Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Planches Labell Boards Giveaway Ends 10/15

I have been looking for some utility or even a chopping board to add in my kitchen tools and gadgets. A good board will help and can add less time in preparing dishes. Chopping or even a small batch of dough for kneading would be perfect for this. Time for the giveaway! 

Deliciously Savvy is hosting a giveaway in which 2 Lucky Winners will receive a Planches Labell Utility Board (style #L13217 ~ Pictured Above) for a TRV of $84! This is perfect for using for pizzas, for serving appetizers, creating cheese and cracker spreads and more! It is just beautiful, to be honest, and so versatile. Enter Today To Win and Good Luck!

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2 Lucky Winners Will Receive a Planches Labell Utility Board (style #L13217)! This piece is a keeper and provides so many fabulous uses! Check Out My Review Today!

Check Out My Review Today


And Now To The Giveaway!

Giveaway Dates: Giveaway Dates: 09/20/2017 9PM EST until 10/15/2017 11:59PM EST
Entrants must be 18 years old to enter and giveaway is open to US residents Only
Any Questions Email Me At mcushing7 (at) hotmail (dot) com.
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in the United States. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter.
This giveaway will end at 11:59PM (EST) on 10/15/2017.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Is SEO Essential To Your Brand?

** this is a sponsored  post ** 

As a brand you know that having an online presence can impact your success. You may not be particularly clear the role that search engine optimization or SEO plays in that process. Even though major search engines are constantly updating the algorithms, SEO is most definitely essential to business. Here are reasons why you need an SEO expert to help you structure your online presence to reach its potential.
Brings Attention To Your Business- While you may use strategies and social networking sites to help build your audience, they all point back to the main point in your online arsenal; your website. It’s not enough to build a great website and hope people can find it. YOu need to learn how to get SEO involved by creating content that is relevant and meaningful, gathering the attention of search engines and learning which keywords to include.
If your site contains the products and/or services users hope to find when they enter a search phrase into a browser, then you have a very good chance of finding your site at least on the first page of the search results. When you have done a great job with SEO, your site will show up in the top three results, something that will drastically increase visits to the site.
Helps Navigate Rankings- Navigating the waters of the internet does not mean planning our a roadmap and then sticking to it. Search engines refine their algorithms you will find that your site goes from tanking in the third spot on results to falling off the front of the page. To avoid that, be aware what is working, update your strategy before the changes are implemented and anticipate search algorithm changes! This does take time but it will mean your SEO strategy will continue to be successful and going into the future.
Builds Credibility- Your website, blog, or other forms of online presence is to convey something of value to other people.  In terms of a business, you want to educate, entertain, and ultimately convince consumers that what you have to offer is what they need to buy.  Unless you establish some degree of credibility with those consumers, your efforts will go nowhere.
A key component in establishing your credibility is link building. The more links to your site that can be found on other credible sites, the better it is for your site’s reputation. Also, you want the links to be natural and not forced. Google and other search engines take all of these factors into account when ranking your site.
SEO Teaches You to Avoid Keyword Stuffing- There are older methods of SEO that worked fine in years past, but they left many Internet users feeling a little cheated.  One of those strategies is referred to as keyword stuffing.  Older algorithms did not just look for keyword(s) that related back to the phrases users employed for searches.  They also looked for multiple uses of those phrases.  That meant if you included a commonly used search phrase in your text, the odds of that page showing up high on search results were very good. And the more you used those phrases the better.
SEO Enhances Your Ability to Compete with Other Brands- Your brand may be well respected, and that’s great.  The thing is there are other brands out there that are also known to users, and they have no problem comparing the quality and pricing of your services with those competitors.  You cannot rely on the reputation of your brand alone since just about everybody is looking for a good deal.You have effectively set the standard by which all other competitors will be judged.  Unless they can come up with some strong incentives, many of those shoppers will return to your site and place an order.
SEO Increases the Odds of Getting Your Site Bookmarked- The right type of SEO effort gets people to visit your site once and decide that it is worth coming back to again and again.  If you have used the right approach and the consumer believes that your site offers the benefits that were promised based on the search results, there is a good chance of it being bookmarked.  Rather than having to find it with another search, the user will simply click on the saved link
Keep in mind that saved link can be shared repeatedly with others.  The person who found your site by means of a web search now has the power to cut and paste that link into the body of an email to a friend or two.  That consumer can decide to share the link via a post on his or her Facebook or Twitter account.  Thanks to those solid SEO strategies, you have created a basis for the time-honored tradition of relationship marketing.  
All these great SEO Strategies are perfect to keep your brand or business compatible with others in the business world. If you feel overwhelmed or are unsure of how to get started, I would hire professionals like those who work at RankCrew. RankCrew offers a variety of various packages to boost your blog such as link building packages, or social building packages. Each is broken down into smaller packages for starters, advanced or enterprise depending on where your brand is. Signing up is free and with over 16 years experience, you know you and your business will be in good hands with this experience, talented and available 24/7 team.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Ergo Chef/Michael Symon 11pc Set – with a 10 Slot Block Cutlery Set Giveaway!

One of my dream kitchen gadget to have is a set of cutlery I can use for cooking. As many of my friends know I love gives me a sense of satisfaction while I enjoy different varieties of taste, textures, and flavors. I would win a set like this Ergo Chef/Michael Symon. Join now and goodluck! 
Ergo Chef/Michael Symon 11pc Set – with a 10 Slot Block Cutlery Set Giveaway
 Hosted By: Holiday Contest and Sweeps Co-Hosted By  Beautiful Touches Do Not Pet Tom's Take On Things Michigan Savings and More Java John Z's The Ministers Wife My Devotional Thoughts Networking Witches Everyday Southwest Peanut Butter and Whine Everyday Gizmos Sweeps & Views What U Talking Bout Willis? Simply Sherryl MyStyleSpot The Homespun Chics Deliciously Savvy  Presents The Ergo Chef/Michael Symon 11pc Set – with a 10 Slot Block Cutlery Set Giveaway
2- Winners Holiday Contest and Sweeps is pleased to hold a great giveaway with my fellow blogs from Ergo Chef Cutlery featuring the "Ergo Chef/Michael Symon 11pc Set – with a 10 Slot Block Cutlery Set Giveaway which contains 4 Kitchen Knives, A Diamond Oval Sharpener, Heavy Duty Shears and 4 Serrated Steak Knives and Block . Two lucky readers who reside in the Continental United States and are 18+ years of age will when their very own set with a MSRP of $450.00 The Ergo Chef/Michael Symon 11pc Set – with a 10 Slot Block Cutlery Set feature full tang construction, extremely durable G10 Fiberglass Resin Handles, and beautifully grounded German Steel blades with 18 degree cutting edges for smooth slices through all your food product.
This set is custom assembled with Michael Symon's Cutlery and an Ergo Chef's 10 Slot Knife Block, Kitchen Shears and 10" Diamond Sharpener. The set features the Michael Symon Cutlery and includes his forged 9" Chef knife, 6" Chef knife, 6" Serrated Utility knife, 3.5" Paring knife and 4 serrated steak knives. The knives feature extremely durable G10 handles finished with 2 stainless steel rivets, and a full tang and bolster, all high polished for lasting beauty. The blades are precision ground from German Made carbon steel and the straight edges are sharpened to 18 degrees per side for perfect slices every time. The serrated edges are single sided bevel cut into our wider D shape for smooth cuts in all your proteins. All the knives are good for both right & left handed people.
Features: Michael Symon's Knives: 9" Chef, 6" Chef, 6" Utility, 3.5" Paring & 4 - 4.75" Steak knives. Ergo Chef 10 Slot Wooden Block Pro-Series 10" Diamond Sharpener to keep all the knives precision sharp Pro-Series Come-Apart Kitchen Shears - 8 Function Size of Block with knives: 11.5" Deep x 5.5" Wide x 12.250" Tall Care: Hand washes with soft sponge & dish soap or comet cleanser. Towel dry and store in a block. Always use wood, bamboo or plastic cutting boards. NEVER use glass, stainless steel or Counter tops to cut as they can dull knives and damage the edges.
Ergo Chef is having a huge closeout savings for this high-quality knife line. Get yours today here: Make sure you get your very own set today by taking advantage of this special Coupon Code for an Extra 15% OFF with this code SAVE15 at the checkout. There is nothing better when two giants come together to bring you an amazing giveaway. Make sure to visit the Ergo Chef Website by the link and check out the great deals and an excellent assort of cutlery including a complete line of Cutlery my Michael Symon Products made possible by Ergo Chef. You can watch Michael Symon on the hit ABC show "The Chew" and visit his website at the link provided below. Click Here To Visit The Ergo Chef Website For More Great Products & Deals Click Here to visit the Michael Symon Website A Big Thank You To Our Sponsor Ergo Chef Cutlery
This giveaway is in no way associated, endorsed or affiliated with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media networking site.This giveaway will be valid in the Continental United States Only. Entrants must be 18+ years of age to enter. This giveaway ends at 12:00 AM (EST) 10/10/2017 a Rafflecopter giveaway Holiday Contest and Sweeps Did not receive any compensation for this giveaway. Ergo Chef will be totally responsible for the awarding and shipping of the prize directly to the winner.Please allow two weeks for processing and shipping.