Sunday, August 23, 2015

Biko with Latik ( Sticky Rice with Roasted Coconut Milk Curd)

Biko with latik is a Filipino reice cake made with sticky rice with roasted coconut milk curd. 
Cooking this brought a lot of memories of my childhood. I remember my Nanay (Lola) in the kitchen making biko when I was a little kid, she used to sell biko for merienda (snacks) in front of our house.
The smell off the coconut milk being roasted in the pan until the oil and the curd separates was the best part in making biko. 
I still can remember her hands while mashing the grated matured coconut and extracting the fresh coconut milk. Everything was from scratch, no artificial ingredients were added.
I also remember that making biko was one of the special treat on a special occasion like birthdays or christening. 
This is the simple recipe of biko I can remember my Nanay thought me to do. 

When you buy malagkit rice make sure to clean and separate dirt and particles from it . In tagalog term (pilian ang malagkit na bigas). Wash malagkit rice (sticky rice) about 2-3 times. 
I soaked the malagkit rice in the 3rd extract of the coconut milk while I prepare the pot for boiling it.
1-kilo of malagkit rice boil it with 5 cups coconut milk.

You need brown sugar or muscovado sugar. For this one I used 1/2 kilo of brown sugar.
I prefer the darker color of brown sugar for that distinct taste when melted.
*** Brown sugar is a sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown color due to the presence of molasses.
I have some roasted sesame seed to add in later, (this is optional).
In a non-stick pan in high heat goes the first extract of milk coconut, do not include water in it. 
Let it cook until the milk reduces and roast until the coconut milk curd (latik) appears.
After 20-30 minutes this is the raosted coconut milk curd ( Latik). Set aside. 
Pandan leaves for the malagkit rice. Include pandan leaves when you cook the malagkit in a pot to add more flavor to it.

When the boiled sticky rice is cooked combine the melted brown sugar portion by portion mixing it well so that the sugar will coat evenly.
Set it in low heat while continue to stir it. 
After an hour of mixing and cooking the sticky rice with the brown sugar add the roasted sesame seeds. 
Place the biko in a pan topped it with latik.
There  you have it. 
Biko with latik.

The finish product. 
This is best paired with coffee, tea or a hot cup of chocolate.

I hope you can try out this recipe and hit me up in the comment section for any questions.
Have a great week ahead! 

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