and after checking with a couple of emails they gave me an option to refund the amount of Clairol Shampoo (Php120) via PayPal reversal or a Zalora Wallet Credits. I chose wallet credit which I can use later on with my next purchase. For the prompt action with the query, I give them a super thumbs up! Thanks, Zalora!

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