Monday, September 28, 2015

Too Comfit For Comfit Shoes

I love joining contest and when you win something for a prize you love, it makes you smile from ear to ear with happiness. 

Winning pairs of shoes can be tricky sometimes because of the styles and sizes you need and want can be challenging. But, Comfit made it all possible. 
Comfit shoe instructed us to claim the prize in Manila. When they knew that we were from Zambales they told us they will ship the prizes instead of claiming it.  We sent in links of the preferred shoes (styles and sizes in any price range). 

Comfits came just right time were we can use it, the next morning we attended at my daughter's confirmation and, yeah those shoes were comfortably comfy! Staying up with their brand's name and tagline, it really gave as that comfortable feeling while wearing it.
Comfit box
Comfit Muse Wedge black P1,399 (mine), Comfit Yumi Strappy Sandals white P1,199 (Mama)

Close-up shot of my fat toes (lol) with nude polish sets wearing Comfit Muse Wedge. 
The criss- cross with zig-zag dotted design make it  look formal while stating fashion. The edge of those straps are soft. I was hesitant to choose this design at first because I always have the tendency to have blisters on the side of my foot because of the contact to the material ( wide-foot syndrome ..haha!)

When I opened the box I was nervous because it looks small from the size I requested, but it fits perfect! It is very light-weight too. It is a 3-inch wedge sandals but it feels like I am wearing flats.. it did not strain my legs the whole time we were at the church. Thumbs up! ;)

Comfit Muse Wedge in black (size 9)

Another photo of my Comfit muse
This is my Mama's Comfit, we are almost have the same size but mine was wider as you can see. 
The straps is made of soft-semi plastic material. It also has layers of some sort of a clothe that protects the foot from rubbing. The gold chain is light-weight too. I love how the gold and white combined as a shoe design, so chic! 
The metal gold strap lock has no sharp edges with three-hole adjustments which you can lock using the hook with an elastic garter.

The strap was stitched connected to the bottom part of the shoes. The sole is white in color and rubberized. It's a flat sandals which my Mama can use anywhere and give her that comfort to walk. 

I totally believe on how the word Comfit gives comfort to anyone who uses it... I am a believer!

Thank you again Ms. Jackie Go and Comfit Shoes for the amazing footwear. :) 

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