Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Masflex Non-Stick Aluminum Induction Crepe Pan

Online shopping can be so much fun especially when you get stuff you want and for free!
I did another online shopping spree last week and items from that orders started to come late last week. This was one of the items in my recent online shopping spree. 

I got some inspiration over at my Pinterest account and made me buy this crepe pan. I love making pancakes during weekends. Using pre-mixed pancake mix which you can buy in the supermarket is not a sin in creating fluffy and delicious pan cakes at home for breakfast. Pre-mix can be very useful and also saves you time.
With this pan, I can create layers and layers of thin crepes and add some fresh fruits, choco syrup and other things that can go with it. Do you the excitement now? :)

Masflex non-stick aluminum induction 28cm crepe pan. Made of heavy gauge quality aluminum with uniform base and side wall thickness for even heat distribution. Its phenolic handles are heat resistant and its interior surface is scratch resistant. The Japanese non-stick interior surface will also guarantee easy cleaning. Safe for all heat sources including induction.

I've used so many brands of pots and pans and non-stick pans really do the work.. for at least a certain time using it. From the time the non-stick coating will definitely peel off due to the usage. However you carefully use it, there will be a time that a single scratch will lead to the total damage of the pan. I wish this brand and this style will last more than what I expected. I gave instructions at home that this pan is solely for pancakes and crepe cooking only... no other food will be used with this pan. I just need to be strict this time hahaha!

Since this pan can use using a direct flame or n induction cooker, the bottom part of it looks well designed. It's light-weight and very easy to clean.For first time use, I rinse it off using a sponge with drops of diluted dishwashing liquid, just enough to remove the dirt and smell of the metal pan.
The handle looks sturdy enough to lift a minimal weight of the crepe mixture and for easy spreading of the mixture too.
My daughter whipped a pack of pre-mix pancake mixture with a cup of cold fresh milk into a bowl mixing it making a thin batter. This is just to try out the pan, we will try to look for a simple crepe recipe next week to use.

When the pan was heated just right, she poured in the batter and spread it using a circular motion to fill-up the edge of the fan. This one lack the amount of batter was it did not reach the edges. 
More practice to perfect the size of each crepe. She whipped the crepes with Hershey's chocolate syrup and it was so delish! 
I purchased the pan for only Php449.75 discounted price over at Takatack.com. 
Thank you for delivering my orders on time.

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