Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Triple M Roasted Seaweed Giant Sheet

When you have kids you need to introduce to them varieties of food they can possibly imagine. Exploring different texture, taste and color can satisfy their interest in food. It is also a way for them to be knowledgeable different countries culture when it comes to food. But, you don't have to force them to eat what they first tasted and eventually not agreeing with the taste. Later, on in life, they are the ones who will rediscover and possibly like that certain food. 
Like me for example, when I was in high school I was first introduced with Maki's wrapped in a roasted seaweed paper. I was very hesitant and find the dark green sheet unappetizing. 
But when I grew up cooking became my passion, I was totally hooked with it. This falls to this latest find from the grocery shopping I made last night. 
From the variety of seaweed sheets of different brands, I will be testing this one out. 
It is a bit pricey than the usual brand I am buying but the individual wrap seaweed sheets got me. 
Triple M Crunchy Grilled Squid Roasted Seaweed Giant Sheet comes in 10 individual sheet pack.
It also has a zip-lock plastic container to keep the packed seaweed sheet even more fresh until use.
This pack contains 60 grams of seaweed sheet in total and I bought it for Php154.50 (approx $3.50).

When I cut the plastic bag this morning my taste palate was awakened with the smell of the seaweed sheet. This is how I love seaweed in every dish I can think of.

Can you see how cute the packaging of this brand? Aside from that it also has this illustration on how to and what to expect inside the pack, do you agree with the cuteness? It is advised to put this pack inside the refrigerator to keep fresh.

This is what you can see inside each individual pack of Triple M Crunchy Seaweed sheet.
Love the orange and black color especially the taste.
Are you a fan of roasted seaweed too? Have you tried this product brand before, did you like it?

Thanks for dropping by my bits-en-pieces. :)


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