Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Online Shopping and More at StylishCircle.com

The most enjoyable to do while you're shopping online is an online shopping in getting deals and purchasing the latest trends

Shopping online doesn't have to pick, buy and leave the site in an instant. I've discovered this website that does not only sell items and stuff, but they also help you out to pick up items to pair that are in season.

StylishCircle - Personalized Fashion: Discover Trends, Shop, and Win! 

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StylishCircle - the fashion & style community where you can express your style, shop the latest trends, create outfits, promote your blog and win prizes.

Rarely you can discover anything online that goes all-in-one when it comes to service and how to reach out to online customers like us.

The three of my most favorite things to visit on this site are the :
  • Trending section:  What a way to get up and be stylish is when you go with the flow of wearing the trendiest color and designs. You just need to look for items that fit your mood,
  • Collages: Here you can get a free fashion consultation that will help you mix and match anything possible when it comes to fashion. I love how they combine very outfit from head to foot. 
  • Blog: I love reading blogs! Blogs are like an online diary where you can share your ideas to the world. And, in StylishCircle blog can cater to almost any viewers possible. My latest blog read over the site was the Lipstick shades you must try this fall. All the questions and explanation I have in mind can be tackled in every blog post. 

Along the rest of the reasons I find this site very useful and customer friendly are the items below:
  1. StylishCircle lets you enjoy free shipping deals on some of your favorite items.
  2. StylishCircle accept USD, EUR, Romanian currency
  3. StylishCircle has a mobile app that you can download to any Android device, there is no reason to get outdated with fashion.
  4. Sign-up for an account and get interacted with members and talk about fashion + get $5 when you subscribe!
  5. StylishCircle is on social media sites!
Get connected with StylishCircle.com and get your fashionable outfit and style in just one site.

Time to look for dresses at Stylewe.com

A woman can never have more than a couple of dresses in her wardrobe, especially you can get your trendiest pieces online. My friends know me as an online shopper whether it's for home, food, and clothing. I have discovered online shops that are legit and very nice to get to transact with. Here are some reasons why I like shopping online;

  • I can get discounts all throughout the season and get rebates at the same time.
  • Saves me time to go to the mall and fall in line at the cashier counter.
  • Items can be delivered to my doorstep
  • I can refund and replace items for free return shipping
  • I can get the trendiest and fashionable designs there is in an online market. 
Today I'm going to share with you my newest discovered online shopping site called StyleWe.com. They also have an app that you can download on iTunes and never get left out with the latest.


From their website, you can browse famous designer and their creation. One designers collections that strike me the most is LILITH A PARIS. The combination of colors and cut of her pieces really describes the new women of the modern times. From comfortable pants and blouse to dresses that speak your mood. Here are some styles from Lilith collection.
Sleeveless Polyester Printed Elegant V Neck Midi Dress  White Turtleneck Bow Casual Blouse
Blue Elegant Chiffon Blouse  Navy Blue Wool Blend V Neck Long Sleeve Plain Coat

I also checked out their Black Friday and Cyber Monday Dresses which has an array of  200 designs and styles you can choose from that are mostly on sale! 
Now, working Moms like me don't have any excuse for getting a new dress to wear for any occasion, and knowing you are getting the trendy look is a major plus when you talk about being confident and empowered. 

Here are a few of the pieces my eye chanced upon. 
         Gray Long Sleeve Paneled Lace Plain Mini Dress With Belt   Blue Paneled Stripes Short Sleeve Denim Midi Dress
          Long Sleeve Casual Paneled Polka Dots H-line Mini Dress   Red Polyester 3/4 Sleeve Slit Sheath Pockets Midi Dress

Good luck with your online shopping experience, hope you can find your pieces and get amazing deals!.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Marks & Spencer Weekend Goodie Haul

Sundays are like ordinary days where you need to replenish your food stock, check the fridge for what is needed for the whole. Cooking and making sure to have new fresh and clean clothes and uniform for the whole week ahead, and also tidying up the house. That is my typical Sundays and when you can sneak a couple of hours to go the mall to unwind and buy something you can always dig into that. Reward your self! 

So we dropped by Marks & Spencer at Harbor Point Mall to get a bottle of Autograph but decided to get a new scent instead under the same line. Marks & Spencer's are on sale right now up to 70% off on selected items. And, we did grab a few of the items that were marked down.
1- can of Autograph Homme body spray.
1- box of Marks & Spencer Organic Pure Green Tea
1- pack of Mexican Chipotle Chili & Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Cookies
2- packs of Simply M&S Dark Chocolate Digestives

Autograph homme body spray for Php395 ($8.78) 

Our all time favorite digestives cookies from Simply M&S, we love this because of the cookie and also the dark chocolate coat. A pack cost Php125 ($2.78).

A new product for us to try. 
I got intrigued with the Mexican Chipotle Chili combined in the cookie also this pack was on sale for 50% off. Original price was at Php300 ($6.67). 
To check what's the taste of the Mexican Chipotle Chillin in a cookie we had this for dessert last night and it was bomb digs! The super nice taste of the cookie and the dark chocolate chips melting in every cooking plus the chili taste was not that powerful, I tasted a hint of it making it so interesting in every bite. The daughter acted crazy for this cookie and I might drop by M&S again to "hoard" this one haha! I'm gonna surprise her...shhh.

This one will be for tonight, this box of Marks & Spencer organic pure green tea holds 20 tea bags in total. This cost Php125 ($2.78). A pot of hot green tea for later will be the best to end the day. I have not tried this brand before and that's the reason for the excitement hehe! 

All the items inside Marks & Spencer store get you excited because they have everything in it, from clothing to lingerie to bath essentials and even food! 
Check out M&S nearest you and check out some goodies for you to try. 

Happy Monday all! :)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Smart Spending Tips this Christmas Season

The holiday season makes people into either Santa Clauses – spreading holiday cheer – or Grinches. It’s a very divisive holiday in a sense that it either makes people incredibly happy or sad, alive or empty, joyous or bitter and every other polarizing feeling you can think of.
One of the things we can trace when trying to uncover this polarizing feeling is people usually don’t get to fully prepare ahead for the season. The most common underlying factor is the need and lack of money to spend for everything holiday-related – decors, new clothes, parties to attend to and of course, gifts. While the season shouldn’t be defined by anything monetary, we need to acknowledge that having a budget clearly defines whether the season will be a relaxed or stressful one.
This doesn’t mean you need to have a big budget for holiday spending either. If you follow these Santa-approved tips when doing your shopping, you will realize that you don’t have to break the bank or get into too much debt when buying for your loved ones.
1. Set a budget and stick to it.
2. Identify and segregate your budget for gifts, food, travel, parties.
3. Write your Christmas list – the list of people you want (or need) to buy gifts for. This tip never gets old. Even Santa does this – he even checks his twice. You should too!
4. If you have children and they write their Christmas lists too (but instead of gifts they would to like to give, they would write down the gifts they would like to receive), be honest up front that will get some things from their wish list but not all. Be fair. If you spend a certain amount on one child, be sure to do the same with the rest of his siblings.
5. Pay in cash or debit whenever possible. This allows you to be realistic when spending.
6. Consider giving family gifts to families you are close to. For example, you can give amusement park ticket passes to your sibling’s family or a staycation from a Groupon deal.
7. Consider giving homemade gifts. This tip is not for everyone, as some spend more when they try to make their own. So consider this carefully. It will surely be a sentimental, personalized and thoughtful approach to gift-giving though.
8. Create new budget-friendly Christmas traditions. It doesn’t mean that if you can’t afford a tradition you’ve been used your holidays are gone for already – create new ones. Remember: meaningful memories, the kind that sticks even after so many years, are brought about by experiences, not things. Invest in these types of traditions.

Now, if by any chance you really don’t have any budget for Christmas shopping this year, don’t fret. You can still turn things around. There are Christmas catalogues with Buy Now Pay Later features you can take advantage of. You just have to open a credit account with them to work out a payment arrangement but the rest of it will be easy. Be wise when spending though. Remember this is something you still have to work for, so again, it is still best to set a cap or a budget limit on how much you are going to spend.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Thank You Globe for the 917 Bonus Reward Points!

Surprises really come in a most unexpected ways possible!
Last September 17 (9/17/16) I received a text from 4438 of Globe Rewards informing me that I have been given a 917 BONUS Rewards that is equivalent to Php917! For being with the telecom as a postpaid subscriber for almost 10 years, and for having that 917 prefix in my mobile number.

I didn't expect it that's why at first I thought that there was a technical error with the rewards system. But through the text I got it confirmed. Also, they have this 917 craze celebration since started several years now as far as I can remember. 

So the bonus points added up to my current points I've earned over time. The bonus can be used up until October 17 of this year only and my previous points can be used up to March next year. 

That's why yesterday after office I decided to go to the mall with my daughter M and do some errands and try to use up some of that bonus points and see how it goes.

This is not my first transaction using Globe Rewards, I am quite familiar with it since I have used it several times before. But, last night was a bit off and a lot of time wasted.

I convinced my daughter for us to get dinner at KFC since I don't want to wait for food if we get one from Max's which offers Globe rewards for payment too. But, when I was at the cashier counter and made the transaction texting the assigned number for that KFC store after placing the order. Guess how long we waited for the confirmation text... 10 minutes!
Before the cashier can process the food order they need to receive the confirmation text that the total amount of purchase was transferred. 

We were a bit starving that time and I was thinking what the heck! I can pay that amount in cash and not subject ourselves of waiting until who knows when. Yeah, I was so impatient...but I don't find any positive thing about it. 10 minutes was kind of long to wait, I can do so much with that time. Anyway, the food was served after another five minutes of them preparing. That is why I forgot to take a photo of our order for me to use here.

photo grabbed from KFC Facebook page

I and my daughter ordered the same P99 Fill-up box of one chicken, rice, soda and a mushroom soup, though I got my chicken spicy.

Next stop was Dairy Queen, they also accept Globe points for payment with a minimum of 50 points= Php50. 
We were supposed to get the DQ BOGO craze which I saw on Facebook too. But the store in Harbor Point informed the customers including us that it will resume on October 10..bummer! 
As not to disappoint my daughter because she was excited about the DQ treat, we purchased one instead. They have this free upsize for students who can present their school ID.
We fall in line and texted the code and stuff to purchase an ice cream. In my thoughts, this transaction will not last that long like what happened in KFC... but I was wrong. It lasted more than the waiting time we had at KFC. 
While waiting, we left the store to roam around the cinema thrice, sat and checked the store again. After a total of 15 minutes, we received a text. My daughter showed the cashier store the text and she got her ice cream with the free upsize.

Okay, guys don't get me wrong... some of you might think that I complain so much though I was given a reward and all for free. Yeah, I am very much thankful for that, but if you are there in the situation itself and you will wait for who knows how long... you will feel the same as what we felt last night. 
Comparing to the before transactions using Globe rewards, confirmation text can be received within a minute or so, no time for that waiting game. I don't know what is going on with Globe rewards, but now I know what to do next time since I still have a lot of bonus points to use before it expires. 

My thanks to Globe Rewards for the bonus points! 

Are you using Globe points too in purchasing items and food? How was it going on your part? 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Creamy Adobo Mushroom Pasta with Nestle Cream

This was my entry for the Adobo dish with Nestle Cream over at Nestle Cream Facebook page.
But this entry did not make it to the cut off time, imagine the frustration and disappointment? 
I am not blaming myself it's all my internet provider's fault! By the time I was uploading the entry PLDT acted up. The internet connection totally lost, and it was almost 12 noon which was the cut-off time. It got back after less than an hour, although I still uploaded the photo entry but yep Nestle FB admin was so strict they did not included this in the pool of entries. :(
Though it did not make it I am happy to share it to you guys. 

Creamy Adobo Mushroom Pasta with Nestle Cream

Adobo has become one of the signature dishes of Filipino in every kitchen cooking. You can have this dish any time in any season. Every Filipino family here and abroad are accustomed to having Adobo in their table for lunch or dinner. You can use up any meat for an Adobo dish but the most commonly use is pork next would me the chicken or sometimes you can mix the two. Having soy sauce and vinegar as a combination in a dish, the dish will not spoil easily specially when it is cooked properly and simmered for hours. 

A little story during College days, when I come home for a weekend to do laundry and get my school allowance, my Mama prepares a container full of Chicken Pork Adobo that I can bring with me and I can have it for several days and even share it with my board mates. It became my comfort food from home away from home. 

I don't know why Adobo dish can bring you back through time when the kitchen smells so delish because the casserole of Adobo is simmering down for hours until the oil and the soy sauce separates.

Adobo dish it is so easy to do...believe me! Nowadays Adobo dish is being whipped up and added to another dish making it more versatile and being known all over the world.
Here is my simple Adobo pasta dish you can try.


For the Adobo dish:
1/2 kilo- pork spareribs
8-10 cloves of garlic minced
2tbsp- olive oil or any cooking oil 
1/8 cup-soy sauce
4tbsp- vinegar
bay leaf
black pepper
pinch of sugar

  • Boil pork spareribs in soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf and pinch of sugar in 1/2 liters of water (optional pork brought), until tender.
  • In a low heat pan add olive oil and minced garlic sautee until golden brown, add the tender pork ribs to the ban and fry a little by mixing it with the oil and garlic.
  • Add the soy sauce, vinegar from the simmer and reduce it by simmering slow.
  • Cut the spare ribs according to section, set aside

For the pasta dish:
1/2 cup- Nestle all-purpose cream
200 grams- boiled spaghetti noodles or any pasta noodles you have
pitted black olives
button mushrooms
grated cheese
1tbsp- olive oil
minced white onion
chili flakes
  • Sautee onion with oil in a pan, add mushrooms and Nestle cream bringing to boil in a low heat.
  • Add the boiled pasta combining all the cream in the pan.
  • Add slices of black olives.
Set the pasta in a plate, topped it with the Pork Adobo spare ribs slices with cheese and chili flakes to add some kick with the flavor of the cream.

The dish can serve 2-3 person and you can have some Pork Adobo left for steamed white rice pairing. 

It would be the awesome if this dish made it but I'm glad it was a success when I paired pasta and Adobo together.
Did you like this dish? Hit me up in the comment section below. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

I Love Getting Nude with OMG Nail Lacquer!

Nude shade can go with anything, from outfits to make-ups and to any kind of occasion possible.
I picked up some OMG nail lacquer from the previous mall visit and look how amazing the colors are. You can honestly and barely play with it and ending up with a clean and fashionable nail colors to wear everyday.

And, guess what? for Php24.75 ($0.60() per bottle you can achieve the nude shade in polish which is so trendy today.

As I have mentioned in my other nail polish blogs, I rarely go to nail spa for my manicure and pedicure. What I normally do is to invest on the polishes and nail spa gadgets and do my own nails. 

Aside from it is way cheaper, I can be so sure that manicure tools are soley for my personal use only. 
The last time I checked-in in a ail spa, my foot was "murdered". I injured it the whole week and the psychological part of me being infected with the manicure tools haunt me for several weeks. 

Going back with these find looking nude shade bottles. From the four shades I was able to used two shades from the time I bought it.
Today I am wearing the Kopi shade in two coats plus a single coat of natural color to make it looks shiny. 

Shade from L-R
Kopi, Touch of Tan, Naked, Touch of Beige.

I will look for more nude shade color nail polish to go with this set specially not the expensive ones. 
Would you go for this nude color shades or would you prefer the bright and colorful ones? 

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Body Refreshing and Cleansing Haul from Watson's

I always get excited when I visit Watson's store because of the variety of products to discover and also getting some deals that can really save me money.
Because it was payday a couple of days ago I splurge on some bath essentials for me to try. All the things in the photo below except for the toothpaste gets me stoked for trying it for the first time.

Above is the photo of the products I was able to purchase from buy 2 get 1 free and some 50% markdown price deal.
1- Watson's wooden body/back scrub
1- Close-up Diamond Attraction tube toothpaste
4- bars of CY Gabriel goat's milk with oatmeal soap
3- Watson's facial mask 
3- tubes Watson's Body scrub gel

My daughter M picked up these variety of facial masks with super cute packaging design.

The purple pack is a silky hydrating and illuminating facial mask with Silk Sericin that contains Amino Acids that acts like a moisture barrier. Watson's Silk Hydrating & Illuminating Facial Mask keeps your skin hydrated with a radiant complexion.

The green pack is a milk smoothing and moisturising facial mask that is formulated with whitening Hydrolyzed Milk Protein. As it claims to provide rich nutrients and moisture to your skin.

The pink pack is sunflower moisturing and brightening facial mask packed with Sunflower seed extract and Nelumbo Nucifera seed extract. As it claims to nourish skin while reducing the appearance of dull skin tone.

All facial mask are dermatologically tested as stated in the back label. This will be the first we will be trying out this mask and my daughter M is quite excited for it. I am starting to introduce her to some face and body essentials since she is becoming a teen now. 

We scored a buy 2 get 1 free facial mask of this brand from Watson's, each mask cost Php59 ($1.31). 

I am into moisturising soap, skin needs to be moisturise during bath for the skin to recover from skin harmful chemicals. I sometimes hoard for new brands to try on specially some organic stuff I can find. I have known this brand when my mother used to buy this soap brand  when I was a little kid. C.Y. Gabriel soap I know comes in a square box with pink soap inside, this time they formulated the goat's milk with oatmeal bar soap. They claim that it can moisturise and exfoliate dry skin when you use this soap. I bought two packs for the price of one, each pack costs Php75 ($1.67). 

Next product in my haul, Watson's body scrub gel in three scents.
I love scented gel soap to body scrub it brings you to that calming and refreshing feel when it lathers up and exfoliating at the same time. 
My daughter helped me to choose what scent to get and also it a buy two get one free tube. Each tube costs Php89 ($1.94) each. 
Strawberry and blueberry scent for the red tube, lavender and jojoba scent for the purple one while the yellow one is a chamomile and aloe vera scent.

Next one is this Close-up Diamond Attraction toothpaste which I bought because I was convinced by the cashier clerk when I was checking out. She mentioned that some products on display in the counter were 50% off and amongst them this toothpaste was the best thing to get. 
We got this tube for only Php52 ($1.16), because we purchased this before and believed in the product. You can check my previous blog about this brand here.  Have you tried this toothpaste from Close-up? 

Last product is this Watson's wooden back and body brush which I got for Php144 ($3.20). 
As excited for these products, I immediately opened a bar of oatmeal soap, the chamomile gel and this wooden brush and yep it gave me the freshness feel from the whole day at work. Rewarding yourself with products like this can really make a difference. 
What are you favorite products to splurge for your bath needs? I hope this blog post can gice you ideas on some items and brands you can try when you visit Watson's.
Btw, this is not a paid post, all the items in the photo were bought by my own money. And I will be updating this post once I get to try the rest of the items in the photos. 

Have a great weekend ahead. 

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Shopping for Food Online

Please don't get tired of my online shopping adventure posts. This is just a way to share to you guys my latest find and how you can get food online on discounted price and sometimes almost free! 

Food budget can take the biggest part of our monthly income. Nowadays we need to be smart and find ways on how to get some food essentials specially the ones that your family loves to eat.

Here is my latest online shopping gig from Takatack.com, and of course me doing online shopping comes with a big discount and a free shipping. 

What I like about Takatack.com is that they offer imported food for customers to buy and the variety of brands are good. 

Spam hot and spicy and original flavors were my first on my cart and I added the Peter Pan creamy peanut butter and 2 litre bottle of Kewpie roasted sesame dressing.

My first taste of Kewpie roasted sesame dressing was from the dinner gathering at my friends house. She mentioned that it was given to her by a friend and since it is a little bit pricey than the other brands of salad dressing I was a bit hesitant to buy in the grocery. Good thing Takatack through Spice Island trading who supplies imported brand of food to that website, had an available bottles of this dressing for me to buy! :)

I made two transactions and from this I was able to buy a Masflex non-stick aluminum induction crepe pan. I blogged it here you can check it out and see how I am loving my crepe pan. 

The food shopping I made was a little over my weekly budget for food but since I paid using my Paypal credits I got the items almost for free. Why free you may ask... because Paypal balance I save over time was from my trusted earn money online sites. 

I am happy when I can restock up my pantry and knowing I have food we can use when needed. 
How about you.. what's your recent food shopping you did online?

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Cafe France Christmas Bread Box

I am a sucker for delicious breads and pastries... I can live alone by just having bread all day. 
I received a box of Cafe France bread box with Christmas design and in it was pieces of chocolate walnut croissant rolls.

We don't have any branch of Cafe France here in Subic that's why I was excited on what was inside when it was handed over to me.

The croissant bread was light and fluffy, dark chocolate was covered the middle portion of the croissant and crushed walnuts on top plus drizzle of dark chocolate for added design. 
I don't have any idea how much this bread cost but it was delicious.
I placed two croissant rolls in a dish pan and reheated it on the microwave oven, paired it with Maxwell medium roast coffee. 
Christmas started early because if the motif design of the box and it got me excited a bit. The merriest season we are all excited for. 

Any thoughts on this dark chocolate croissant rolls? 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Triple M Roasted Seaweed Giant Sheet

When you have kids you need to introduce to them varieties of food they can possibly imagine. Exploring different texture, taste and color can satisfy their interest in food. It is also a way for them to be knowledgeable different countries culture when it comes to food. But, you don't have to force them to eat what they first tasted and eventually not agreeing with the taste. Later, on in life, they are the ones who will rediscover and possibly like that certain food. 
Like me for example, when I was in high school I was first introduced with Maki's wrapped in a roasted seaweed paper. I was very hesitant and find the dark green sheet unappetizing. 
But when I grew up cooking became my passion, I was totally hooked with it. This falls to this latest find from the grocery shopping I made last night. 
From the variety of seaweed sheets of different brands, I will be testing this one out. 
It is a bit pricey than the usual brand I am buying but the individual wrap seaweed sheets got me. 
Triple M Crunchy Grilled Squid Roasted Seaweed Giant Sheet comes in 10 individual sheet pack.
It also has a zip-lock plastic container to keep the packed seaweed sheet even more fresh until use.
This pack contains 60 grams of seaweed sheet in total and I bought it for Php154.50 (approx $3.50).

When I cut the plastic bag this morning my taste palate was awakened with the smell of the seaweed sheet. This is how I love seaweed in every dish I can think of.

Can you see how cute the packaging of this brand? Aside from that it also has this illustration on how to and what to expect inside the pack, do you agree with the cuteness? It is advised to put this pack inside the refrigerator to keep fresh.

This is what you can see inside each individual pack of Triple M Crunchy Seaweed sheet.
Love the orange and black color especially the taste.
Are you a fan of roasted seaweed too? Have you tried this product brand before, did you like it?

Thanks for dropping by my bits-en-pieces. :)


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Masflex Non-Stick Aluminum Induction Crepe Pan

Online shopping can be so much fun especially when you get stuff you want and for free!
I did another online shopping spree last week and items from that orders started to come late last week. This was one of the items in my recent online shopping spree. 

I got some inspiration over at my Pinterest account and made me buy this crepe pan. I love making pancakes during weekends. Using pre-mixed pancake mix which you can buy in the supermarket is not a sin in creating fluffy and delicious pan cakes at home for breakfast. Pre-mix can be very useful and also saves you time.
With this pan, I can create layers and layers of thin crepes and add some fresh fruits, choco syrup and other things that can go with it. Do you the excitement now? :)

Masflex non-stick aluminum induction 28cm crepe pan. Made of heavy gauge quality aluminum with uniform base and side wall thickness for even heat distribution. Its phenolic handles are heat resistant and its interior surface is scratch resistant. The Japanese non-stick interior surface will also guarantee easy cleaning. Safe for all heat sources including induction.

I've used so many brands of pots and pans and non-stick pans really do the work.. for at least a certain time using it. From the time the non-stick coating will definitely peel off due to the usage. However you carefully use it, there will be a time that a single scratch will lead to the total damage of the pan. I wish this brand and this style will last more than what I expected. I gave instructions at home that this pan is solely for pancakes and crepe cooking only... no other food will be used with this pan. I just need to be strict this time hahaha!

Since this pan can use using a direct flame or n induction cooker, the bottom part of it looks well designed. It's light-weight and very easy to clean.For first time use, I rinse it off using a sponge with drops of diluted dishwashing liquid, just enough to remove the dirt and smell of the metal pan.
The handle looks sturdy enough to lift a minimal weight of the crepe mixture and for easy spreading of the mixture too.
My daughter whipped a pack of pre-mix pancake mixture with a cup of cold fresh milk into a bowl mixing it making a thin batter. This is just to try out the pan, we will try to look for a simple crepe recipe next week to use.

When the pan was heated just right, she poured in the batter and spread it using a circular motion to fill-up the edge of the fan. This one lack the amount of batter was it did not reach the edges. 
More practice to perfect the size of each crepe. She whipped the crepes with Hershey's chocolate syrup and it was so delish! 
I purchased the pan for only Php449.75 discounted price over at Takatack.com. 
Thank you for delivering my orders on time.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Pond's 50% Off Big Beauty Sale + Glam Bath Soap Mini Haul

Yesterday was the start of Pond's Big Beauty Sale. It will run until the fourth of September or until supply lasts. After office work yesterday me and my daughter went to SM City Olongapo to check the sale on Watsons branch. Around 6pm last night some Pond's items that was on the list of sale run out of stocks already. 
Night creams were a hit leaving the counter already empty, though there's a sales personnel assisting the customers who were inquiring with the on-going sale. 
I did ask the rep if they will restock some items for customer like me can avail some. The branch will be requesting another batch of orders to meet the demand she said. 
Though the item I was aiming to buy was missing last night I did buy my second best in my list, plus some bath soap from Glam.

1-bottle of Pond's Flawless Lightening Day Cream SPF 18 PA++ (original price Php299, got it for Php149.50)
1- tube of Pond's Flawless White Whitening Expert BB Cream in Light shade (original price Php299, got it for Php149.50). This is my current BB cream along with some drugstore CC cream for finishing.
1- tube of Pond's Flawless White Whitening Expert BB Cream in Beige shade (original price Php299, got it for Php149.50). I picked this shade to try on since the light shade when applied makes one more shade lighter than my skin. I think my shade is in between this two shade. I might have to combine this shades when I use it.

I also got there Glam Milk with Papaya and Placenta with Aloe Vera anti-aging whitening bar soap that came with a free soap in a pack. Php49.00 for each making it Php24.50 per bar of soap. 
I always grab this brand when I visit Watsons, not for the whitening purpose alone but how the soap feels fresh after every use. I love the scent too and price is really a steal. 
I love to use this in every long shower at night and on weekends. Last night I opened the placenta with aloe vera bar and it was so refreshing!

Going back to the Pond's products I bought. Evidently, this product brand catches the Filipino skin type plus how affordable it is. We've been using Pond's for years now and now my daughter shows interests and being conscious with her skin. I am teaching her to try on some Pond's products I have in my storage. Over the years I have not experience any negative side-effects of it, that is why it has my approval for my daughter's skin. 
I'm glad I was able to avail some from the sale yesterday, but I will still check on Watsons Harbor Point branch today or tomorrow and will get some more. One is not enough since this can last for months. 
Where you able to get your Pond's stash from the sale yesterday? You still have three more days to purchase... so hurry! See you at the store! :)