Monday, September 28, 2015

Too Comfit For Comfit Shoes

I love joining contest and when you win something for a prize you love, it makes you smile from ear to ear with happiness. 

Winning pairs of shoes can be tricky sometimes because of the styles and sizes you need and want can be challenging. But, Comfit made it all possible. 
Comfit shoe instructed us to claim the prize in Manila. When they knew that we were from Zambales they told us they will ship the prizes instead of claiming it.  We sent in links of the preferred shoes (styles and sizes in any price range). 

Comfits came just right time were we can use it, the next morning we attended at my daughter's confirmation and, yeah those shoes were comfortably comfy! Staying up with their brand's name and tagline, it really gave as that comfortable feeling while wearing it.
Comfit box
Comfit Muse Wedge black P1,399 (mine), Comfit Yumi Strappy Sandals white P1,199 (Mama)

Close-up shot of my fat toes (lol) with nude polish sets wearing Comfit Muse Wedge. 
The criss- cross with zig-zag dotted design make it  look formal while stating fashion. The edge of those straps are soft. I was hesitant to choose this design at first because I always have the tendency to have blisters on the side of my foot because of the contact to the material ( wide-foot syndrome ..haha!)

When I opened the box I was nervous because it looks small from the size I requested, but it fits perfect! It is very light-weight too. It is a 3-inch wedge sandals but it feels like I am wearing flats.. it did not strain my legs the whole time we were at the church. Thumbs up! ;)

Comfit Muse Wedge in black (size 9)

Another photo of my Comfit muse
This is my Mama's Comfit, we are almost have the same size but mine was wider as you can see. 
The straps is made of soft-semi plastic material. It also has layers of some sort of a clothe that protects the foot from rubbing. The gold chain is light-weight too. I love how the gold and white combined as a shoe design, so chic! 
The metal gold strap lock has no sharp edges with three-hole adjustments which you can lock using the hook with an elastic garter.

The strap was stitched connected to the bottom part of the shoes. The sole is white in color and rubberized. It's a flat sandals which my Mama can use anywhere and give her that comfort to walk. 

I totally believe on how the word Comfit gives comfort to anyone who uses it... I am a believer!

Thank you again Ms. Jackie Go and Comfit Shoes for the amazing footwear. :) 

Hotel Transylvania 2 Movie Date With the Kids

What a way to start the long weekend last week was to surprise and spend the night with the kids on a movie date. We saw the sequel of Hotel Transylvania and boy we had fun!

From the first release of the movie Hotel Transylvania last 2012 came the sequel Hotel Transylvania 2 with the same character with the additional of a new one, Dennis the son of Mavis and Jonathan. 
We bought tickets hours before the screening time around 7:20pm at Harbor Point Ayala Mall. When we were there 20 minutes before the cinema door was open line was building up. I can feel the excitement of the kids who were eagerly and patiently waiting. There was a standee of the movie with the characters were you can take selfies and photos for souvenir and of course we did not missed it. 

*A and M*
giving their best mug shot photo behind the standee. ;)

All the seats were full even before the movie started.

*sandwiched with smiles from A and M!* 

Hotel Transylvania 2 was even more better than the first one specially because there was a new character on it and also the funny scenes and humor was even more fun to see. 
It gave me a good LOL from the start to finish and my kids were laughing like it was their first cartoon movie experience. Actually, all the movie goers inside had a good laugh from adults and the little kids. 
The long weekend started just right. :)

Hotel Transylvania 2 still on cinema ... go watch and treat yourself with a good laugh with the family. 

The hit CG-animated family comedy Hotel Transylvania gets a follow-up with this Sony Pictures Animation production.
Rating:PG (for some scary images, action and rude humor)
Directed By:
Written By:Dan HagemanKevin Hageman,Robert SmigelAdam Sandler
In Theaters:
Sony Pictures - Official Site

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

So Cool Cheap Kitchen Gadgets!

I am a self-proclaimed foodie chef! I always take critic on food and how it was presented.. Presentation and food preparation are the key factors when someone can give a thumbs-up on that certain dish. One doesn't have to enroll in an expensive culinary school just to make an art with food. Experience is the key to perfection...(as they say). 

I am a sucker for cool kitchen gadgets! It is always the fun side of cooking and baking anything in the kitchen when you have cool kitchen gadgets to use and work it. Also, getting those cool kitchen gadgets in a much more cheaper price is another bonus that is added to it. 
Kitchen gadgets can come very handy and also adds that vibrant look in anyone's kitchen. There are many kitchen gadgets you can buy in the market and mostly they are so way- too pricey! And if you are on a tight budget you will be disappointed on getting one... and limits you to do fun things in the kitchen. 

For a busy working Mom like me time is very essential, checking out cool items online such kitchen gadgets saves me a lot of time- time I can use to spend with my kids after their time at school. I checked on some kitchen gadgets online and came across SAMMYdress  who offers a wide variety of affordable kitchen gadgets with low prices and number of designs to choose from which suits your needs for kitchen aid. 

Waking up early morning to prepare breakfast for the kids is the best and rewarding feeling because I am setting a big example for them. To have that energy to think and gives you energy for the whole morning ahead... never ever skip breakfast. 

Eggs no matter how it is prepared my kids will enjoy having a freshly cooked eggs for breakfast. Poaching an egg is one of them, the photo above  cost $2.49 for the price of two egg poaching cookware is what I am eyeing. For the bright and vibrant color which I like can be very handy too (one of my picks from the site).

Photo above is another interesting kitchen gadget I can use for preparing eggs. It's a  2-piece hand press rotate egg-beater which is on a sale price at $5.31. This will definitely makes fluffy scrambled eggs for any dish. Great for baking bread and cakes. Definitely saves time and enjoyable to kids to help out in cooking. 

Food with fancy and art designs can definitely give that personal touch. Picture above with heart-shape rose flower crafted design can give that smile to someone. Scrambled eggs, pancakes and other non-stick food preparation is the best for this kitchen gadget. The versatile egg- cooking pan without holder ($2.63) , is an exciting kitchen tool for making breakfast. The non-stick pan material and also the variety of the design you can choose from. 

So, how fun and exciting can it be when you are in the kitchen having these cool an cheap kitchen gadgets? Limitless and fun creativity things to do in the kitchen with the whole the family using kitchen tools. 

From women, mens, fashionable jewlery, latest bags that fit your style, to toys and home... they have almost everything you need! Time for me to shop and enjoy the discounted price on my favorite items. ;)  


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Pink GLow and Color

During high school up to my college days I had an eye for lip balms, my cousins who were staying with us during my childhood years always browse  brochure magazines from Avon and that was my first introduction to lip balms. 
From then on, lip balms were included in my list. You are always safe having a tube of lip balm in your purse. No more to dry, chappy and dull looking lips. 

And, guess what these pair of lip balms aren't mine... it's my daughter's M lip balms from Maybelline New York. She is starting to get fascinated with lip balms and bought two tubes at SM supermarket standee. 

Maybelline baby lips pink and Maybelline baby lips color, you can get a tube for P99.00 (around $2).
For a 4gram lip product I can say that it's too costly at all. 

No more basic lip balm, it’s lip balm with a serious kick of color! Giving you baby soft, renewed lips that last 6 hours.
- Visibly renewed lips
- 6hr hydration ( our lips are taken cared of)
- SPF 16 ( this can protect our skin when under sun exposure)
- Soft, supple lips ( all we wanted)

Glide it with two strokes each color and look how the color differ from each other. Baby lips glow is just sheer leaving no color while the baby lips color is with tainted pinkish color. 
Photo of Maybelline baby lips color lip balm. (taken using iPad air camera, no flash, no filter)
Maybelline baby lips pink glow. (taken with iPad air camera, no flash and filter with adjustment of light).

There are varieties of shade you can choose from Maybelline baby lips line up. Pick one that suits your liking. 
Here are some tips on having that beautiful healthy looking lips everyday: 
  • drink plenty of water to keep the hydration.
  • milk and oats combine and use it for exfoliation
  • professionals says we do not lick your lips because it will damage the protective barrier. (saliva has this digestive enzyme that will break this protective barrier)
  • Matte lipstick can dehydrate your lips, so don't put matte lipstick too long.
  • protect your lips using lip balms with SPF's.
There you have it. Check out Maybelline baby lips lip balms in stores and get those smoochy lips protected and pretty.

***this is not a paid post. product was bought by my own money. tips, experiences using the product and photos are solely the property of this blog.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let's Go Snacking with California Crunch Cassava Chips

I enjoyed snacking... from chips to pastries (cookies, cake and bread). Snacks are always included in my grocery shopping not just for me alone but for my kids too. They visit the snack pantry or even the fridge for something to eat in between meals. 
I was delighted when I saw this California Crunch cassava chips at SM supermarket last weekend and I chose this sour cream and onion flavor versus the barbeque flavor available that time. 

I love how crispy and flavorful each cassava chips inside the bag and the saltiness is just right. It tasted like Lay's potato chips. I love how the sour of the cream and the spicy mild taste of onion is simply just right. 

It has 0grams trans fat, cholesterol free food and 30% less fat as indicated in the bag.

The bag weighs 120 grams and they don't have smaller pouch bag sold. Each bag is priced at P59.75. The packaging is nice too, same as the imported potato chip bags in the market. 
As of now I have not seen any California Chips in other supermarkets only here in SM Olongapo.

These crunchy ridged slices of California Crunch cassava chips will surely get your appetite going. 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Malawaan Street Party- National Tourism Week 2015

Malawaan Street Party kicks off along with the National Tourism Week 2015 happening this September 25, 2015. A whole day celebration at Malawaan Park, they will showcase entertainment, arts and environmental advocacy. 
2015 National Tourism Week will starts September 21-27,2015 with the cooperation of various private and non-government organizations.
The event will offer FREE shuttle service from Park 'n Shop to Malawaan from 5:00pm onwards. 
Let's join and promote culture and local tourism.

*** click on the photo for more info about the event. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Join National Geographic and Progress Pre-School Gold Fly and Learn Promo!

Kids are the smartest when they get busy physically, mentally and emotionally. Kids nowadays have all the access to everything and with the fast-pace world we live in everything is limitless. 

Multiple intelligence can be define widely just by focusing on the child's learning ability we as parents can give and offer so much to them, we also learn and discover things along the way. 

Just over the weekend my daughter M brought home a printed copy of this declamation piece entitled: Lend A Hand by Ariel C. Lansang. Four of them in her class (Grade5) were picked to memorize and deliver the declamation yesterday (Monday). In just 36 hours of repeated reading and constant understanding what the declamation was all about she got it. She memorized the whole piece, with some little correction with the diction but I was amazed how her memory can digest everything. She was confident, I gave her the praise and boost her confidence every after practice. She will again deliver the piece tomorrow in front of her teachers and they will decide and pick who will compete. I told her that if she will be chosen or not I am proud of her because knowing her memorization skills is such an accomplishment. I know now where I can encourage her more for her to do more. 

We, as parent we need to give motivation and encouragement and open doors for our children. From Brain , Body to being People Smart kids. I always believe that there is so much out there that our kids can benefit from.

National Geographic teamed up with Progress Pre-School Gold  in an amazing journey you can win for FREE!  

"National Geographic Channel Kids M.I Expedition: The Journey to Building Multiple Intelligence."

Journey with National Geographic!
Get a chance to win a trip for 4 to the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC when you buy a specially marked Progress Pre-School GOLD 1.6kg can!

You have until Sept 30 to get a chance to Fly and Learn with your family at the NatGeo Museum in USA! Just enter the promo code you get with every specially-packed 1.6kg can of Progress Pre-School Gold here:
Don’t forget to keep your official receipts!
Promo runs until September 30, 2015.
Per DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No. 0453 s. 2015

I encourage Moms and Dads out there grab the chance and enjoy this Nat Geo adventure with your kids!  

Friday, September 4, 2015

SM Accessories Embrace Your Individuality #CelebrateME

Check out SM Accessories FB page and join Anne Curtis on the new campaign #CelebrateMe Embrace Your Individuality and get the chance to win P10,000 Shopping Spree from SM Accessories!

Here's how to join:

Deadline for submission of entries is on September 30, 2015. Ten (10) winners will be chosen. All ten (10) winners shall each get a P10,000 Shopping Spree from SM Accessories and join Anne Curtis in their next fashion campaign! Winners of the #celebrateME #smaccessoriesCASTINGCALL
on October 10, 2015.
I will be checking SM Accessories here in Olongapo this weekend. Come and join too!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ensogo Philippines Online Food Shopping

How to deal with the fast-paced world we are into? Online shopping is a great deal for mommy's like me, it provides hassle-free service of goods you want to purchase. 
Lately, I have been going around some online shops and bought items. My typical online shopping adventure consists of bathroom essentials, some make-up and some small gadget finds I got mostly on sale. 
Ensogo Philippines was one of them. This is not my first time to purchase something in Ensogo. I had Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut e-vouchers prior to this and everything was ok. Until I purchase a snack for delivery. 
I got two Rebisco butter cookies for P130.00 each tub online and paid using PayPal credits with no shipping charges. I thought of getting more than two but since it was first for a food delivery I hesitated. 

The item was delivered within 7 days and I did not expect that the cookie tubs will be shipped in this manner, wrapped in LBC packaging tape and plastic.
I never thought that the delivery would be like this since I consider this as "handle" with care items. A box even a bubble wrap plastic would be okay just to protect the merchandise. 

The first thing that came to mind was all the cookie inside turned crumbs already because it traveled from Manila to Olongapo City for several days. I was disappointed in a way that my daughter will not enjoy the cookies she wanted. Well, partly I wasn't wrong when we open the tub almost 1/3 of the content was in bits and pieces. 

I did not return the merchandise and avoid the "talk" instead I am posting this not to say anything bad about Ensogo Philippines but for them to take a look and review their way of handling and shipping items like this one. 
In fact, I ordered several food items after this and waiting for the delivery. I just hope they pack carefully the bottles of toyo and patis (toyo and fish sauce) and cans corned beef, hehe (no kidding!) I ordered it online. 

I will be updating this post once they deliver the rest of the items.



I am a Mother of two growing up kids, a nurse by profession, a hobbyist photographer, an internet savvy, a foodie chef (in my own right), an adventurer and a woman. They say you cannot have everything in one plate... it will definitely spill. I don't think so! Setting priorities is the key in being successful -all around- on-the-go working Mom like me.
 My eldest graduated in High School last March.
My daughter who keeps on making me proud with all her achievements in life as a grade school student.
One of my most unforgettable summer experience happened in  El Nido, Palawan.

The list just go on and on, and
with the busy schedule I have everyday feeling clean and sexy is never set aside. That is how I manage to keep up with the busy lifestyle I have. 
Proper diet, supplemental vitamins, exercise, and enough sleep can be of help. But we also need that daily protection specially in the intimate area.

My profession as a Nurse gave me the first hand knowledge on products that are trusted for years. 
It has been also my tool to recommend product to patients who comes in the clinic. 
I work as a school nurse and most of my female patients comes in complaining menstrual discomfort. Aside from giving aid to relieve cramps I also teach them and recommend Betadine® Feminine Wash.

Betadine® Feminine Wash, the doctor- trusted antiseptic feminine wash. 
BETADINE® Feminine Wash is Povidone Iodine 7.5% antiseptic feminine wash that protects from common germs that cause feminine discomfort. It’s known as the most prescribed product by Medical Doctors to mothers after giving birth, and it ranks number 3 in the Feminine Wash Category. It’s also number 1 in Liquid Anti Septic Feminine Wash Category. 

Women should protect themselves from feminine discomfort that can cause germs and bacteria which can lead to a more serious infection.

From the time of my first child birth up to the second and until now that I am 40. Betadine gives me the protection I needed. I have been using it twice a week and everyday when I have my red days. I never hated red days because I am protected! 
I totally agree how the word clean is defined by Betadine.
Clean is the New Sexy!



Make it a habit #IDoItTwiceAWeek

Face a brand new day with a smile, join the band wagon. 
Clean is the New Sexy!

Join the #SexyCleanRevolution #IDoItTwiceAWeek #BETADINEFeminineWash

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Christmas Feel In September with Maybelline Rebel Bouquet Collection

Don't you love it when Christmas feel comes early?
After a long weekend holiday and coming back to work and surprisingly this goodie bag is waiting for you is the feeling when it's Christmas day and time to open gifts. I am relieving my childhood days of simple happiness. :)
What's inside? Eleven (11) tubes of Maybelline Rebel Bouquet lipsticks!

My step-by-step opening of the bag :)

Inside was the lovely tubes wrapped in a pink bow lace.
Each tube has an individual wrap with REBEL fonts in floral prints, the silver base color and orange tube cover.
Unwrapping the bow comes the eleven tubes of beautiful Rebel. :) 
Rebel Bouquet by COLORsensational Maybelline New York

Check out the the colors and the color code of each tube. 
In the package comes 3-tubes of REB02, REB01, REB04, REB06, REB07, REB08, REB 09, REB10, REB12. 

I open one tube from the three tube of the same shade REB02 and used it as my lip shade for today. I love how pigmented the color of this shade. 
*** photo was taken without flash using camera phone.

***photo taken with flash using camera phone.

This gorgeous Rebels was received as my prize from Instagram contest courtesy of Ms.Kim (Kimpossibly Gorgeous Blog). Thank you very much Ms.Kim for shipping me the prize, much appreciation.  :)

Last night I open another tube the REB08 which is in the nude shade color ... another shade I love!
Each tube cost P299.00 at Maybelline shops nationwide.

Have you tried any shade of the new Rebel Bouquet collection of Maybelline?