Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Review on Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Flirt

I received a bottle of Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Flirt as a Christmas gift and this is my first time to try this scent and this serves a short review for it.

Victoria's Secret line of fragrance mist caters to all types especially if you are an adventurous one who loves to try out something new. I started knowing this brand of scent when I was in college, back then I can't afford to buy one and would always wish to get a full bottle size as a gift. Unlike before the scent was limited but now you can choose from different scent mist depending on your mood and scent type. 

Victoria's Secret Passion Struck Flirt comes in a 250ml/8.4 fl oz. plastic spray bottle, with a transparent plastic cap, a gold plastic screw nozzle and a gold plastic sprayer which allows content sprayed like a rain mist. The bottle has a leopard print design which matched the scent description flirt in a powerful way. Because it is in a plastic bottle it is handy and light-weight, good for traveling and for a compact bag that you can bring along anywhere.

VS passion struck in flirt has a nectarine and sensual amber scent which I can describe as a combination of orange slices in an earthy cool environment. It is quite refreshing and sexy at the same time. It gives an instant powerful scent but when you sprayed it on for a period of time the scent becomes sweet. I guess I am on paused for VS fruity scent line of fragrances which I still have on my dresser. I will stick to this one since we are having a breezy weather here in the Philippines, which I think would be the best time to wear this fragrance. 

Victoria's Secret fragrance mist cost roughly about $14-16 USD for this full-size bottle, and this product is made by Victoria's Beauty Co., Dist. New York, U.S.A. Check out VictoriasSecret.com for their complete and latest line of fragrance and intimate wears.

'til next. :)

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