Thursday, September 17, 2015

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Pink GLow and Color

During high school up to my college days I had an eye for lip balms, my cousins who were staying with us during my childhood years always browse  brochure magazines from Avon and that was my first introduction to lip balms. 
From then on, lip balms were included in my list. You are always safe having a tube of lip balm in your purse. No more to dry, chappy and dull looking lips. 

And, guess what these pair of lip balms aren't mine... it's my daughter's M lip balms from Maybelline New York. She is starting to get fascinated with lip balms and bought two tubes at SM supermarket standee. 

Maybelline baby lips pink and Maybelline baby lips color, you can get a tube for P99.00 (around $2).
For a 4gram lip product I can say that it's too costly at all. 

No more basic lip balm, it’s lip balm with a serious kick of color! Giving you baby soft, renewed lips that last 6 hours.
- Visibly renewed lips
- 6hr hydration ( our lips are taken cared of)
- SPF 16 ( this can protect our skin when under sun exposure)
- Soft, supple lips ( all we wanted)

Glide it with two strokes each color and look how the color differ from each other. Baby lips glow is just sheer leaving no color while the baby lips color is with tainted pinkish color. 
Photo of Maybelline baby lips color lip balm. (taken using iPad air camera, no flash, no filter)
Maybelline baby lips pink glow. (taken with iPad air camera, no flash and filter with adjustment of light).

There are varieties of shade you can choose from Maybelline baby lips line up. Pick one that suits your liking. 
Here are some tips on having that beautiful healthy looking lips everyday: 
  • drink plenty of water to keep the hydration.
  • milk and oats combine and use it for exfoliation
  • professionals says we do not lick your lips because it will damage the protective barrier. (saliva has this digestive enzyme that will break this protective barrier)
  • Matte lipstick can dehydrate your lips, so don't put matte lipstick too long.
  • protect your lips using lip balms with SPF's.
There you have it. Check out Maybelline baby lips lip balms in stores and get those smoochy lips protected and pretty.

***this is not a paid post. product was bought by my own money. tips, experiences using the product and photos are solely the property of this blog.

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