Saturday, March 17, 2018

How To Improve Your Home On A Budget

Our home is a place of comfort and leisure. It is where we can find our simple basic needs to satisfy our everyday life.

A home is defined by family members, it's allocation for specifics such as how many rooms are needed, how big or small the area for a certain place or corner where fixtures or an appliance needed to go. All these are being done when one is starting a family. When a family is settled, enjoying each and every corner of the house, leaving and creating memories with the family members. Kids will grow up and eventually make their own way to create their own homes. Improvements are needed to maintain a durable and workable surrounding of the house, that is fit perfectly for everyone's need. Also, another factor to take note is the change of weather, where some fixtures and installed panels are being worn out due to change of temperature, and other natural elements. It is also a major point when going house-hunting. 

For me, there will be always that one corner in your home that you eye and wish for some improvement. 

Coming home from a busy day at work, having a good bath in a clean and fresh smelling bathroom can relieve you with all the stressors from the outside surroundings. I know some of you will agree with me on this. But, sometimes I feel enclosed in the bathroom because of all the bathroom essential products displayed in the small cabinets installed on the wall. If I were to ask one room that I would like some improving this would be it, the bathroom

I have listed some items below as your guide before you reached the point of deciding...yes I need something new and some things to be changed in that room. To inspire you in deciding on what to get and your possible project soon, click here, it serves as my guide for me stick to the style I want...a minimalist and modern style.

How to improve your home when you are on a budget?

1. Identify the area that needs improvement.
    - don't overwhelm yourself in doing a major renovation, do it one step at a time.

2. Classify the need.
    - Do you need to change the kids' bunkbeds to single beds because they are way older now?

3. Plan and allocate your budget.
    - the very core when you start thinking of renovating and improving.

4. Consider doing DIY. 

  • painting shelves, or a cabinet going beyond the opposite color.
  • change cabinet handles and knobs
  • segregate potted plants, recycle old woods and ply boards then paint it. 
  • change light bulbs
  • transform that plain coffee table to a more personalized coffee table. 
  • change throw pillow covers. 
  • add flowers
  • add candles in different areas of the house
5. Ask help for manpower when creating that space you need. 
    - to lessen your additional expenses, ask the family member or a friend help you.

Those are some ideas you can consider to start with. 

Thursday, March 15, 2018

4 Tips To Protect Your Vehicle From Harsh UV Rays

Feeling the sunshine on a warm, bright day is a pleasant feeling. Climbing into a sizzling hot car is not. Everyone has learned from experience that the sun and vehicles do not make a good combination. It’s inevitable that the two will mix, however, so what can you do to reduce the effects of the sun on your car? Try out these four tips to protect your vehicle from harsh UV rays.

1. Use Car and Truck Covers

Most people associate full covers with wintertime to prevent having to remove snow from vehicles. While that may be one popular use, it’s not the only one. You can also use outdoor car and truck covers in sunny seasons to prevent the interior and exterior of your car from experiencing fading and heating. Remember that you can use them on the vehicles you drive every day, not just the ones you only take out for special occasions.

2. Get a Sun Shade

Don’t want or need a full car or truck cover? Then all you need is a personalized car sun shade. However, instead of getting a generic type, opt for a personalized one for the best fit. Your car will stay cool inside and avoid damage from UV rays. For convertibles, shades that cover the top and windshields are available.

3. Tint the Windows

Tinting your windows is another way to keep out the heat and stop the glare of the sun. Just be sure to become familiar with your state’s laws on tinting before getting the job done. A cheaper and easier option is to placing cling shades in the windows.

4. Park in the Shade

Whether you’ve forgotten your sun shade or want extra protection, park your car in the shade. For long-term parking, put on a cover so you don’t have to clean dirt, debris, and bird droppings off your paint job.

Keeping your car safe from the sun’s harsh light is easy with the help of California Car Cover. You can find covers, shades, and more on the company’s website.

Celebrities Share Top BOOGI Picks That’s Perfect for their Lifestyle

Social media is abuzz with celebrities, designers, and other personalities posting with interestingly innovative pieces under the design-forward European furnishings concept store in Makati, BOOGI. It appears that there’s a growing market consciousness for purposeful products that enable improved productivity through smart design solutions.

Family and friends shared their selections at the BIG BOOGI SALE – from the huge family of artists that are the Pangilinans and Valencianos, to designer Bambi MaƱosa, chef and artist Claude Tayag, and respected journalist Ces Drilon.

QUOTE: “Lighting is so important to me, I feel that when I’m sad, I need a certain kind of lighting. When I’m happy, I need the lighting sort of facing me”

Team Pangilinan crowns the list. The celebrity family is known to pursue different passions and activities, known ambassadors of productive lifestyles.

Teen heartthrob Donny shows that despite his hectic schedule, family bonding is the priority.

Enter the family schedule orchestrator - she keeps the family in rhythmic flow and makes sure things are organized. Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan hams it up with her favorite – the classic Filing Cabinet from British brand Bisley.

Sisters Ella and Hannah show off the duo of talent they are, as they express diverse interests with their choices. Activewear designer, Ella, shows she has a green thumb and plans to start her own indoor herb garden.  Hannah shows that she got it from her momma as she exhibits her fancy for colorful multi-drawers from Bisley.

Padre de pamilya Anthony Pangilinan shares his joy of finding a height adjustable desk that helps optimize his energy and encourages good posture and more dynamic movement as he does desk work.

Get on board in the movement to get purposeful design pieces that spark joy. The BIG BOOGI SALE is on!   Stocks are limited.  Visit BOOGI showrooms in Makati at 830 Arnaiz Avenue and at the3/F of LRI Design Plaza in Nicanor Garcia for these innovative designer items. To know more about the products, follow BOOGI on Instagram and Facebook at boogiph.