Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pay Day Dinner at Seoul Korean Restaurant

After two weeks of hard work, t is good to treat yourself and the family with something delectable and a new experience the kids can enjoy. 
Seoul Korean restaurant was our choice to dine last Saturday, lately, we have been exploring food and restos around the city and the korean food is almost everywhere. I personally into Korean food lately, my taste buds for Korean kimchi and the Ramyun calls for it. A couple of weeks ago I made a blog post about Chin Ku Restaurant which I slightly made a comparison to this post. 

Seoul Korean restaurant signage which you can see from the front to the driveway of the restaurant. You can never miss the location of the, especially at night. 

From our place to the restaurant we walked about 15-20 minutes passing the Harbor Point Mall.You can also get a private taxi but due to accessibility of the places inside the bay walking  would be the best thing to do. We reached the place around past 7pm and the restaurant was almost full. The are tables and chairs outside for al fresco dining and also some private function rooms which can accommodate up to 20 pax. The inside of the restaurant is not that extravagant, it is a simple and yet presentable Korean restaurant you can find. 

Let's go talk about the food! 

We were seated right away when we arrived, a menu was handed to the four of us and it took us about 5 minutes to decide on what to order.We were served a pitcher of water and some aluminum cups for it, also each one of us got wet towelletes to freshen up our hands for later use. In the menu they have set dishes which ranges from Php899 up to Php1499. As the "mother goose,"I decided on what to order but of course with the approval of the kiddos. 
Photo shown above is the Set B in their menu which is mainly beef and priced at Php999. 
Korean bulgogi barbeque with 8 side-dishes, 3-cups of rice, 1-pitcher of iced tea. This set was served to us 10 minutes after we ordered and the burner was set-up.
Some of the appetizers included were baby potatoes in sweet and spicy sauce, monggo sprouts (togue beans) and steamed scrambled eggs.
Beef searing in the barbeque grill and some side-dishes.
Kimchi, fresh crispy lettuce and other cold veggie side-dishes.
My kids with our waitress who set-up the grill and the meat for grilling. 
As soon as the heat reaches the meat and started searing time to turn the beef strips and bulgogi. 
One of my favorite side dish was this baby potatoes coated with spicy and sweet sauce with sesame seeds.
Plus, this very delicious kimchi plate. I love the fermented taste, the spiciness really compliments and got my approval for the taste and texture. They have this in the menu for a separate order which they sell in 500grams and a kilo. I will definitely buy this next time I passed by the restaurant.
Korean rolled cakes was served too as one of the sidings. I love how colorful and vibrant the colors of the yellow, orange and green in the cake.
I ordered the kids separate kimbaps for them, for the boy I got him his request for this spicy Jepkyu rolls. Php 130 served in a sushi plate cut into 10 pieces per order. 
For the mini me, I got her this Bulgogi kimbap for the same price of Php130 per order. She loved the combination of the sweet mango inside that blends well with the meat inside.
A single order of their Ramyun priced at Php160, this one failed my expectation. It was served last after we made a couple of follow-ups. It was served to us half-cooked and messy. The taste did not pass on my liking. It is somehow come close in buying the instant kimchi noodle packs you can get in the supermarket and crack it with an egg.

For the over-all experience of our dining experience at Seoul Korean Restaurant. For the food taste it was okay nothing special expect for the fresh beef and the kimchi sidings, 5/10. The price of the food is way too much compared to other Korean restaurants inside the Freeport. I also got the same reaction from one of my FB friends who had tried it that's why I am giving it a 6/10. The service was okay though we tried to follow-up some orders in the middle of our stay and did ask for some condiments for the Samyeopsal. Due to the volume of the customers I find the restaurant under staff  giving them a 5/10. 
The restaurant is recommendable for the experience alone though I can see myself dining here again and will try out some of the food specially a kimchi take-out is definitely on my list.
On our next Korean restaurant adventure will be the Bulgogi restaurant besides Interpark Hotel, definitely a blog post in the making. 
Seoul Korean Restaurant
Lot1-Blk 73B Labitan Street
Subic Bay Freeport Zone, Olongapo City.

***this is not a paid post


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