Thursday, March 16, 2017

Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks in Nude Mocha + True Toffee

It was a payday shopping day for me yesterday! 
This past few days I was hopping around beauty selling sites to scout for some tube of lipstick which I was planning to buy. I do have some Zalora credits on my account and some items on my cart which I picked a few weeks ago. But, I was hesitant to use my credits thinking I might get some more items I needed. So, I decided to buy items I wanted in the physical store using cash. And, because it was payday and a Wednesday too, I purchased items from SM City Olongapo which gave me 10% off the total with the minimum of P2,000 purchase. 

I went to the home section, to women's and down to Watson's area were make-ups and toiletries are located and that was my last pit stop from last night. 

I am excited about these new tubes of lipstick I got from Maybelline. After several swatches of the tester items. I decided to get the Maybelline Colorshow collection in #305 Nude Mocha and #301 True Toffee. This is the shade of colors in season right now. 

You see those creamy nice colors? Yep, they are truly nice to look at. They look yummy! lol 

I made swatches to compare and the one on the top is the True Toffee shade and Nude Mocha was at the bottom. 

I couldn't resist to apply it on my lips last night though I look so tired! I took some selfies using a filter camera app to lighten my skin...I don't want to present my haggard-looking face while testing out some beautiful shades of lipstick, haha!

As you can see I split the application of the two lipstick. The one in the left-facing you are the Nude Mocha and in the right the True Toffee shade.

Also, I chose the Nude Mocha shade for my lip color this morning at work and it looks exactly the same as the color in the tube as to when applied to the lips. 

I am a Maybelline user, I still have a few of the lipsticks I own from a beauty blogger from the Rebel Bouquet selection unopened. I am saving a few of those in case I need some shade of pink to red in the future. For a friendly price of Php 175.00 per tube of Maybelline Colorshow, I can say this is the most affordable, over the counter brand of lipstick which everyone can avail. It is creamy, glides perfectly, the color stays for hours though it is not a kiss-proof lipstick.  Maybelline Colorshow collection does have a good selection of shade one can choose from. 
Btw, you need to excuse my eye make-up from this photo. I can never do justice with lashes because mine is so thin and sparse. I need to find the best eyelash serum product in the market for me to try on. I am positive it will give me that added lashes I dreamt of! 

I spent a little with the brand I like and made my self smile. :) 

Have you tried any shade from the collection, how was the experience? Check out the comment section below and let me know your thoughts. Thank you! 

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