Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Creamy Adobo Mushroom Pasta with Nestle Cream

This was my entry for the Adobo dish with Nestle Cream over at Nestle Cream Facebook page.
But this entry did not make it to the cut off time, imagine the frustration and disappointment? 
I am not blaming myself it's all my internet provider's fault! By the time I was uploading the entry PLDT acted up. The internet connection totally lost, and it was almost 12 noon which was the cut-off time. It got back after less than an hour, although I still uploaded the photo entry but yep Nestle FB admin was so strict they did not included this in the pool of entries. :(
Though it did not make it I am happy to share it to you guys. 

Creamy Adobo Mushroom Pasta with Nestle Cream

Adobo has become one of the signature dishes of Filipino in every kitchen cooking. You can have this dish any time in any season. Every Filipino family here and abroad are accustomed to having Adobo in their table for lunch or dinner. You can use up any meat for an Adobo dish but the most commonly use is pork next would me the chicken or sometimes you can mix the two. Having soy sauce and vinegar as a combination in a dish, the dish will not spoil easily specially when it is cooked properly and simmered for hours. 

A little story during College days, when I come home for a weekend to do laundry and get my school allowance, my Mama prepares a container full of Chicken Pork Adobo that I can bring with me and I can have it for several days and even share it with my board mates. It became my comfort food from home away from home. 

I don't know why Adobo dish can bring you back through time when the kitchen smells so delish because the casserole of Adobo is simmering down for hours until the oil and the soy sauce separates.

Adobo dish it is so easy to do...believe me! Nowadays Adobo dish is being whipped up and added to another dish making it more versatile and being known all over the world.
Here is my simple Adobo pasta dish you can try.


For the Adobo dish:
1/2 kilo- pork spareribs
8-10 cloves of garlic minced
2tbsp- olive oil or any cooking oil 
1/8 cup-soy sauce
4tbsp- vinegar
bay leaf
black pepper
pinch of sugar

  • Boil pork spareribs in soy sauce, vinegar, bay leaf and pinch of sugar in 1/2 liters of water (optional pork brought), until tender.
  • In a low heat pan add olive oil and minced garlic sautee until golden brown, add the tender pork ribs to the ban and fry a little by mixing it with the oil and garlic.
  • Add the soy sauce, vinegar from the simmer and reduce it by simmering slow.
  • Cut the spare ribs according to section, set aside

For the pasta dish:
1/2 cup- Nestle all-purpose cream
200 grams- boiled spaghetti noodles or any pasta noodles you have
pitted black olives
button mushrooms
grated cheese
1tbsp- olive oil
minced white onion
chili flakes
  • Sautee onion with oil in a pan, add mushrooms and Nestle cream bringing to boil in a low heat.
  • Add the boiled pasta combining all the cream in the pan.
  • Add slices of black olives.
Set the pasta in a plate, topped it with the Pork Adobo spare ribs slices with cheese and chili flakes to add some kick with the flavor of the cream.

The dish can serve 2-3 person and you can have some Pork Adobo left for steamed white rice pairing. 

It would be the awesome if this dish made it but I'm glad it was a success when I paired pasta and Adobo together.
Did you like this dish? Hit me up in the comment section below. 

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