Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Cheap Make-up Brushes

It was payday Friday and what a way to treat myself even with the simplest and cheap things I can buy is so satisfying! 

I saw these make-up brushes in a store when I was buying some school stuff for my daughter and grabbed three kinds. One is the short wooden blush brush which will fit perfectly onto my make-up pouch. The bristles are soft although it was synthetic this is a good buy because of the size, the volume of the brush and most specially the price (P79.00). 

The brush in the middle is a medium size flat brush which I can use for applying eye shadow. I am using a couple of this and been very versatile in blending and application. The handle is colored black with flattened base bristle also synthetic brown bristle material. Bought it for only P26.00. 

The third brush is a pointed bristle brush with number 008, good for eye crease application. To highlight the drama of your eye crease and emphasize and highlight the colors of the eye shadow shade. This will be my first time to use this type of eye brush, I hope I can manage it same as the flat brushes I am used to. Bought this for only P14.00

If you are in a tight budget for make-up tools such as brushes you can turn to those cheap brands available in your local store. The key to perfecting eye make-up is how you combine and blend colors regardless of the brand of your tools. But, if you have the budget there are varieties, brands and more sizes you can fine online from top notched make-up brands.

Set those lovely eyes with colors and be beautiful! ;)

From Head-to-Toe Moringa O2 Malunggay Products

  1. Moringa oleifera
    PlantMoringa oleifera is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Moringa, which is the only genus in the family Moringaceae. English common names include: moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, ben oil tree, or benzoil tree. 
From head to toe, Moringa O2 products include:
  • Moringa O2 Herbal hair, scalp and Skin Therapy Oil
  • Moringa O2 Herbal hair relaxing serum++ with Argan Oil (anti-frizz, nourishing, revitalizing)
  • Moringa O2 Herbal shampoo (anti-hair fall + revitalizing)
  • Moringa O2 Herbal conditioner  (anti-hair fall + revitalizing)
  • Moringa O2 Herbal moisturizing lotion (with olive oil +omega)
  • Moringa O2 Herbal facial toner (alcohol-free)
  • Moringa O2 Herbal soap (skin multivitamin)
I have tried using the shampoo and conditioner months ago which I got from Sampleroom and made a quite good impression about it. At, first my hair adjusted a lot because of my continuous use of chemically prepared shampoo and conditioner that made some strands of my hair fall. After a few days, I noticed the less hair fall and eventually got used to it. 
I like how the scent of both the shampoo and conditioner were not that overpowering and yet it left my hair feeling fresh and smells nice all day.

Also, the Moringa O2 herbal soap is fantastic! It leaves that smelling fresh fell after every use and moisturizes my skin too. The bar doesn't melt easily, always put the bar covered in the soap dish where water contact can be avoided to prevent melting. I don't leave that sticky feel even when you are under the sun and in humid weather. 

It will be my first time to try out the rest of products, I am more excited about hair serum and the therapy oil and see how it manage and keep my color treated hair looks healthy. 

Have you tried using Moringa O2 products, and take on any of their skin, hair and body products? Check on their Facebook page for updates and product details MoringaO2 FB page.

***this is not a paid post, products in the photo were sent as a prize from the FB malunggay recipe contest. 

Thursday, August 27, 2015

L'oreal Color Riche Le Rouge Satin Finish 50% OFF Sale This Weekend!

Check out the vibrant color riche of L'oreal Color Riche Le Rogue Satin Finish and I got stoked when I saw this post on my Facebook feed. This weekend only August 29-30 all 20 luxurious shades sells for only P200 that is 50% off!

I tested some colors last weekend at SM-City Olongapo and my heart skip a beat (seriously). I never bought a single tube because I am waiting for my prize lipstick from a blogger (that is 11 shades in the waiting).

To all the ladies out there this is your chance to grab these beauties and own one! This offer is available nationwide.

Also check out The Beauty Junkee L'oreal Color Riche Le Rogue swatch blog post here

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lunch Time Is Jollibee Time + Earn Points Using Happy Plus Card

Lunch time is Jollibee time! 
It was almost lunch time and I had my kids with me for lunch, I asked them what food they want and instantly they suggested Jollibee which was a few steps away and one of their favorite fast-food.
We ordered not just one meal but meals good for the three of us and that includes some for afternoon snack cheese burgers for them.

I bought P700 worth of load going to my Happy Plus Card for payment later on. 

2-orders of 2 piece Chicken Joy (original and crispy hot)
2-Jollibee cheeseburger 
3-pc Jollibee peach mango pie
1-Big Burger Steak
1-large mango juice
2-regular size iced tea

Total cost: P566.00 using Happy Plus card balance.
Happy points earned: 11.32 (equivalent to 1point=1peso)
Happy load balance: P141.00
Happy points balance: 25.18

By far I really enjoy using Happy Plus Card as a reward point system out of all the reward points card I have. Simply because the amount of point is 1:1 and you can use it instant, no need to wait for another 24 or 48 hours for your points to be loaded. 

Happy Plus Card benefit:

Earn happy points when you use your card and use the points to get free food!Every P 50 food purchase earns you one happy point. One happy point is equal to one (1) peso.

Register and reload your happyplüs card for a chance to win up to P 100,000 every month! The more you reload, the more raffle entries you get.P 100 = 1 raffle entryP 300 = 5 raffle entriesP 500 = 10 raffle entriesP 1000 = 25 raffle entries

No need for cash or wait for change.Just tap the happyplüs card to pay for your food. When you run out of load, simply reload your card for a minimum of P 100.

Check out Happy Plus Card website for the detailed perks and benefits.
Enjoy endless dining experience with restaurant partners and enjoy unlimited reward points!

SansFluo and Oral Health Care for Babies Prize is Here!

I remember when I was a first time Mom all the things I did way back was based on my experiences being an older sister to my brother. He was born when I was 14 years old and I helped a lot with taking care of him. Until those experiences turned out to be hands-on again when I was studying Nursing in college.

Obstetric and pediatric care was one of my favorite subjects back then, the practicality of it made my carry-on to the next level of my life being a student.
So when I gave birth to my son the application of what I have learned helped me a lot.
Oral health care for babies is the highest important aspect of raising a newborn kid. Even before birth babies teeth are being formed, an adequate amount of vitamins and mineral are the essential key for a pregnant woman while conceiving.

There are a lot of oral health care brands for babies in the market today and it varies mainly on the price and how effective those products are.

I recently came across this brand SansFluo over at my Facebook feed and recently they came up with a contest for parents to win some of their goodies. I just answered their monthly theme question and was one of the five fans who answered correctly and my prize was a pack of SansFluo for babies oral care pack. 

Contents include:
1-pc SansFluo Natural Toothgel Cleanser- Orange
1-pc SansFluo Natural Toothgel Cleanser- Strawberry
1-pc SansFluo Natural Xylitol Swab Solution 10ml
1-pc SansFluo Dental Brush without Case (clear)

*** this is not a paid post. the product was sent to me as a price and no compensation was given. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ovaltine Chocolate Malt Sandwich Cookies with Chocolate Malt Cream

How we enjoy a warm cup of Ovaltine malt drink when we we're still young 'uns, I do! I remember that orange tin can at the kitchen counter when my mother used to prepare us something to drink every morning before we head to school. It was one of the breakfast essentials we can find in the breakfast table. 
Do you still remember the Ovaltinees malt candies.... I was 'addicted' to that when I was a kid. lol

I discovered this new snack from Ovaltine at one of the snack section aisle at SM Supermarket (Olongapo) yesterday. Ovaltine chocolate malt sandwich cookies with chocolate malt cream.

Ovaltine chocolate malt sandwich cookies with chocolate malt cream
It has the same brand color with a distinct product image of a cookie , chocolate and malt cream.
P39.50 / $0.85
Product of Thailand 
Imported by AB Food & Beverages Philippines, Inc.

Each cookie has this Ovaltine brand name. The taste is nice... the sweetness is just right and you can really taste the soft chocolate malt cream between each cookie. The cookie is soft and chewy in every bite. My daughter found a new favorite chocolate sandwich cookie. 

This will be an added item to my grocery list ;) 
Check out the product and enjoy Ovaltine malt taste in every bite!

got another batch of this goodness will last for this coming week, happy us! :) 

*** I was not paid or compensated in any way in doing this product review. 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Biko with Latik ( Sticky Rice with Roasted Coconut Milk Curd)

Biko with latik is a Filipino reice cake made with sticky rice with roasted coconut milk curd. 
Cooking this brought a lot of memories of my childhood. I remember my Nanay (Lola) in the kitchen making biko when I was a little kid, she used to sell biko for merienda (snacks) in front of our house.
The smell off the coconut milk being roasted in the pan until the oil and the curd separates was the best part in making biko. 
I still can remember her hands while mashing the grated matured coconut and extracting the fresh coconut milk. Everything was from scratch, no artificial ingredients were added.
I also remember that making biko was one of the special treat on a special occasion like birthdays or christening. 
This is the simple recipe of biko I can remember my Nanay thought me to do. 

When you buy malagkit rice make sure to clean and separate dirt and particles from it . In tagalog term (pilian ang malagkit na bigas). Wash malagkit rice (sticky rice) about 2-3 times. 
I soaked the malagkit rice in the 3rd extract of the coconut milk while I prepare the pot for boiling it.
1-kilo of malagkit rice boil it with 5 cups coconut milk.

You need brown sugar or muscovado sugar. For this one I used 1/2 kilo of brown sugar.
I prefer the darker color of brown sugar for that distinct taste when melted.
*** Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown color due to the presence of molasses.
I have some roasted sesame seed to add in later, (this is optional).
In a non-stick pan in high heat goes the first extract of milk coconut, do not include water in it. 
Let it cook until the milk reduces and roast until the coconut milk curd (latik) appears.
After 20-30 minutes this is the raosted coconut milk curd ( Latik). Set aside. 
Pandan leaves for the malagkit rice. Include pandan leaves when you cook the malagkit in a pot to add more flavor to it.

When the boiled sticky rice is cooked combine the melted brown sugar portion by portion mixing it well so that the sugar will coat evenly.
Set it in low heat while continue to stir it. 
After an hour of mixing and cooking the sticky rice with the brown sugar add the roasted sesame seeds. 
Place the biko in a pan topped it with latik.
There  you have it. 
Biko with latik.

The finish product. 
This is best paired with coffee, tea or a hot cup of chocolate.

I hope you can try out this recipe and hit me up in the comment section for any questions.
Have a great week ahead! 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

My Trusted Earn Money Online Sites

Would you like to make your time going online worth it, by earning money?
Today, I will be sharing most of my trusted earn money online sites that I have been doing for sometime now. There are a lot of opportunities online that you can earn money from. Doing simple task like social media sharing, viewing of online ads, be an affiliate member and answering surveys. 
The basic requirements: Social Media sign-ups such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and some others which depends on every specific requirements. (you can click on my social media sites and follow me and get connected with the latest earn money online updates.)

Here are some of the payment proofs I recently received. I linked my PayPal account to receive payments from various earn money online sites I am into. (any questions regarding payments just hit a me comment under this post :) )
No Paypal account yet? Sign-up here it's free! PayPal. 

Survey sites:

  • Register and complete your information details here I got paid $57++ and still waiting for my points for audit to make another redeem. Minimum cash out is $3 = 1,500 points. One of the best survey sites I'm into.

  • Redeem for cash or gifts. Choose cash or gifts to redeem. 1000 points= P500. Double the amount of points means double the amount to redeem. Again, complete your registration and information on the member account info. 

Affiliate sign-ups:

  • Received payment thru PayPal with the amount of $26.09 less fee. This is an affiliate site, I earned this amount through social media sharing. They will send you links of products, campaigns etc with corresponding amount per site. They also run giveways for you to participate. 

  • Payment received $5.50 less the fee amount. Register your social media accounts, update your information log-in and campaigns will be sent to you over email, I always check my dashboard for notification if campaigns are available. 

  • Payment received just now. The task here is very easy, view advertisement links and get paid. Minimum payment $2.00 and the succeeding payment will go up to $3, $5 until you reach $10 which will roll the same amount on your next redeem. I got paid twice already and the payment is INSTANT (request now and within minutes you can collect your $$$$). 

**** I will update this list from time to time specially when payment comes in.
Make your time online worth it, believe me! 

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mc Donald's Shake Shake Fries is Back!

It's back the McDonald's Shake Shake Fries!
My daughter saw the shake shake fries commercial last night and said she wanted to try 
this again.
 So I promised her this morning that we will go to McDonald's this afternoon after school.
We went to McDonald's Magsaysay Drive and she ordered the large cheeseburger meal with Shake Shake Fries Cheesy Butter mix. 
Large cheeseburger meal with cheesy butter mix powder for the fries and a large coke. The meal cost P120.00
The medium cheeseburger meal cost P103.00.

You can have a FREE upgrade to Shake-Shake fries with every medium or large meal.
Choose from BBQ, Pizza and Cheesy Butter flavor.
You can also order ala carte which starts at P65.
The little Miss doing the shake-shake move.
Not so much of the shake-shake moves like Enrique "The King of the Gil" moves in the Shake-Shake fries move (watch video here), but the moves and the smile is just enough. :) 
This is the finished product after giving that shake-shake with this fries.
McDonald's Shake-Shake fries in Cheesy Butter flavor.

My take with the meal that we ordered earlier.
The cheeseburger was cold
 same with the 
fries they served and the string of fries were the fries trimmings. 
Good thing the little miss wasn't that particular with it, but I do!

Check out Mc Donald's Shake-Shake Fries on your favorite Mc Donald's stores nationwide. 


Alden and Yaya Dub #AlDub Fever Is On!

Last night I was browsing my iPad and saw my gallery folder with screen shots of video captured photos of Alden & Yaya Dub taken from YouTube.
Screen shots were taken by my daughter who was laughing while watching the videos hours before. 
She even googled photos of the two and saved in a different folder named #AlDub #Forever .

The AlDub fever is really happening and it invaded our home and making us laugh and "kilig". ;)
We are a fan of the noontime show Eat Bulaga ever since, it is  our weekend bonding over lunch to watch the show, specially now that #AlDub 
tandem /loveteam made it's way to make every Filipino smile.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza aka #AlDub
The two were paired "accidentally" while the show was doing the All For One, One For All segment Problem Solving

Since then they were paired together and the segment now called Kalyeserye, who popularized the the hand signal Pabebe Wave

Other personalities involved in the so-called Kalyeserye are Lola Ni Dora aka Duhriz Maine aka Doktora Dora the Explorer played by Wally Bayola who is so funny!
Frankie Arinoli played by Jose Manalo and the Rogelio's ( the bodyguards).

Sometimes, I also find myself smiling while watching the show same as the whole world who are tuning in every lunch time here in the Philippines, whether the show is live or recorder  (thanks to YouTube videos) people are in the craze of the the loveteam and all of a sudden a personality by the name of Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) is the word that everyone knows.

I hope they can meet soon and make their millions of fans even more "kilig"! 

Are you a fan too? ;)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Slow Cook Pork Cubes and Chicken Liver Potato Stew

Last night's dinner was this slow cook pork cubes and chicken liver potato stew with Mc Cormick Herb gravy mix. 

I have this dish on my mind even before I head back home from work, doing that mental checklist of the ingredients I have at home.

Again, a very simple dish that doesn't need much of anything fancy. I always use whatever I have at home... a little experiment won't do no harm, just make sure it would taste yummy! ;)


300grams- pork cubes slice 
250grams- chicken liver, cut depends on your serving suggestion. ( you can replace this or go stick with the pork cubes alone)
250grams- tomatoes diced ( i love lots of tomatoes with this dish)
2large-potatoes, peeled and sliced into cubes
150grams- red onion chopped
6cloves-garlic minced
2-3pcs- dry laurel leaf
1tbsp-crushed black pepper
2tbsp- McCormick Herb Gravy powder
250ml-water or pork stock if available
2tbsp-fish sauce
3tbsp-canola oil
salt to taste

Cooking direction:

1. In a non-stick pan, heat pan with canola oil. Add garlic, onion and tomatoes and sautee.
2. Add pork cubes and chicken liver until it blends well, cover until it boils.
3. Add water or pork stock, cover and boil for 5mins in high heat.
4. Add crushed black pepper, fish sauce and bay leaf and dash of salt. Cover then slow cook for about 30 mins in low heat.
5. When the liquid is reduced add potatoes and include the McCormick herb gravy mix powder straight without diluting it in water. Cover.
6. Simmer it in low fire for another 30-45 mins. Serve hot paired with infused pandan flavored rice. and voila!

This simple dish can serve 4-6 people and for the price of P150.00. 

Try out this dish and hit me with your feedback. 

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Enjoy the rest of the day! 


Monday, August 17, 2015

Weekend Is All About Food

I am always excited for the weekend for so many reasons. I always look forward to the morning weekends when I don't need to get up as early as my weekday mornings and also I can do household chores by keeping things at home tidy and prepped ready for the coming week.

Sunday mornings is considered as a market day for me, that is the time I can refill all the food stocks for the next week. Before I head to the local market a quick breakfast stop-over at Wimpy's Burger House a local resto branch near the market. An order of their American Breakfast with two-piece bacon, butter toast, a sunny-side-up egg and a cup of instant coffee (P62.00) and an order of my favorite potato salad (P48.00). This will keep me going the whole morning doing other house chores.
Wimpy's American Breakfast P62.00
*** Photo taken using Xiaomi  RedMi2 plus color editing feature.

Wimpy's American Breakfast P62.00 
*** Photo taken using Xiaomi  RedMi2 plus color editing feature.
For our lunch, I planned ahead of time on what to cook before I head to the market and since I crave for this dish and my kids love it too.

Dinuguan ( Pork Blood Stew)
                                        *** Photo taken using iPad Air camera feature + Pic Stitch editing
My version of this dish Dinuguan recipe.

1-kilo pork meat cut into cubes.
3-cups of pig's blood ( you can ask pigs blood at your butcher. some will ask for extra payment but mostly this should come free with your meat purchase)
2-pcs pork cubes broth (extra flavor)
5-large tomatoes (diced)
2-large red onion (minced chopped)
5-cloves garlic (chopped)
2-teaspoon ground black pepper 
1-teaspoon iodized salt
5-finger green chili ( you can add more depending on your taste)
2-tablespoon white or brown sugar 
1/2-cup vinegar
1/2-cup water

1. In a non-stick pot saute garlic, onion, and tomatoes when done add the pork cubes and stir. Cover until it simmers and then adds some pork stock or pork broth.
2. Add 1/2 cup water to simmer and make the pork cubes tender.
3. Add 12 cup vinegar don't stir and then cover bring to boil then simmer for 15 minutes.
4. Add the pig's blood slowly and continuously stirring it while pouring.
5. Cover and simmer for another 5 minutes. 
6. Add the sugar, ground pepper, and add a dash of salt to taste. Combine the finger chili and slow cook on a slow fire until you reach your desired consistency.
Dish cost: P230.00,
Serves: 8-12 

And, there you have it pork blood stew or Dinuguan, best paired with puto (rice cake) or pandan flavored steamed rice for lunch or even for merienda. 

For dessert, we had this sweet, sticky boiled cassava.
boiled cassava in brown sugar syrup.
*** Photo taken using iPad Air camera feature + Pic Stitch editing.
Since cassava (tapioca) is in season now you can buy pieces of cassava for the price of P35.00 for a kilo.
Cooking procedure:
Wash thoroughly and cut tapioca into bite-size pieces.
Boil in a pot with brown sugar and a pinch of salt.
Add pandan leaves for flavor.
Simmer until cook and until the syrup thickens. 
Best served cold and pair it with coffee or tea.

What is the best thing when you cook and prepare the dish at home? 
You can be sure that the food is clean, budget-friendly and can share it with the whole family... and also it will make your kitchen smells so good! 

So, plan for your next weekend foodie adventure and share it with everyone. :)
Thanks for reading! 


Friday, August 14, 2015

PayDay Sale Grabs At SM City Olongapo

It's another PayDay Sale at SM Malls!
After a long time in the customer service for bill payments at SM City Olongapo I was able to stroll around and grab items with 50% off the original price.
This time I  bought some cleansing and fragrance essentials I can use later on and what I am more excited about is it will be my first time to try out these products. 
Neutrogena deep clean brightening foaming cleanser 100 grams original price P215.00 sale price P107.50.
Neutrogena deep cleansing and brightening power for cleaner, more radiant skin with every wash. 
"Neutrogena Deep Clean Brightening  Foaming Cleanser is an effective deep cleaning facial cleanser with 2X brightening power for cleaner, fairer and more radiant skin with every wash. 

*Contains Mulberry Extract and clinically proven whitening vitamin complex that boosts skin fairness with every wash. 
*This clinically proven formula lathers to a rich, creamy foam which removes dirt, excess oil, dried skin cells and skin dulling residue from make-up, sun- block, and BB cream, leaving you skin fair and radiant. " 
Oil Free | Dermatologically tested | Non-comedogenic 

Next one is the Body Fantasies Signature Pink Sweet Pea Fantasy Fragrance Body Spray 94 ml original price P159.00 sale price P79.50. 
I bought this spray fragrance to see if  the scent will match my current body lotion Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea body lotion, for a minimal layering of body scent. And also it was on sale that got me more attracted to it. It is made in the US by Parfums de Coeur at 
I am happy with my purchase and can't wait to use them.
Hit me some feedback about the products posted negative or positve can be good in a new product to test on. 

You can still check out SM Mall Facecook page for the SM branches with their weekend sale and grab those essentials with you. 

Happy Beautiful and Fragrant Weekend everyone! ;) 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Answer Surveys and Get Paid!

Here is another earn money online site I am so excited to share to you guys!
Viewfruit (click the link to redirect you to the site and register). Sign-up and complete your profile for them to be able to send to you surveys that fits to your registered profile. I have been a member of this site for a couple of years now and I got paid $57.00 to date and will be redeeming another $3 once my temporary points gets audited. 

As I said earlier, surveys will come in via registered email or you can check your account dashboard. Answer and finish the survey and you will be rewarded points, points varies depending on every surveys.
For every 500 points= $1.00 and minimum amount to redeem $3.00 up to $50.00.

"Points redemption will be audited on every Friday and will be paid in one or five working days.
Please read the Redemption Rules carefully to avoid mis-operations.
System will freeze the points applied for redemption and showed as frozen points until the application passes the audit and points being redeemed successfully." 

The site also accepts referrals that can help you earn additional points and also help them earn too. You can also download the app via Google Play and answer surveys when you're on the go. 
So check out the site and enjoy answering surveys. Feel free to send me an email if you need any help. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Some Lancome Essentials On Queue

Check out my Lancome essentials on queue! 

I have a tube of Lancome exfoliants comfort (comforting exfoliating cream), this will shed off dry skin from sun exposure and also from the different stress factors which skin can experience.

Lancome Renergie Lift Multi-Action Night (lifting and firming night cream). Lift and firm those saggy skin and those fine lines from eyes to the side of the lips. Also, I can apply this generously in the neck area which can sag through aging.

Lancome Bi-Facil (double-action eye makeup remover). Excited to use this to remove eye-make and see the result!

Lancome Advanced Genifique (youth activating concentrate). Another anti-aging agent to combat the skin look old. haha!

Lancome Hypnose DRAMA mascara volume (black). Although the previous items are for cleansing, exfoliating etc... this Lancome eye mascara can dramatically change the look of your dull eyes.. take it from the product name itself! 

I love trying out new products especially for skin care which can exfoliate, moisturize, cleanse and can give that nourishing factor my face needed. I will start my Lancome adventure soon! 

Btw, all the Lancome essentials in the photo were given to me by a dear friend... Thanks, B! 

What is your favorite Lancome product? Anything particular in the photo that interest you? I can give you a heads up when I get the chance to use those products... just buzz me. ;) 

Sunday, August 9, 2015


After months of being a member of this site, I received my first payment from Sverve
You can earn from various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+ campaigns that will be assigned to you and share it to your audience. The payment per social media sharing varies from $0.10-$0.50 and once you've reach $5.00 as their minimum required amount, they will send to you your payment through PayPal during their pay out day.
You can check out Sverve and be a member by clicking on this link.

Sverve's Mission

We love connecting influencers and businesses for win-win partnerships.

That's why we created Sverve. Being on both sides of the table, we know how important and challenging it is for growing businesses and niche influencers to find each other. Finding and working with the right partner can lead to countless valuable collaborations. Our team's mission is to bring transparency to the industry, help talented content creators come out of the shadows and into the influencer spotlight, and make it easy and affordable for businesses to find and work with them.

New Dove Nutritive Solutions Shampoo and Conditioner

These are my recent bath and body haul from SM Supermarket. 

New Dove Nutritive Solutions shampoo and conditioner. 
It comes in a very light plastic container with light blue tab seal. 
I love how lightweight and the scent of the ocean breeze smells so refreshing after every shampoo. 
"Dove oxygen and nourishment is a unique Dove range. Made with Oxyfusion Technology oxygen-fused ingredients, its weightless formulas restore hair smoothness while adding up to 95% more volume." 
The shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes every day breathing life into dry and limp hair. 

A bottle of Dove Oxygen & Nourishment shampoo in 350ml cost P199.75 while Dove Oxygen & Nourishment conditioner in 180ml cost P114.75. 
Try the new Dove Oxygen & Nourishment and experience the lightweight and refreshing feeling every day.