Monday, March 13, 2017

Thank You Freeway Online for the Art Bags!

What's in the mail today?
These wonderful art bags from Freeway Online as my prize from their Facebook promo. They sent five of us winners each of two art bags from the 2016 Art Bag Collection. 
I looked up on their website and each bag cost Php 895!

After less than a week of the announcement they sent it right away and look how lovely and very spacious the bags kind of bag!

The package pack looks so artsy!
The paper package was sealed with a gift tag and a chopstick to lock it.

They also included congratulating me and some instruction to promote the ongoing Art Bag Design for 2017.
I will be taking photos of me with my new bags once I find time to use it. 
I love the size, design and the material.
I love how they included a back compartment to put some go-to stuff.

Side by side of the two bag designs.
If you are about to pick which design would you get from the two?

Again, thank you Freeway Online for the bags. 
Bags can accentuate your outfit from formal to casual dressing. And a woman needs more than one bag, it's a must! 

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