Girls can have enough of lipstick tubes and shades!
We love opening a tube of lipstick from our favorite brands in the market. Weeks ago I was tempted to open not just one tube but two from my make-up stock pile. 
These Maybelline Rebel tubes was from an online prize which I won months ago (find it here)
I won a total of 11 shades in one prize, some shades were sent in double so I decided to give them away to family and friends. And I was left with several more tubes.
Swatched single coat of the two shade
Double shade color

REB04 above and REB09 below.
Maybelline Bouquet REB04 is a little orangey-pink shade, it has a dark-pigmented color, a little striking too. It can be worn at daytime since it can be matched in any day wear outfit.

Maybelline Bouquet REB09 below shade is a little darker that REB04, It is in the shade of red which can be very striking and best worn at night time. I prefer darker shades when going out at night. It gives that warmer and sophisticated look when worn at night. It is so pigmented that the  colorsstays for hours.

I love both of the shades... it's playful and dramatic at the same Between the two, which shade would you prefer? 

I'm wearing REB04 on this photo which I put up as my FB profile picture... what do you think?

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Stepping inside an office or house floor during cold and wet season can be very unpleasant. How I wish that my floors in the house have underfloor heating and enjoy walking bare in comfort. 

Having this option, we also need to consider pros and cons of installing underfloor heating. We need to consider the amount for installation, is it environmental friendly or even can add up the value to our property in the years to come.

I would like to ask for a small favor in helping out a company with their short survey (find it here) about underfloor heating supplies and installation.
You can visit their website and know more about their products and services here 

Underfloor Heating Trade Supplies
Home cooking takes only a few minutes of your time whether it's for lunch or dinner. Plus you will benefit a lot like: it saves you money, very economical, clean, healthy and you can add and twist the flavor according to your taste.
During my weekend market I was able to stocked up some ingredients for tonight's healthy dinner.

Here is the simple recipe you can make in less than 40 minutes.

All you need:
  • 2-whole zucchini cut into bite size (Php25/$0.55)
  • 1/4-kilo pea (Php45/$1.00)
  • 4-cloves garlic minced (Php3/$0.06)
  • 1-whole white onion chopped (Php5/$0.11)
  • 1/2-can Hunt's diced tomatoes (Php40/$0.85)
  • 1/2-Monterey ground beef (Php111/$2.37)
  • 1-tsp black ground pepper 
  • 2- tbsp cooking oil
  • laurel leaf
  • salt or fish sauce to taste
  • pinch of cumin powder or any spies you like to add
Total cost: Php250/$5.35
Preparation time: 5 minutes
Cooking time: 25-30 minutes

How to cook:
1. Brown ground beef in stir fry pan with oil, garlic, onion. 
2.  Add 1/2 Hunts diced tomatoes, stir
3.  After 5 minutes season the ground beef with bay leaf, crushed ground pepper and fish sauce to taste, stir and let it cook for another 5 minutes.
4. Add zucchini slices then the peas, stir fry and cook until tender.

Here is the finish dish for tonight's dinner.
You can have it as it is or some crackers or a bowl of cooked white rice. But, since tonight is a low carb dinner for me I had it as is.

Any zucchini recipe you have and can share?
Scroll down at the comment section below and I'm excited to try the recipe! :)

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Months ago I received this email from Jupiter Suite management inviting me to visit the place for an overnight accommodation stay for a hotel review. Since I am a bit far from Makati the area of the hotel, I did not commit right away. When I saw the chance and a perfect date we confirmed the stay. 

With our overnight backpack we traveled by bus on a Saturday morning for a 3 hour trip to Manila, just in time for the check-in time around 2pm... with a side light of stopping by Tivoli Gardens to visit Ate Amy. Headed to the mall for some pampering and proceeded to Jupiter Suites.

I will walk you through photos of the hotel; the facade, reception area, the stairs and the room we stayed for the night.

                facade/ front door of Jupiter Suites

left side facing Jupiter Suites Hotel
below the pizza house

The hallway leading to the front desk area, after entering the main door.
The inside of the building smells so nice! A plus point for me in a hotel.
The inside of the hotel is not that big, and by the time we reached the hotel a guest couple with a child was in the reception area waiting for their room. It was not a busy day that day.
I asked Ate Amy (thedesignatedtraveller) for this picture while Mr. Henry contacts the staff for the room we will be staying.

After I field up the guest form the room key was handed to me, Mr.Henry mentioned to me the breakfast is available on the 2nd floor starting at 6:30 am the following day also the Wi-fi password was given to us. And, directed us on the elevator just behind us in the photo. 

Time for some photo snaps of the hotel lobby.

View from the front desk facing the main door entrance. On the right side was the elevator that can accommodate up to 5 people. The hotel is a 4-story building but the elevator can only bring you up to the 3rd floor. Take the next plight up through the stairs. 
If you wish to take the stairs it is just beside the elevator side.
Newspapers, magazines and restaurants and fast-food fliers were available too.

While we wait for our room we stayed and took a snap at the lounge area, below the stairs going up to the rooms.

The room that was given to us was located at the 4th floor, on the other side of the building.
I'm surprised how huge and spacious the room that was given to us for the night.
This one is the family suite room. This room can accommodate four and it is perfect for barkada traveler or a family of four.
The room lighting was cozy and homey. 
A 32 in television with cable, an extra dresser which we placed our backpacks can be found inside the room. 
Also, a mini-ref below a built-in cabinet drawer which is located on the right side is available. No mini-bar or any supplies inside the ref. 

Clean sheets, comfy mattress and it was properly fixed for the next guest to enjoy. A telephone with the beside table with lamp divides the two double-queen size beds. 
The bed runner, tube pillow cover and curtains had this matchy-matchy design which complements with the wood head board and white colored concrete walls. This room is equipped with wi-fi access too, no worries for guests who needs to go online 24/7, giving the wi-fi speed a thumbs-up! 
Double curtain window, a window type air condition unit, a working desk with drawer, some printed guidelines for tourist that can come handy, a lamp, a wall mirror, trash can, a comfy chair and the hair blow dried can be found in the far end of the room upon entering.

Let's go to the one of the most important part of a hotel room... the bath and comfort room.

The bathroom is huge!
The towels are not that new but it smells nice.  

They have hot and cold lavatory faucet and in shower. 
Thought there were some issues I had with the bathroom like there's no bidet faucet and the shower holder lost a screw that made the shower holder unsturdy when it was in use.
The things the hotel management can work on for some improvements. 

We left the hotel to grab some late afternoon lunch and we took the stairs on our way down.

The hotel is situated where everything is accessible. From transportation of public and private vehicles, to fast food chains, malls and even a jazz club just a few steps away from Jupiter Suites in which we spend the night away and got back to our room around 1am. 

The next morning, we got up before 7am to get breakfast which was included in the room package.
Just before we left our room, a couple set of local newspapers greeted us in front of our doorstep which we brought along. 
We went to the 2nd floor where the kitchen cafeteria was located.

A plated breakfast of garlic rice, eggs and coffee in a combination of bacon and sardines were our choices.
The breakfast was tummy-filling. It will serves you well before you head outside for another busy business day.

To sum up our Jupiter Suites hotel stay. After a busy and tiring day we had the hours we stayed inside our room was relaxing. I had a good 6 hours of sleep away from my house, which we all look for and want in a hotel room.
The staff and security are nice and friendly. 
Though, the building of the hotel is not that new and amenities are limited this one can be included in the list if you are looking for a place to stay consider Jupiter Suites, the budget hotel in Makati! 
Visit their Facebook page at Jupiter Suites Hotel 
Thank you Jupiter Suites... until next time! :)

***all photos are property of, unlawful use without permission is prohibited.

A few weeks ago before summer season ended here in the Philippines, we took the chance to spend our weekend with sun, water and food.

We were given a free passes to use the roof top pool at Best Western Plus Hotel Subic. The pool is open to walk-in customers and free of use to hotel guests. 
For Php300 ($6.40) you can avail the use of the pool and half of the amount can be use as food and drink consumable over at their snack bar.
We went there Saturday afternoon, it took us less than  10-minute taxi ride coming from SM City Olongapo to Best Western Hotel, the taxi cost Php80 ($1.75).
We arrived there around 4:30 in the afternoon with a few guests of kids and adults using the pool, kids were enjoying the cool breeze and sun covered by dusky cloud ready to set in the bay. 
You can find one big pool and a kiddie pool plus a jacuzzi for their pool amenities. Customers can find two open shower area with shower curtains and three toilet cubicles. They also have a bar and a bartender to prepare your drinks. The pool has a life guard too. Customers can ask for pool towels which they provide for each swimmers.

Since the hotel restaurant offer everyday buffet merienda for Php149 ($3.17) and Mongolian dinner buffet for Php349 ($7.43) we decided to take the dinner.

It was Mongolian buffet that night and we are somehow pleased. 

Make your own taco corner. Taco shells and beef taco filling. 

Burritos and Quesedillas

Taco sauces and lettuce shreds and diced tomatoes, also some prepared pasta plates which diners can request. A choice of red and white sauce pasta are available.

Choices of pork and chicken kebab

Cooked noodles and white rice

Assorted vegetables to choose for your Mongolian mix

Choices of pork cutlets, tofu, chicken breast slices, beef strips, shrimp and squid.

Variety of sauces to mix in to your Mongolian bowl. I chose the seafood with sweet and spicy combination.

Chef in charge with your Mongolian rice and one who is in charge with the kebabs beside him

Seafood soup and unlimited iced tea and water for drinks 

The dessert was not the appetizing to look at and yep even the taste too. It was dull and everything is cake base dessert. No fruit offered that time which is a little disappointing. The salad corner offered a limited option of shredded iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, bell pepper and a couple of salad dressings. The most unexciting corner of the buffet area.

To start up, I had a bowl of hot seafood soup which was very tasty. And for the main course two bowls of Mongolian mix, one seafood and one beef and chicken.
I love the taste and how it was cooked nicely specially the meat in it. They kept it tender and juicy.
I also had quesadillas and burritos and unlimited of the pork and chicken kebab.

The kids enjoyed their buffet meal excluding some of the food they did not prefer to eat. The boy had three bowls of different meat, sauces and spices. Kebab, tacos and burritos. The girl had a little less than what her Kuya (older brother) had. 

To compare with the Mongolian buffet I had a couple of years ago this one is a little better, the only downside of this was the salad and dessert station. I hope the restaurant can make improvements and adjustments for this station in their buffet. I would visit and dine here again if this happen.

We paid for our meal with additional 5% for service charge. Thank you Best Western Hotel Subic for the free use of the pool! :)

Would also love to make a review of the accommodation and other amenities of the hotel... maybe next time! :)

***all photos are property of, unlawful use without permission is prohibited.

Healthy snack for a healthy tummy.

At last, I was able to taste this Chia seed pudding I have been reading on blogs and seeing it on Youtube videos.

"Chia seeds are a “whole grain” food, are usually grown organically, are non-GMO and naturally free of gluten. Bottom Line: Despite their tiny size, chia seeds are among the most nutritious foods on the planet. They are loaded with fiber, protein, Omega-3 fatty acids and various micronutrients." -Google search

Ate Amy of made a bottle of Chia seed pudding with berries in it. During our last visit in Manila and dropped by her place she offered me this dessert. 

She combined frozen berries (strawberries, blueberries) which she got from S&R. The taste is bland but the fruity scent was pretty obvious which is so lovely. To add taste drizzle some honey to add that natural sweetness you are looking for. The consistency is a little gooey which might look weird. I will include chia seeds on my next grocery shopping and this pudding dessert can be a regular in the fridge.

Have you tried any chia seed pudding dessert? Any tips or mix you can share for me to try? Hit me at the comment section below. Thanks for reading!