Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Vencci Exhaust Type Radiator for Laptops and Notebooks

A couple of weeks ago I purchased this Vencci exhaust type radiator for laptops and notebooks for Php650.00 over at Lazada.com and it came on time when I needed it. I was hoping my old Neo netbook would work again with the help of this device because the inside fan failed to work.
I had trouble with my netbook because of the fan is not working anymore and it keeps on shutting down immediately after turning it on. 
I made a research for this product and it had good reviews too.But, unfortunately, still, the netbook did not open like it normally does.
I'm gonna be doing the photo unboxing of Vencci exhaust type radiator for laptops and notebooks.
1-box of Vencci Exhaust Type Radiator 
Vencci box side with Chinese characters for description.
Back side of the Venccii box
Vencci exhaust box content:
1-Vencci exhaust type radiator unit (black, gray and blue color)
1- piece with 4 punched rubber pads
flyers with Chinese characters (no English translation)
1- USB connector
4- pieces rubber connectors (gray color)
The power port to connect the USB port to the laptop device.
The exhaust ventilation
The exhaust going in the laptop device.
The bottom part with rubber for securing the exhaust device in place.
USB connector
Rubber mouth tubing in 4 sizes depending on what size it can fit with the laptop grill exhaust which can be found on the side.
To fit one rubber, secure the rubber nozzle size until it fits. Adjust the plate to secure more suction to maximize the air to come out.
The Vencci exhaust type radiator is very handy and light-weight, a little bulky but with the weight is such a thumbs-up.
Since I won't be using this brand new Vencci, someone bought it from me with a much higher price because she needs it badly for her laptop. :)

I would recommend this exhaust type radiator especially to those who own a laptop or notebook with the fan inside is not functioning that efficient anymore. It will help a lot to minimize losing your data and other online projects. 

'til next! 

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