Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Zalora purchase next day delivery, that was fast!

A little over a year since my last Zalora purchase. I was trying to control myself when it comes to online shopping... a New Year's resolution I wanted to stick to. But, since I earned some Zalora credits from a paid online job a couple of months ago...I had the reason to visit my account and check one some items. I did place some items on my cart and from time to time I removed and add something which I think I would be needing. Until, I made a decision yesterday to pushed through with it and purchased! 

I wanted to get the exact amount I have in my Zalora wallet but the price was a little over or below the total. 

And, to my surprise the Zalora purchase I made yesterday came in less than 24 hours!
Though an item was missing from this batch because of a different supplier date of delivery I am still happy with majority of the items I ordered are here already.

Boy, I missed this ZALORA box! 

Upon opening, saw copies of the itemized products and copies of the return slip. A whole bunch of items were packed in a single wrapped around bubble wrap.

As you can see the content was only half the size of the box which maybe the reason where one product inside "leaked". In the next photo you can see what was I talking about.

I ordered five bottles of Ponds white beauty pure conditioning toner and one bottle was leaking, almost half of it was all over the other items with the package specially the bubble wrap. I am guessing because of the excess space in the box the wrap was moving inside. 
I immediately coordinated this concern to a Zalora support chat and I will be hearing from them within 24-48hrs.

This was the only cons from this Zalora order, good thing it was a minor case on my part which I am confident that Zalora can make good action to it.
When I believe in a product I always take that extra step to get it in batches. Pond's suits my skin when it comes to cleansing. And, because I wear make-up all day Pond's toner helps remove those excess make-up which Pond's facial wash leave cannot reach... specially in the eyes. 100ml bottle of Pond's toner costs P85.

Let's go back with the good stuff. :)
My bath, make-up and face cleaning haul from Zalora.

My first time to try a Cathy Doll brand of make-up and I am excited!
I am running out of eyebrow powder which gave me the reason to try this one out.

I love shower gels! It is like an added scent to every shower while leaving the skin soft and smooth. I love long showers specially at night when I needed a good night rest. It has been my self-reward to cap my night.

Also, my first time to use this Cathy Doll shower gel.
I got a bottle pump of Jasmine Vanilla Bath Deluxe and a Sweet Pea Bath Deluxe, both are in 1000 ml for P200 each. 

I will be doing a separate review of this Cathy Doll products next.

The last item in the box is the Maybelline Crayon Liner EyeStudio in black. I thought of many time to get either the liquid gel liner or this one since I will be needing it in the coming events next week. But, for P99 and its Maybelline plus some reviews and videos I've watched online I was swayed to get one. Reviews on the experience next. 

I still have one item missing from this order, it might arrive next week or so and I will add it here. It's a jewelry accessory from ALDO. ;)

I used up my P1700 Zalora credits and added P124.01 via Paypal payment for this transaction. 

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