Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Announces Easter #PrinceofPeace


Easter Campaign invites people to find peace during Holy Week.

Salt Lake City (March 21, 2017) —The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be launching a global initiative this Easter season to reach tens of millions of people through the “Prince of Peace” campaign. The campaign will launch Friday, March 31, at and can be followed using the hashtag #PrinceofPeace. 

“We believe the teachings and Resurrection of Jesus Christ can help all of God’s children find peace among the turbulence and challenges they face daily,” said Elder Brent H. Nielson, Executive Director of the Missionary Department. “In a span of one week, Jesus rewrote humanity’s story and made it possible for each of us to overcome every obstacle in our lives, including death, and brought peace to the world.” will feature personal experiences and stories from bloggers, vloggers and Christians around the world. The site will also include ideas and resources for people to find their own inner peace through eight principles of peace: 
Faith                                            Gratitude
Compassion                                God’s Word/Scripture
Forgiveness                                 Prayer
Repentance                                 Hope

All of the Easter materials will be available in English and Spanish.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has sponsored multi media initiatives each Christmas and Easter since 2014. In December 2016, the “Light the World” initiative invited people to engage in meaningful acts of service each of the 25 days leading up to Christmas. 

Tens of thousands participated, using the hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD to share photos and video of their experiences. The initiative reached more than 269 million people on Twitter and nearly 97 million on Facebook.

For more information on the #PrinceofPeace campaign, visit


Media Contact: Greg Droubay 
Director of Media, Missionary Dept. 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Thursday, March 23, 2017

My Mistake with Cathy Doll Triple Eyebrow Designing + Love the Maybelline Crayon Liner!

Part of the items I got from my Zalora purchase I made are these eyebrow powder and a black eye pencil.

I checked several reviews and some Youtube video reviews for this Maybelline crayon liner in black and glad I made the right decision. A pencil costs P99.00, I wanted to get a gel liner but since I don't want to look too much on my everyday make-up this one would be fine.

It is a wooden pencil with a clear plastic cap.

For me the only negative side of having an eye pencil is that you need to sharpen the edge from time to time to attain the shape of the tip of the pen, always have your pencil sharpener ready at all times. 

I tested it before applying to my eyes earlier and got this pigmented black, easy to draw line. I also tried to rub it off and still left a color in my skin. I will check the color on my eyes after 8 hours indoor and see if it changes or lessen the effect. See picture below of the application I did with this Maybelline crayon liner.

Now let's go to this eyebrow powder.
For days I have been going through and fro at Zalora make-up section product pages for eyebrow powder, until I came up with the decision to get this Cathy Doll Triple Eyebrow Designing. This is my first time to try the brand though I was a little skeptical and also did not read any reviews for this nor watch any youtube videos. Plus, I got the wrong shade that is not suitable for my skin tone. A double wham mistake I did!

When I was opening the package yesterday and instantly saw the colors I know I made the wrong decision in choosing this one. 

Cathy Doll triple eyebrow designing in 01 blonde brown costs, 2.5 grams/ 0.08oz costs P300.00.
It is too powdery, and the colors are too light! It is not pigmented and I had a hard time to use the brow brush that is included in the pack and also the mirror doesn't serves any purpose. 

I guess I will be switching to my previous brand and use up the remaining black color eyebrow powder until I consume it. My decision was a total waste of money, I should have stick to my current brand, lesson learn.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Zalora purchase next day delivery, that was fast!

A little over a year since my last Zalora purchase. I was trying to control myself when it comes to online shopping... a New Year's resolution I wanted to stick to. But, since I earned some Zalora credits from a paid online job a couple of months ago...I had the reason to visit my account and check one some items. I did place some items on my cart and from time to time I removed and add something which I think I would be needing. Until, I made a decision yesterday to pushed through with it and purchased! 

I wanted to get the exact amount I have in my Zalora wallet but the price was a little over or below the total. 

And, to my surprise the Zalora purchase I made yesterday came in less than 24 hours!
Though an item was missing from this batch because of a different supplier date of delivery I am still happy with majority of the items I ordered are here already.

Boy, I missed this ZALORA box! 

Upon opening, saw copies of the itemized products and copies of the return slip. A whole bunch of items were packed in a single wrapped around bubble wrap.

As you can see the content was only half the size of the box which maybe the reason where one product inside "leaked". In the next photo you can see what was I talking about.

I ordered five bottles of Ponds white beauty pure conditioning toner and one bottle was leaking, almost half of it was all over the other items with the package specially the bubble wrap. I am guessing because of the excess space in the box the wrap was moving inside. 
I immediately coordinated this concern to a Zalora support chat and I will be hearing from them within 24-48hrs.

This was the only cons from this Zalora order, good thing it was a minor case on my part which I am confident that Zalora can make good action to it.
When I believe in a product I always take that extra step to get it in batches. Pond's suits my skin when it comes to cleansing. And, because I wear make-up all day Pond's toner helps remove those excess make-up which Pond's facial wash leave cannot reach... specially in the eyes. 100ml bottle of Pond's toner costs P85.

Let's go back with the good stuff. :)
My bath, make-up and face cleaning haul from Zalora.

My first time to try a Cathy Doll brand of make-up and I am excited!
I am running out of eyebrow powder which gave me the reason to try this one out.

I love shower gels! It is like an added scent to every shower while leaving the skin soft and smooth. I love long showers specially at night when I needed a good night rest. It has been my self-reward to cap my night.

Also, my first time to use this Cathy Doll shower gel.
I got a bottle pump of Jasmine Vanilla Bath Deluxe and a Sweet Pea Bath Deluxe, both are in 1000 ml for P200 each. 

I will be doing a separate review of this Cathy Doll products next.

The last item in the box is the Maybelline Crayon Liner EyeStudio in black. I thought of many time to get either the liquid gel liner or this one since I will be needing it in the coming events next week. But, for P99 and its Maybelline plus some reviews and videos I've watched online I was swayed to get one. Reviews on the experience next. 

I still have one item missing from this order, it might arrive next week or so and I will add it here. It's a jewelry accessory from ALDO. ;)

I used up my P1700 Zalora credits and added P124.01 via Paypal payment for this transaction. 

Shop at Zalora and use my discount code ZBAPH21 ZALORA

Friday, March 17, 2017

#Review: Betadine Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash Lavender Dreams

During my college years, the scent of Betadine antiseptic solution lingers when we enter the rooms in the hospital where our groups were assigned. It was the very basic antiseptic needed for surgery. It was a little pricey too when you buy a small bottle preparation for first-aid household use.

Over the years, Betadine came up with a formulation specifically for hygiene purposes. And, with the name of the brand, it got my trust in an instant.
A few years back I purchased a small bottle of Betadine somewhat similar to the wound antiseptic bottle, but it was meant as a feminine wash.
The same color and a little hint of that Betadine scent. It was not advised to use it daily according to some medical expert and in just a few drops it can give you that cleanse and fresh feeling.

Today, I am glad to discover this new line of feminine wash from Betadine and now in a bigger bottle plus a mild scented smell.

           Betadine Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash in Lavender Dreams

I saw this purple bottle at Watson's in SM City Olongapo the other night, and when I saw the brand name it got my interest right away. I am currently using a different brand but I will try this one and see if it has the same or more than what I expect.

As a working Mom multitasking is the name of the game and not to neglect the area down there we need something to help us feel fresh to go through the day, especially during red days. 

For Php 123.00 for a bottle of 250ml, Betadine claims to give daily gentle cleansing with Anti-Itch Avena Oats. 

Did you know that an average vaginal pH balance varies significantly during a woman's lifespan.
From 7.0 for pre-menarch or the onset of menstruation to 3.8-4.4 for reproductive age up to menopausal (6.5-7.0 with or 4.5-5.0 without hormone therapy). So if those numbers went significantly high or low an infection can trigger.

An ordinary bath soap is not recommended as a feminine wash as it contains some chemicals that can affect the pH balance. This brand claims that it is a Paraben-free formula that can irritate. It is clinically tested as the brand stated.

Every time I purchase new products in the market that came from a trusted brand like this one I am always excited to try it for myself. This would be perfect and right in time as the red flag is nearing. I will update this blog post once I start using this. 

For now, if you are a current user of this brand of feminine wash share some thoughts about it and let's promote fresh and clean feel for all the women out there.

Thanks for dropping by. 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks in Nude Mocha + True Toffee

It was a payday shopping day for me yesterday! 
This past few days I was hopping around beauty selling sites to scout for some tube of lipstick which I was planning to buy. I do have some Zalora credits on my account and some items on my cart which I picked a few weeks ago. But, I was hesitant to use my credits thinking I might get some more items I needed. So, I decided to buy items I wanted in the physical store using cash. And, because it was payday and a Wednesday too, I purchased items from SM City Olongapo which gave me 10% off the total with the minimum of P2,000 purchase. 

I went to the home section, to women's and down to Watson's area were make-ups and toiletries are located and that was my last pit stop from last night. 

I am excited about these new tubes of lipstick I got from Maybelline. After several swatches of the tester items. I decided to get the Maybelline Colorshow collection in #305 Nude Mocha and #301 True Toffee. This is the shade of colors in season right now. 

You see those creamy nice colors? Yep, they are truly nice to look at. They look yummy! lol 

I made swatches to compare and the one on the top is the True Toffee shade and Nude Mocha was at the bottom. 

I couldn't resist to apply it on my lips last night though I look so tired! I took some selfies using a filter camera app to lighten my skin...I don't want to present my haggard-looking face while testing out some beautiful shades of lipstick, haha!

As you can see I split the application of the two lipstick. The one in the left-facing you are the Nude Mocha and in the right the True Toffee shade.

Also, I chose the Nude Mocha shade for my lip color this morning at work and it looks exactly the same as the color in the tube as to when applied to the lips. 

I am a Maybelline user, I still have a few of the lipsticks I own from a beauty blogger from the Rebel Bouquet selection unopened. I am saving a few of those in case I need some shade of pink to red in the future. For a friendly price of Php 175.00 per tube of Maybelline Colorshow, I can say this is the most affordable, over the counter brand of lipstick which everyone can avail. It is creamy, glides perfectly, the color stays for hours though it is not a kiss-proof lipstick.  Maybelline Colorshow collection does have a good selection of shade one can choose from. 
Btw, you need to excuse my eye make-up from this photo. I can never do justice with lashes because mine is so thin and sparse. I need to find the best eyelash serum product in the market for me to try on. I am positive it will give me that added lashes I dreamt of! 

I spent a little with the brand I like and made my self smile. :) 

Have you tried any shade from the collection, how was the experience? Check out the comment section below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you! 

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Glam-Up your Hair Style using Hair Wigs

(This is a sponsored post, all opinions are mine)

Hair can define one's personality and mood. It is a way to present yourself to others in an everyday life or much more to occasions that it is being called for. 

For the coming weeks, my schedules are booked for graduation ceremonies.
My daughter will be graduating and also another batch of college students at the school where I work will be marching the aisle so proud. As early as now, I am looking for a hairstyle that will suit and be perfect for the coming events. Looking stylish and fab can be combined with that perfect dress, shoes and of course that hairstyle. Since I will be busy taking charge of some areas I wanted my hair to be a glam as possible without putting too much work into it. That is why I am resulting in getting a hair extension to add volume to my hairstyle.

Sensationnel Half Wig – Genova | COLOR: F4/30

Black Hairspray looks promising for a hair wig that is my style and my color preference. And, the most important reason is it is within my budget limit. I can manage this hairstyle with the added hair wig. I can tie it up while going to the plenary and let it lose and style it up a little to show-off those nice natural looking curls. 
For a start, half wigs can be manageable to start with. I can barely notice the hair wig in that photo. 
In my understanding half wigs are being worn or placed half of the entire hair, it should be blended into natural hair to get that lovely looking locks. 

Would you consider hair wigs or hair extension for the purpose of glamming up your look for an event? 

Let me know your thoughts down below and you might give it a chance. :) 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Thank You Freeway Online for the Art Bags!

What's in the mail today?
These wonderful art bags from Freeway Online as my prize from their Facebook promo. They sent five of us winners each of two art bags from the 2016 Art Bag Collection. 
I looked up on their website and each bag cost Php 895!

After less than a week of the announcement they sent it right away and look how lovely and very spacious the bags kind of bag!

The package pack looks so artsy!
The paper package was sealed with a gift tag and a chopstick to lock it.

They also included congratulating me and some instruction to promote the ongoing Art Bag Design for 2017.
I will be taking photos of me with my new bags once I find time to use it. 
I love the size, design and the material.
I love how they included a back compartment to put some go-to stuff.

Side by side of the two bag designs.
If you are about to pick which design would you get from the two?

Again, thank you Freeway Online for the bags. 
Bags can accentuate your outfit from formal to casual dressing. And a woman needs more than one bag, it's a must! 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Flourless Brownie Cupcakes

We purchased a new gas range with just a perfect size to fit in the kitchen. This will be the start of my baking adventures using the oven.

I started watching and reading blogs about baking, from pastries to dishes and to some to the extend of the more complicated stuff one can make.

Cupcakes and small cake loaves for me were the easiest ones to make. I can create small batches and by adjusting the flavors and ingredients which I can easily do... cupcakes and muffins are the in thing right now. The basic butter or vanilla cupcakes can be whipped up in just minutes but to perfect the recipe would take you so many practices to do so.

I started to incorporate in the grocery list some bags of flour, additional kilos of sugar and some chocolate bar for baking in every trip to the grocery.
I believe that butter, egg, flour, and sugar can create cups and molds of butter cakes. So, it is useful to have these stock up in your fridge and pantry.

Last night, I was inspired to create something sweet by baking this moist, dark and decadent flourless brownie cupcakes. Checked my stocks and viola I have everything. I was a little skeptical about not using flour with this recipe, but upon reading this can be I gave it a try.

This is the first batch I made last night, added some sprinkles and white chocolate chips for the presentation.

Here is the recipe:
For this batch, I made around 8 cupcakes.

1/2- cup melted dark chocolate (chocolate chip or chocolate bar)
1/4 - a stick of baking butter 
1/4- cup brown sugar (compact) 
2- large size eggs (beaten)
1- teaspoon vanilla extract or essence (upon availability)
1/4- cup baking cocoa powder (sifted)
pinch of salt
  • In a bowl melt the chocolate and butter in the microwave for a minute in medium heat.
  • Stir the melted chocolate and butter, add brown sugar with the remaining heat to dissolve the sugar.
  • When the mixture is cool down, gradually add the beaten eggs. Mix.
  • Add cocoa powder and a pinch of salt.
  • Mix and place mixture in the cupcake liners.
  • Bake in a pre-heated oven of 190C for about 18-20 minutes, depending on your oven capacity.
  • To check if it is done, insert a toothpick in the thickest part of the cupcake, it should come out clean and it's done.
  • Cool down the cupcakes before serving.
(You will notice that when it was in the oven cupcakes are forming a mushroom top, but it will shrink in size when you are cooling them down.)
From the first batch, I made that was gone in less than 30-minutes. I made another batch and this time I made use of some if the items I have and added it to the mixture.

I placed half slices of white marshmallows in the liner with the brownie cupcake mixture and have it baked the same time. That is the white portion you can see bubbling, also added a couple of the brownie with orange zest. The brownie orange zest smells heavenly when baking. 

You can also use a brownie pan like the 9x5 rectangle pan and cut the brownies into squares. With the cupcake liner, you can serve it individually and less messy. 
Would you give this recipe a try? I think you should! Let me know by commenting down below and let's compare. :)

Baking is a craft and skill which you can improve in time.
So, don't fret and start baking if you have the means for it. 

Friday, March 3, 2017

A Simple Wedding Dress is always Elegant

Wedding gowns identify the taste, culture, and status of a bride. In most cases, this is how we perceive the meaning of wedding gowns in a status symbol. Well, sometimes we can't blame ourselves for this. Young girls always had this fantasy when it comes to the day of their wedding. It somehow is the epitome of being a woman. 

But, let's shove a little bit our notion that wedding gowns should be that all. offers a wide array of budget-friendly, simple, stylish and unique wedding dresses. Since the company is based in Australia you can plan ahead of time to browse through their wedding gowns/dresses pages just like I did and surely you can get that dream wedding dress you have in mind. And, they ship orders worldwide every day! 

One particular material I like the most in a wedding gown is lace. Lace can look very comfortable, and the elegance style will draw each and every one of your guest during that big day. 
Lace wedding gown in Australia and in all other countries are somehow the most preferred material for a wedding gown to embossed a certain style and design.
Special hand woven laces make a dress even more unique. I like how a lace varies in patterns and creates another piece of a pattern. 
One example of elegance of lace ensemble in a wedding gown is this, SUPPLIES Lace-up Beading Spring Church Winter Elegant & Luxurious Fall Floor-Length Wedding Dress Lace Wedding Dresses
Lace-up Beading Spring Church Winter Elegant & Luxurious Fall Floor-Length Wedding Dress

It creates a drop and long figure image of the bride because the lace designs are drawn towards the edges of the wedding gown. It also simplifies the upper portion of the dress where most of the laces are detailed. 

If you're still scouting for wedding dresses and a June bride, check out the site and ship a dress right to your doorstep. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Online Pharmacy and Online Doctor

Are you surprised how everything around us is linked by means of the internet? We somehow imagined and anticipated this years ago, but it seems like every thing comes in very fast. When it comes to technology I guess every minute there a new technology being tested for us human can use and expand the experience to be discovered.

Imagine how we can purchase items from different parts of the world and you are not physically there? Online shopping does it, it creates easy access to one seller whether it's food, clothing, educational supplies and many others. It's not alone that we are purchasing goods from others, it's the culture that goes with it too.

How about an online pharmacy and online doctor sounds to you?

The Independent Pharmacy

Did you know what you can purchase your medication and speak and consult a medical personnel like a specialist doctor through The Independent Pharmacy, an online shop that caters your pharmaceutical needs? It's a safe and easy way to buy 400+ medicines online. A trusted site that has the highest rating which means customers and clients transactions went well successfully. 

Five easy steps to order your prescription medicines: 

  1.  Select your treatment
  2.  Complete a simple health questionnaire
  3.  A healthcare professional reviews your answer
  4.  Fast, discreet delivery to your doorstep
  5.  Easily re-order in a few clicks
They also offer a 15% off on your first order using the code NEW15.

For me using an online pharmacy helps you lessen the time to travel and use that time to take care of your family member. The assurance of getting your prescription on time can be done without no worry.

Would you consider this method when it comes to your medical prescriptions?