Thursday, December 31, 2015

Chin Ku Korean Restaurant in Olongapo City

To satisfy your cravings you need to get up and do something about it...luckily I did and I was satisfied!
This is the newest Korean restaurant you can find in the heart of the city, the famous Magsaysay Drive. I saw this restaurant on my way home and looking from afar the inside was always not that busy. It just opened recently, and for a different taste of Korean food this is a must try.

Chin Ku Korean Restaurant located at Magsaysay Drive in front of City Square Plaza. The restaurant facade is not the elegant and noticeable although they have a signage outside. 
Do not expect more of the inside, it's a typical not so fancy restaurant. Few tables and chairs from wooden to plastic monoblocks. But, I was here for the food so the inside was not that important to me at all. 
I ordered for Set A (Ramyun,5 pcs Mandu and rice) for Php150. 
Their food range from Php130- Php 1000 for single and good for 4 person meal.
I will the Samyeopsal next time I visit.
First, I was served with the fried Mandu and the dipping soy sauce and some kimchi. 
The kimchi was fresh it lacks time in fermentation but the spices really gave that kick in the kimchi.
And, the main dish came after 15 minutes, a big bowl of hot Ramyun. Two people can share with this serving but if you're that hungry I bet you can finish this bowl. It also comes with a bowl of rice. 
Spicy ramyun in hot pipping soup with cracked egg and spring onions on top. I like the taste of the soup the spicy taste was just right, you can ask for additional chili sauce if you want to add more.

Next time you crave for something spicy and soupy check out Chin Ku Korean Restaurant.

*** this is not a paid post, I paid for the food that was ordered.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review on Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Flirt

I received a bottle of Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Flirt as a Christmas gift and this is my first time to try this scent and this serves a short review for it.

Victoria's Secret line of fragrance mist caters to all types especially if you are an adventurous one who loves to try out something new. I started knowing this brand of scent when I was in college, back then I can't afford to buy one and would always wish to get a full bottle size as a gift. Unlike before the scent was limited but now you can choose from different scent mist depending on your mood and scent type. 

Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Flirt comes in a 250ml/8.4 fl oz. plastic spray bottle, with a transparent plastic cap, a gold plastic screw nozzle and a gold plastic sprayer which allows content sprayed like a rain mist. The bottle has a leopard print design which matched the scent description flirt in a powerful way. Because it is in a plastic bottle it is handy and light-weight, good for traveling and for a compact bag that you can bring along anywhere.

VS passion struck in flirt has a nectarine and sensual amber scent which I can describe as a combination of orange slices in an earthy cool environment. It is quite refreshing and sexy at the same time. It gives an instant powerful scent but when you sprayed it on for a period of time the scent becomes sweet. I guess I am on paused for VS fruity scent line of fragrances which I still have on my dresser. I will stick to this one since we are having a breezy weather here in the Philippines, which I think would be the best time to wear this fragrance. 

Victoria's Secret fragrance mist cost roughly about $14-16 USD for this full-size bottle, and this product is made by Victoria's Beauty Co., Dist. New York, U.S.A. Check out for their complete and latest line of fragrance and intimate wears.

'til next. :)

Monday, December 28, 2015

Etude House #7 Every Month Cleansing Foam- Review

Because I was on an extended Christmas vacation, I had a chance to check on my stock box. I call my ever dependable Rubbermaid storage bin as my stock box, which I put all my beauty and health products I got online for review and mostly prizes. From make-up, body lotions, body washes, hair products, and even nail polishes I have it there. I always feel delighted when I checked my stock box, knowing I got all those items for free! (happy dance here hehe)

I knew last night was the right time to open this Etude House #7 every month cleansing foam. Don't be confused with the number 7 in the product, initially, I was. After reading the front and back label there was nothing explains if the product should be used once every month. I went with my gut feeling and decided that the product says is not as literal as we understand it. Since it is a facial foam we can use it daily. 
Etude House #7 every month cleansing foam in a 100ml white tube container with a flip-top cover.
In the front label indicated aloe vera with soothing relief effect. (sorry for the paper sticker which is a little worn out because it was compressed in the bin)

At the back of the tube, there is an instruction on how to use it in Korean characters and also translated into English.
This is a soothing type of cleansing foam that has aloe vera extract that soothes skin. The aloe vera extract is known for its excellent moisturizing and soothing capabilities.

I squeezed a small amount of the product, a semi-gel formed, slightly turbid in color and the scent of the aloe vera can be distinguished right away. 
The scent was like a freshly cut aloe vera stalk and exposing the gel paste in between the leaf skin. I remember the exact scent when I was a little kid and saw my grandmother who used to picked aloe vera in the afternoon and squeezing the gel paste rubbing it to her scalp. As she told us that it can cure hair loss and hair growth can achieve with continued use (little childhood memories I had with my Nanay-grandmother).
Following the direction for use at the back of the label, it says, 
  • wet face, dispense a small amount of Cleansing Foam onto hands.
  • lather and apply to face, gently massaging the entire area.
  • rinse all thoroughly with lukewarm water.
The gel is a little bit sticky and when I rubbed it in the palm of my hand it did not create any lather at all. I applied it to my face and still, the gel has this sticky feel. Plus, it was hard to rinse it off compared to Ponds facial wash I use for years I felt the difference. I was waiting for some side-effect of the product Luckily my skin managed to adapt to it. Nothing felt itchy or any redness of my skin. 
I will still continue the use of the cleansing foam although I dislike how it takes time to rinse it off. There is a precaution also listed at the back to discontinue use if swelling and you feel itchy and skin irritation. Keep out of reach of children and for external use only. 

You can check the full Etude House Cleansing Foam line through their website. You can buy the product for $4.60 USD. This is not a sponsored post, I got the product as a gift to me from a friend. 

Product: 3/5
Scent: 4/5
Cleansing effect: 4/5
Soothing effect: 4/5
Price: a little pricey compared to some local brands we have.

Have you tried any of the Etude House Cleansing Foam, any experience you want to share? Just post a comment below and I am excited to read about it.

'til next. :) 


Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas To All!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas! 
May the birth of our Christ the Lord brings us peace, joy and harmony all year round. 
From my family to yours. 

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Vencci Exhaust Type Radiator for Laptops and Notebooks

A couple of weeks ago I purchased this Vencci exhaust type radiator for laptops and notebooks for Php650.00 over at and it came on time when I needed it. I was hoping my old Neo netbook would work again with the help of this device because the inside fan failed to work.
I had trouble with my netbook because of the fan is not working anymore and it keeps on shutting down immediately after turning it on. 
I made a research for this product and it had good reviews too.But, unfortunately, still, the netbook did not open like it normally does.
I'm gonna be doing the photo unboxing of Vencci exhaust type radiator for laptops and notebooks.
1-box of Vencci Exhaust Type Radiator 
Vencci box side with Chinese characters for description.
Back side of the Venccii box
Vencci exhaust box content:
1-Vencci exhaust type radiator unit (black, gray and blue color)
1- piece with 4 punched rubber pads
flyers with Chinese characters (no English translation)
1- USB connector
4- pieces rubber connectors (gray color)
The power port to connect the USB port to the laptop device.
The exhaust ventilation
The exhaust going in the laptop device.
The bottom part with rubber for securing the exhaust device in place.
USB connector
Rubber mouth tubing in 4 sizes depending on what size it can fit with the laptop grill exhaust which can be found on the side.
To fit one rubber, secure the rubber nozzle size until it fits. Adjust the plate to secure more suction to maximize the air to come out.
The Vencci exhaust type radiator is very handy and light-weight, a little bulky but with the weight is such a thumbs-up.
Since I won't be using this brand new Vencci, someone bought it from me with a much higher price because she needs it badly for her laptop. :)

I would recommend this exhaust type radiator especially to those who own a laptop or notebook with the fan inside is not functioning that efficient anymore. It will help a lot to minimize losing your data and other online projects. 

'til next! 

Friday, December 18, 2015

Quacker Instant Oats Caldo Beef and Carrot Flavor

The famous Quaker Oat brand now offers a variety of flavored instant oat, Quaker instant oats caldo beef and carrot flavor. 
Last grocery shopping at Puregold customer personnel were handling out sample packets of Quaker oats for free to on going shoppers. I did not pay attention much because of the bulk of people inside the supermarket, the holiday grocery rush. 
When I got home and unpacking the grocery bags that's the time I noticed the sample. Got  myself curious about how the taste is. Maybe because we are used to having quaker oats with milk and fruits and sometimes just as plain as with sugar only.
I brought the sample pack at work decided to have it for an afternoon snack.
Quaker Oats Instant Oats Caldo in 28gram pack.
As the front packaging indicates source of protein and source of fiber.
One pack as a single serving suggestion. 
Each 28 gram contain 108kcal, 4% of RENI
At the back packaging you can see the How to Prepare guide, because it is an instant oat you don't need to cook it on pot in a fire. Just simply add 3/4 cup of hot water, stir well, wait for 2 minutes and serve.
Also it has this nutritional information based on the serving size per pack. Everything is the list is good but the sodium content caught my attention. 
This is what the inside content look like oats, dried carrots bits and dried beef shreds.
I filled up my mug with hot water plus the pack of Quaker Instant Oats Caldo Beef and Carrot flavor and placed it in the microwave in high heat for a minute to cook, although it's an instant oat. 

The consistency is quite good, the taste and flavor is just right from what I expected. Has bits and pieces of carrots and beef plus the oats like we are used to love.
For an instant flavor oats I recommend this one specially if you love having hot snacks any time of the day. I am not sure how much a pack of Quaker flavored oats are, I will update this blog post once I go for another grocery shopping this weekend. 

Quaker Instant Oats Caldo Beef and Carrot Flavor.
Nourishes with oats, brown rice, and wheat, carefully blended with rich beef flavor, carrots and green onions. Great as a wholesome snack. 
Power your day with these four essential nutrients:
  • Protein- for building and repairing body tissues.
  • Fiber- to support digestive function.
  • Magnesium- for strong bones and normal nerve and muscle function.
  • Vitamin B1- for energy metabolism.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

How To Renew Your Nurse PRC License at SM Malls

A month before my four-day weekend leave one of the things I included in my things to do was to renew my PRC license. And, to make myself not going to the trouble of going to Manila is to renew it at SM City Olongapo... thank God for this! 

My Nurse PRC license expired last December 13, 2015, and I made a couple of days before it hits expiration although you can renew it earlier than that. 

You will be needing the following: 

1. PRC Registration form- You can download the form like I did or you can ask the customer representative at SM to give you one. Fill-up the necessary information such as your name, mailing address, registration date, examination date and others. It is the same form when we first made our registration, also mark the box shown in the arrow. Mine is for renewal. 

2. One Passport size photo- Attached one passport size recent photo with white background, with name tag and it is necessary that you wear a shirt with a collar. SM rep will again take a picture of you using their own camera for verification and attachment to their online system. 

3. Old PRC License card- You need to bring with you your old PRC license when applying for renewal. SM rep will verify it along with your registration form. 

4. Payment- You need to pay Php500.00 total for the renewal processing (P450 for the PRC license renewal and P50 for the service fee). 

Once the requirements are submitted and payment's done, the cashier told me to wait for 2-3 months for the releasing of my PRC card. She told me that I will be receiving a text is the card is ready for pickup. Keep your receipt of payment because you will need that in claiming your card. The process took me 15 minutes total excluding the hard copy id photo process. 

If you are not in a hurry and want to avoid the hassle of traveling to Manila and spend thrice the amount this is the most convenient way to renew your PRC license, although they don't accept all professions for renewal. Some needed to go to PRC office such as the Engineering licensee. 

I hope this blog post will be helpful to my co-nurses around. 

Brownies Unlimited- My Kind Of Brownies Holiday Boxes

One of My Kind of Brownies from Brownies Unlimited! 

This holiday season you can indulge your sweet cravings for Brownies Unlimited. One of my favorite brownie store which sells a variety of toppings in brownies plus they is so affordable!

Brownies Unlimited Holiday boxes come in a very cool holiday orange boxes with holiday gift tags. If you ran out of ideas for Christmas gifts either personal gifts to friends and families, this is also a great gift idea for companies Christmas token giveaways.

What's inside the Brownies Unlimited box of 10? I like how moist each brownie squares and also the sweetness is just right. I like the Zigzag bitter coffee taste I can say that it is my favorite of them all. :)

2-Rocky Road, 2- Zigzag, 2- Kriss Kross, 2-Black & White, 2-Mississippi

For the price of Php150 for the box of 10, you can get a delicious brownie treat for P15 each square. This is just enough to satisfy that brownie craving I had for days now. This is best served with your favorite coffee like what we did last night, or a hot cup of tea or a warm glass of milk.

You can check out Brownies Unlimited Holiday Packages/ Gift Boxes guide on the flyer.

Brownie boxes range from P68-P220 also the Happy Holidays Christmas Holidays treats such as The Ohh Christmas Tree box of 4 P85 and Box of 12 P210, Brownie Chips Jar P280 and Cookie Chips Jar P280.

From all the choices in the list will you be getting one?


disclaimer: This is not a paid post, the product was bought at SM City Olongapo Brownies Unlimited branch. For product review contact me at I would be glad to make an honest review of your product.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

How to Withdraw your Funds via eGiveCash Security BankCardless ATM Transaction

So, here is my blog about my first withdrawal transaction using my Coins.Ph funds to a Security Bank Cardless ATM process. 

Months ago I was introduced to websites where I can earn bitcoins, those bitcoins can be transferred to this online wallet called . I have been doing several task online to earn bitcoins and recently I won $30 for a single tweet for the #GratitudeForYou campaign of When I got prize, I had an option if I want to transfer it to my Paypal or by account. Since I wanted to try the how the withdrawal transaction of Coins.Ph, I transferred the funds there. 
I waited for 24 hours for the fund in the wallet before I made the withdrawal.

Here is the step:
  1. Once you have available funds in Coins.Ph account. (eg. P500 or the equivalent amount in bitcoin). You can transfer the funds between the two. My funds were all in bitcoin so I converted the amount of bitcoin in peso equivalent. (0.101 BTC- P1,904.25).
  2. In the image you can see at the tab My Wallet, Add Money, Cash Out, Buy Load and Pay Bills. Choose Cash Out, variety of option you can choose from in cashing out your funds.
-Out of all the options there to cash out the Cardless ATM is the best for me. It doesn't charge any fees with the transaction which is a Plus for me. 
    3.  Choose Cardless ATM Instant Payout (24/7) - eGiveCash (Processing time: Instant Fees: Free
Claim your payout at a Security Bank ATM, even if you don't have a bank account or debit card. Available for orders from 500 PHP to 10,000 PHP per transaction. Please note that the monthly limit for this outlet is 100,000 PHP)
   4.  Key in the amount you want to cash in. Click next step, type in the Recepient's full name and Recepient's Mobile Number. Then click Complete Payment button.
   5.  In less than a minute I received an email containing the passcode number I need to enter in the atm machine plus an SMS with the 16-digit code also needed to be entered in the atm machine. 
The transaction I made will prompt right away in My Wallet dashboard which I can easily track.
The email I got within a few seconds of the withdrawal, with the 4 digit passcode and other information needed in the ATM withdrawal later.
SMS from Coins.Ph with the amount I requested, senders name and the 16-digit code.

Another email informing me that the order I made for the Cardless ATM Security Bank withdrawal payout has been successfully processed. 
All I have to do right now is to go to the nearest Security Bank and follow the step by step guide so I can get my funds. You can also visit this page for a video presentation about the Cardless ATM withdrawal 
I requested for the amount of P1,900 and take note, the amount in your if it is in you Bitcoin wallet will go up and down depending on the gold exchange rate in the market. And as of today, this is the highest amount of my bitcoin funds that I converted right away with peso amount.
"NOTE: The minimum amount for eGiveCash orders is Php500, while the maximum amount is Php10,000 per transaction. There is also a monthly limit of Php100,000 per recipient mobile number."
Also, in order for you to request payout funds you need to have your account verified until Level 2 of verification. Start earning your bitcoins and get paid. :) 
I will update this blog post once I get my money from Security Bank later today.
------ UPDATE -------

On the way home I dropped by Security Bank Magsaysay Drive to withdrew my eGiveCash payout and it really worked! I supplied the necessary pin numbers ( the 16-digit and the 4-digit passcode), the amount of P1,900 and within a couple of minutes the machine dispensed the money. No fees deducted no added fees for this transaction. I have now an extra P1,900 for my coming birthday this weekend! ;) 

Til next.