Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Lunch Time Is Jollibee Time + Earn Points Using Happy Plus Card

Lunch time is Jollibee time! 
It was almost lunch time and I had my kids with me for lunch, I asked them what food they want and instantly they suggested Jollibee which was a few steps away and one of their favorite fast-food.
We ordered not just one meal but meals good for the three of us and that includes some for afternoon snack cheese burgers for them.

I bought P700 worth of load going to my Happy Plus Card for payment later on. 

2-orders of 2 piece Chicken Joy (original and crispy hot)
2-Jollibee cheeseburger 
3-pc Jollibee peach mango pie
1-Big Burger Steak
1-large mango juice
2-regular size iced tea

Total cost: P566.00 using Happy Plus card balance.
Happy points earned: 11.32 (equivalent to 1point=1peso)
Happy load balance: P141.00
Happy points balance: 25.18

By far I really enjoy using Happy Plus Card as a reward point system out of all the reward points card I have. Simply because the amount of point is 1:1 and you can use it instant, no need to wait for another 24 or 48 hours for your points to be loaded. 

Happy Plus Card benefit:

Earn happy points when you use your card and use the points to get free food!Every P 50 food purchase earns you one happy point. One happy point is equal to one (1) peso.

Register and reload your happypl├╝s card for a chance to win up to P 100,000 every month! The more you reload, the more raffle entries you get.P 100 = 1 raffle entryP 300 = 5 raffle entriesP 500 = 10 raffle entriesP 1000 = 25 raffle entries

No need for cash or wait for change.Just tap the happypl├╝s card to pay for your food. When you run out of load, simply reload your card for a minimum of P 100.

Check out Happy Plus Card website for the detailed perks and benefits.
Enjoy endless dining experience with restaurant partners and enjoy unlimited reward points!

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