Monday, December 28, 2015

Etude House #7 Every Month Cleansing Foam- Review

Because I was on an extended Christmas vacation, I had a chance to check on my stock box. I call my ever dependable Rubbermaid storage bin as my stock box, which I put all my beauty and health products I got online for review and mostly prizes. From make-up, body lotions, body washes, hair products, and even nail polishes I have it there. I always feel delighted when I checked my stock box, knowing I got all those items for free! (happy dance here hehe)

I knew last night was the right time to open this Etude House #7 every month cleansing foam. Don't be confused with the number 7 in the product, initially, I was. After reading the front and back label there was nothing explains if the product should be used once every month. I went with my gut feeling and decided that the product says is not as literal as we understand it. Since it is a facial foam we can use it daily. 
Etude House #7 every month cleansing foam in a 100ml white tube container with a flip-top cover.
In the front label indicated aloe vera with soothing relief effect. (sorry for the paper sticker which is a little worn out because it was compressed in the bin)

At the back of the tube, there is an instruction on how to use it in Korean characters and also translated into English.
This is a soothing type of cleansing foam that has aloe vera extract that soothes skin. The aloe vera extract is known for its excellent moisturizing and soothing capabilities.

I squeezed a small amount of the product, a semi-gel formed, slightly turbid in color and the scent of the aloe vera can be distinguished right away. 
The scent was like a freshly cut aloe vera stalk and exposing the gel paste in between the leaf skin. I remember the exact scent when I was a little kid and saw my grandmother who used to picked aloe vera in the afternoon and squeezing the gel paste rubbing it to her scalp. As she told us that it can cure hair loss and hair growth can achieve with continued use (little childhood memories I had with my Nanay-grandmother).
Following the direction for use at the back of the label, it says, 
  • wet face, dispense a small amount of Cleansing Foam onto hands.
  • lather and apply to face, gently massaging the entire area.
  • rinse all thoroughly with lukewarm water.
The gel is a little bit sticky and when I rubbed it in the palm of my hand it did not create any lather at all. I applied it to my face and still, the gel has this sticky feel. Plus, it was hard to rinse it off compared to Ponds facial wash I use for years I felt the difference. I was waiting for some side-effect of the product Luckily my skin managed to adapt to it. Nothing felt itchy or any redness of my skin. 
I will still continue the use of the cleansing foam although I dislike how it takes time to rinse it off. There is a precaution also listed at the back to discontinue use if swelling and you feel itchy and skin irritation. Keep out of reach of children and for external use only. 

You can check the full Etude House Cleansing Foam line through their website. You can buy the product for $4.60 USD. This is not a sponsored post, I got the product as a gift to me from a friend. 

Product: 3/5
Scent: 4/5
Cleansing effect: 4/5
Soothing effect: 4/5
Price: a little pricey compared to some local brands we have.

Have you tried any of the Etude House Cleansing Foam, any experience you want to share? Just post a comment below and I am excited to read about it.

'til next. :) 



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