Monday, September 19, 2016

I Love Getting Nude with OMG Nail Lacquer!

Nude shade can go with anything, from outfits to make-ups and to any kind of occasion possible.
I picked up some OMG nail lacquer from the previous mall visit and look how amazing the colors are. You can honestly and barely play with it and ending up with a clean and fashionable nail colors to wear everyday.

And, guess what? for Php24.75 ($0.60() per bottle you can achieve the nude shade in polish which is so trendy today.

As I have mentioned in my other nail polish blogs, I rarely go to nail spa for my manicure and pedicure. What I normally do is to invest on the polishes and nail spa gadgets and do my own nails. 

Aside from it is way cheaper, I can be so sure that manicure tools are soley for my personal use only. 
The last time I checked-in in a ail spa, my foot was "murdered". I injured it the whole week and the psychological part of me being infected with the manicure tools haunt me for several weeks. 

Going back with these find looking nude shade bottles. From the four shades I was able to used two shades from the time I bought it.
Today I am wearing the Kopi shade in two coats plus a single coat of natural color to make it looks shiny. 

Shade from L-R
Kopi, Touch of Tan, Naked, Touch of Beige.

I will look for more nude shade color nail polish to go with this set specially not the expensive ones. 
Would you go for this nude color shades or would you prefer the bright and colorful ones? 

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