Monday, August 31, 2015

Some Cheap Make-up Brushes

It was payday Friday and what a way to treat myself even with the simplest and cheap things I can buy is so satisfying! 

I saw these make-up brushes in a store when I was buying some school stuff for my daughter and grabbed three kinds. One is the short wooden blush brush which will fit perfectly onto my make-up pouch. The bristles are soft although it was synthetic this is a good buy because of the size, the volume of the brush and most specially the price (P79.00). 

The brush in the middle is a medium size flat brush which I can use for applying eye shadow. I am using a couple of this and been very versatile in blending and application. The handle is colored black with flattened base bristle also synthetic brown bristle material. Bought it for only P26.00. 

The third brush is a pointed bristle brush with number 008, good for eye crease application. To highlight the drama of your eye crease and emphasize and highlight the colors of the eye shadow shade. This will be my first time to use this type of eye brush, I hope I can manage it same as the flat brushes I am used to. Bought this for only P14.00

If you are in a tight budget for make-up tools such as brushes you can turn to those cheap brands available in your local store. The key to perfecting eye make-up is how you combine and blend colors regardless of the brand of your tools. But, if you have the budget there are varieties, brands and more sizes you can fine online from top notched make-up brands.

Set those lovely eyes with colors and be beautiful! ;)

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