Monday, September 28, 2015

Hotel Transylvania 2 Movie Date With the Kids

What a way to start the long weekend last week was to surprise and spend the night with the kids on a movie date. We saw the sequel of Hotel Transylvania and boy we had fun!

From the first release of the movie Hotel Transylvania last 2012 came the sequel Hotel Transylvania 2 with the same character with the additional of a new one, Dennis the son of Mavis and Jonathan. 
We bought tickets hours before the screening time around 7:20pm at Harbor Point Ayala Mall. When we were there 20 minutes before the cinema door was open line was building up. I can feel the excitement of the kids who were eagerly and patiently waiting. There was a standee of the movie with the characters were you can take selfies and photos for souvenir and of course we did not missed it. 

*A and M*
giving their best mug shot photo behind the standee. ;)

All the seats were full even before the movie started.

*sandwiched with smiles from A and M!* 

Hotel Transylvania 2 was even more better than the first one specially because there was a new character on it and also the funny scenes and humor was even more fun to see. 
It gave me a good LOL from the start to finish and my kids were laughing like it was their first cartoon movie experience. Actually, all the movie goers inside had a good laugh from adults and the little kids. 
The long weekend started just right. :)

Hotel Transylvania 2 still on cinema ... go watch and treat yourself with a good laugh with the family. 

The hit CG-animated family comedy Hotel Transylvania gets a follow-up with this Sony Pictures Animation production.
Rating:PG (for some scary images, action and rude humor)
Directed By:
Written By:Dan HagemanKevin Hageman,Robert SmigelAdam Sandler
In Theaters:
Sony Pictures - Official Site

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