Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Let's Go Snacking with California Crunch Cassava Chips

I enjoyed snacking... from chips to pastries (cookies, cake and bread). Snacks are always included in my grocery shopping not just for me alone but for my kids too. They visit the snack pantry or even the fridge for something to eat in between meals. 
I was delighted when I saw this California Crunch cassava chips at SM supermarket last weekend and I chose this sour cream and onion flavor versus the barbeque flavor available that time. 

I love how crispy and flavorful each cassava chips inside the bag and the saltiness is just right. It tasted like Lay's potato chips. I love how the sour of the cream and the spicy mild taste of onion is simply just right. 

It has 0grams trans fat, cholesterol free food and 30% less fat as indicated in the bag.

The bag weighs 120 grams and they don't have smaller pouch bag sold. Each bag is priced at P59.75. The packaging is nice too, same as the imported potato chip bags in the market. 
As of now I have not seen any California Chips in other supermarkets only here in SM Olongapo.

These crunchy ridged slices of California Crunch cassava chips will surely get your appetite going. 

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