Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mc Donald's Shake Shake Fries is Back!

It's back the McDonald's Shake Shake Fries!
My daughter saw the shake shake fries commercial last night and said she wanted to try 
this again.
 So I promised her this morning that we will go to McDonald's this afternoon after school.
We went to McDonald's Magsaysay Drive and she ordered the large cheeseburger meal with Shake Shake Fries Cheesy Butter mix. 
Large cheeseburger meal with cheesy butter mix powder for the fries and a large coke. The meal cost P120.00
The medium cheeseburger meal cost P103.00.

You can have a FREE upgrade to Shake-Shake fries with every medium or large meal.
Choose from BBQ, Pizza and Cheesy Butter flavor.
You can also order ala carte which starts at P65.
The little Miss doing the shake-shake move.
Not so much of the shake-shake moves like Enrique "The King of the Gil" moves in the Shake-Shake fries move (watch video here), but the moves and the smile is just enough. :) 
This is the finished product after giving that shake-shake with this fries.
McDonald's Shake-Shake fries in Cheesy Butter flavor.

My take with the meal that we ordered earlier.
The cheeseburger was cold
 same with the 
fries they served and the string of fries were the fries trimmings. 
Good thing the little miss wasn't that particular with it, but I do!

Check out Mc Donald's Shake-Shake Fries on your favorite Mc Donald's stores nationwide. 


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