Tuesday, September 22, 2015

So Cool Cheap Kitchen Gadgets!

I am a self-proclaimed foodie chef! I always take critic on food and how it was presented.. Presentation and food preparation are the key factors when someone can give a thumbs-up on that certain dish. One doesn't have to enroll in an expensive culinary school just to make an art with food. Experience is the key to perfection...(as they say). 

I am a sucker for cool kitchen gadgets! It is always the fun side of cooking and baking anything in the kitchen when you have cool kitchen gadgets to use and work it. Also, getting those cool kitchen gadgets in a much more cheaper price is another bonus that is added to it. 
Kitchen gadgets can come very handy and also adds that vibrant look in anyone's kitchen. There are many kitchen gadgets you can buy in the market and mostly they are so way- too pricey! And if you are on a tight budget you will be disappointed on getting one... and limits you to do fun things in the kitchen. 

For a busy working Mom like me time is very essential, checking out cool items online such kitchen gadgets saves me a lot of time- time I can use to spend with my kids after their time at school. I checked on some kitchen gadgets online and came across SAMMYdress  who offers a wide variety of affordable kitchen gadgets with low prices and number of designs to choose from which suits your needs for kitchen aid. 

Waking up early morning to prepare breakfast for the kids is the best and rewarding feeling because I am setting a big example for them. To have that energy to think and gives you energy for the whole morning ahead... never ever skip breakfast. 

Eggs no matter how it is prepared my kids will enjoy having a freshly cooked eggs for breakfast. Poaching an egg is one of them, the photo above  cost $2.49 for the price of two egg poaching cookware is what I am eyeing. For the bright and vibrant color which I like can be very handy too (one of my picks from the site).

Photo above is another interesting kitchen gadget I can use for preparing eggs. It's a  2-piece hand press rotate egg-beater which is on a sale price at $5.31. This will definitely makes fluffy scrambled eggs for any dish. Great for baking bread and cakes. Definitely saves time and enjoyable to kids to help out in cooking. 

Food with fancy and art designs can definitely give that personal touch. Picture above with heart-shape rose flower crafted design can give that smile to someone. Scrambled eggs, pancakes and other non-stick food preparation is the best for this kitchen gadget. The versatile egg- cooking pan without holder ($2.63) , is an exciting kitchen tool for making breakfast. The non-stick pan material and also the variety of the design you can choose from. 

So, how fun and exciting can it be when you are in the kitchen having these cool an cheap kitchen gadgets? Limitless and fun creativity things to do in the kitchen with the whole the family using kitchen tools. 

From women, mens, fashionable jewlery, latest bags that fit your style, to toys and home... they have almost everything you need! Time for me to shop and enjoy the discounted price on my favorite items. ;)  


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