Friday, March 17, 2017

#Review: Betadine Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash Lavender Dreams

During my College years the scent of Betadine antiseptic solution lingers when we enter the rooms in the hospital where our groups were assigned. It was the very basic antiseptic needed for a surgery. It was a little pricey too when you buy a small bottle preparation for first-aid household use.

Over the years, Betadine came up with a formulation specifically for hygiene purposes. And, with the name of the brand it got my trust in an instant.
A few years back I purchased a small bottle of Betadine somewhat similar to the wound antiseptic bottle, but it was meant as feminine wash.
The same color and a little hint of that Betadine scent. It was not advised to use it daily according to some medical expert and in just a few drops it can give you that cleanse and fresh feeling.

Today, I am glad to discover this new line of feminine wash from Betadine and now in a bigger bottle plus a mild scented smell.

           Betadine Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash in Lavender Dreams

I saw this purple bottle at Watson's in SM City Olongapo the other night, and when I saw the brand name it got my interest right away. I am currently using a different brand but I will try this one and see if it has the same or more than what I expect.

As a working Mom multitasking is the name of the game and not to neglect the area down there we need something to help us feel fresh to go through the day, especially during red days. 

For Php 123.00 for a bottle of 250ml, Betadine claims to give daily gentle cleansing with Anti-Itch Avena Oats. 

Did you know that an average vaginal pH balance varies significantly during a woman's lifespan.
From 7.0 for pre-menarch or the onset of menstruation, to 3.8-4.4 for reproductive age up to  menopausal (6.5-7.0 with or 4.5-5.0 without hormone therapy). So if those numbers went significantly high or low an infection can trigger.

An ordinary bath soap is not recommended as a feminine wash as it contains some chemicals that can affect the pH balance. This brand claims that it is a Paraben-free formula that can cause irritation. It is clinically tested as the brand stated.

Every time I purchase new products in the market that came from a trusted brand like this one I am always excited to try it for myself. This would be perfect and right in time as the red flag is nearing. I will update this blog post once I start using this. 

For now, if you are a current user of this brand of feminine wash share some thoughts about it and let's promote fresh and clean feel for all the women out there.

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