Thursday, September 3, 2015

Ensogo Philippines Online Food Shopping

How to deal with the fast-paced world we are into? Online shopping is a great deal for mommy's like me, it provides hassle-free service of goods you want to purchase. 
Lately, I have been going around some online shops and bought items. My typical online shopping adventure consists of bathroom essentials, some make-up and some small gadget finds I got mostly on sale. 
Ensogo Philippines was one of them. This is not my first time to purchase something in Ensogo. I had Dairy Queen and Pizza Hut e-vouchers prior to this and everything was ok. Until I purchase a snack for delivery. 
I got two Rebisco butter cookies for P130.00 each tub online and paid using PayPal credits with no shipping charges. I thought of getting more than two but since it was first for a food delivery I hesitated. 

The item was delivered within 7 days and I did not expect that the cookie tubs will be shipped in this manner, wrapped in LBC packaging tape and plastic.
I never thought that the delivery would be like this since I consider this as "handle" with care items. A box even a bubble wrap plastic would be okay just to protect the merchandise. 

The first thing that came to mind was all the cookie inside turned crumbs already because it traveled from Manila to Olongapo City for several days. I was disappointed in a way that my daughter will not enjoy the cookies she wanted. Well, partly I wasn't wrong when we open the tub almost 1/3 of the content was in bits and pieces. 

I did not return the merchandise and avoid the "talk" instead I am posting this not to say anything bad about Ensogo Philippines but for them to take a look and review their way of handling and shipping items like this one. 
In fact, I ordered several food items after this and waiting for the delivery. I just hope they pack carefully the bottles of toyo and patis (toyo and fish sauce) and cans corned beef, hehe (no kidding!) I ordered it online. 

I will be updating this post once they deliver the rest of the items.


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