Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Join National Geographic and Progress Pre-School Gold Fly and Learn Promo!

Kids are the smartest when they get busy physically, mentally and emotionally. Kids nowadays have all the access to everything and with the fast-pace world we live in everything is limitless. 

Multiple intelligence can be define widely just by focusing on the child's learning ability we as parents can give and offer so much to them, we also learn and discover things along the way. 

Just over the weekend my daughter M brought home a printed copy of this declamation piece entitled: Lend A Hand by Ariel C. Lansang. Four of them in her class (Grade5) were picked to memorize and deliver the declamation yesterday (Monday). In just 36 hours of repeated reading and constant understanding what the declamation was all about she got it. She memorized the whole piece, with some little correction with the diction but I was amazed how her memory can digest everything. She was confident, I gave her the praise and boost her confidence every after practice. She will again deliver the piece tomorrow in front of her teachers and they will decide and pick who will compete. I told her that if she will be chosen or not I am proud of her because knowing her memorization skills is such an accomplishment. I know now where I can encourage her more for her to do more. 

We, as parent we need to give motivation and encouragement and open doors for our children. From Brain , Body to being People Smart kids. I always believe that there is so much out there that our kids can benefit from.

National Geographic teamed up with Progress Pre-School Gold  in an amazing journey you can win for FREE!  

"National Geographic Channel Kids M.I Expedition: The Journey to Building Multiple Intelligence."

Journey with National Geographic!
Get a chance to win a trip for 4 to the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC when you buy a specially marked Progress Pre-School GOLD 1.6kg can!

You have until Sept 30 to get a chance to Fly and Learn with your family at the NatGeo Museum in USA! Just enter the promo code you get with every specially-packed 1.6kg can of Progress Pre-School Gold here: http://bit.ly/JoinPPSGNatGeoPromo.
Don’t forget to keep your official receipts!
Promo runs until September 30, 2015.
Per DOH-FDA CFRR Permit No. 0453 s. 2015

I encourage Moms and Dads out there grab the chance and enjoy this Nat Geo adventure with your kids!  

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