Monday, January 16, 2017

Shop Online for Wigs and Hair Extensions

Are you considering in taking a new step in going up a notch when styling your hair with added color or length to it? Well, this time you don't need to wait for months and months or even years for your hair to grow long. You can consider buying wigs or hair extensions. 

There are lots of online and physical shops who sells wigs and hair extensions. And, the variety, style and color is huge. Did you know that you can also get a natural hair for wigs and hair extensions? Yes, there are companies who sells natural hair so the worry of managing and styling can be so easy. 

Personally I would considering buying hair extensions although they are a little pricey. It is like investing for something useful and beautiful at the same time. I can go blond, ombre, wavy or straight every single day and strut my way to a confident me. 

Here is one online shop that caters the need for hair wigs and hair extensions.
They offer the widest variety of hair styles and colors of hair wigs and extensions plus they are on SALE!

Check out what are my personal picks that I am considering. 

16 Inch #4 Medium Brown Clip In Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions Fascinating Body Wave 7 Pcs
                                          Ombre Tape in Hair Extensions

This hair style definitely can go for an everyday look with natural curls. And it looks so easy to do with just a few clicks by attaching the clips. 

Silky Straight Indian Remy Hair Glueless Lace Front Wigs
                                             Full Lace Wigs for Women

When I saw this photo I saw myself wearing this full lace wig not just because I like Kim Kardashian but the hair style somehow suits my every day hair style and the length is just right about the same as mine.
There are so many options to look for but getting the genuine brand will stand out.

So what are your takes in hair wigs and hair extensions?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

ALDO Set Holveck Rings

I am so HAPPY with my new set of rings I got from ALDO shop last night! 
I saw the set pieces on the display window as I was passing by their store in Harbor Point mall. My eyes were glued to it and instantly went inside the store to ask the sales person for that design. They only have two sets left in small and large sizes. 
I tried and fit the small size set but it was way too small and the large size were just right. Since I fell in love with the design and the color my mind was so ecstatic to get them and even more when I wore them all. :)

This is the ALDO set of Holveck Rings. 

A pack of three rings, with shiny smooth gold-tone finish. 
Each ring is embellished with glitter accents in a sandblast insert design.
Each piece has this glam and sophisticated design. The three layer piece has an open cut which can be adjusted according to size. 
It is a slip-in style rings in metal product.
Shiny rose gold colored.

This can be worn matching a dress or a formal wear and also on jeans and white shirt. 

I got the set for Php 555.00 ($11.50). 
A good buy for a good set pieces of jewelry accessory.

What do you think of my new found love? :)

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Musiciansfriend Stereo Power Amplifier

How to enhance your creativity? For me listening to good music brings out the creativity in me. A good quality of music sometimes depends on music accessories you have. Stereo power amplifier is one that you can attach to your stereo and get that wonderful sound to every music your listening to.

You can check this QSC GX3 at Musician's Friend which is also available for shipping here in the Philippines. 

It is serves a maximum performance and portability on a limited budget. It is designed for optimized output and appearance. 
The GX3 power amp uses the latest QSC Grounded Collector output system for optimum cooling of the critical power transistor.

I think this one will perfectly suit my need for a good quality music at home. Time to save up. :)

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Creating a hassle-free poll through APEO

Time is very essential in the world we live in. That is why we always seek for ways for our daily lives to be easy and smooth. 

Surveys and online polls are good examples. I personally like creating and answering polls for an easier question and answer when I wanted a concise and allowing my readers a less tedious time by considering their opinion on topics. And, listen to them and understanding the community in general. I used to create polls using apps for free that I searched on the internet. 

I came across this website which i can download and create polls in just a few clicks. 

Displaying Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 2.15.02 PM.png
Simple. Fast. No chatter – that’s what APEO guarantee you!

Through generating a poll simple and quickly, Apeo now makes things easier whether you are seeking for answers or knowing opinions that matter.
Displaying Screen Shot 2016-09-15 at 3.26.17 PM.png

Apeo allows you to ask your readers anything and get a quick feedback from your on-going platforms simultaneously while giving you the choice between spreading the word and a more targeted approach. The answers are anonymous so you know you’re getting them right. You can quickly discover the majority’s viewpoint on certain issue and learn how your readers/followers view and feel at any given topics.

Despite all the various platforms for team and group communication at our disposal, still decision making can be time consuming and an exhausting ordeal.

To cut the endless chatter and get quick answers on the go we created APEO
Crafting a poll through Apeo will get you more engaged to reach your audience which will give them a chance to speak for themselves.

With its real-time result, you can quickly understand, analyze the response and share it on social media. It’s almost an instant!

And the best thing, it won’t hurt your pocket because it’s free! All you need to do is to sign up and create a poll. Hassle-free, right? You can even have the freewill to customize the background and styled it to match the theme you want through APEO app or website. 

Apeo allows anyone to create a customized, stylish looking poll in less than a minute from their mobile and send it to via any messaging platform, social network (twitter, FB, Slack), mail, embed in a website and so on. The poll results are displayed anonymously in the app in real time so you know you get the true answers.

How to use APEO:
1. GO to Register for a new user account. 
2. LOGIN. Enter your registered email and password. You will e redirected once you confirm your email.
3. Create POLL.
4. Select the answer type, Add text options, customize your poll, select background image.
5. Share your Poll using the share button.

As you can see, the app is pretty much simple easy to navigate. You'll be able to see the results of all your polls in your account and share them anytime on any of your social media accounts. 

Here is the poll that took me just a minute to create. You can answer and share it too and enjoy! Kindly click on the link below.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Online Prizes are Coming In!

A couple of days before New Year's Eve I received a good news via Facebook private message and it was from Jag Jeans informing me that I won on their FB contest! 

Image may contain: text
                          Jag Jeans 12 Gifts of Christmas
Out of the numbers of photo entries who joined the contest mine was picked. I got this private message from their staff who wanted to confirm the ownership of the photo I entered in the contest. I sent in the album link for them to check and after that they posted an announcement that I was the lucky winner. 

Yes! Five thousand pesos cash + one Noche Buena basket + a pair of Jag Jeans outfit! 
Since I cannot go to Manila to claim prizes I asked them if they can send it over for delivery. And, they willingly accepted my request. I just need to wait until the Holiday break for them to process and that wasn't a problem to me. :)

Yesterday I received the cash they sent through Western Union and I am five thousand pesos richer!

How nice of the Jag Jeans' staff in coordinating my prizes to me, they constantly communicated with me in sending my prizes. After the cash money transfer yesterday. 

This morning I received this box in a cage. And since I don't have any equipment to remove the cage I waited for an hour for a hammer haha! 

Patience is a virtue!

My Noche Buena basket inside the box in a cage. Packed as is the whole basket was inside the box. 
It was shipped through DHL service and everything came in good condition. 

This is what's inside the basket, basket full of goodies!
Pasta, cheese, cream, wine, chocolate drink and some condiments. 
Almost everything is here.

The Jag Jeans outfit will come around two weeks from now after they asked me for sizes and yep I can wait. :)

I will update this blog post with a photo once the items are here. 

My Jag Jeans outfit arrived awhile ago, a pair of jeans and a green coloured blouse. A total of Php2049.50! :)

No automatic alt text available.

Thank you so much Jag Jeans for the wonderful prize and more power to you! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Prize is Here, Thank you Rose Pharmacy!

First of I want to greet you all a very Happy New Year!
Whew what a week that was?! From family and friends get together combined with lots of food that was shares during the holidays...time passed by so quickly. How did you celebrate yours?

This is my first post for this year 2017 and it is a Thank You post for Rose Pharmacy!
As a welcome salvo I received a prize package yesterday from Rose Pharmacy all the way from Cebu. 
It was a prize from last month's Twitter contest which I was picked as the winner. From the announcement the team contacted me through direct message and email to coordinate the delivery of my prize. 

And, I wanted to share to guys the content of the package I got. It consists of oral care, body care and some essentials for travelling.

The prize was from the brand Guardian and I am excited to try this out for the first time. Check down below the items I got. :)

One mini size Guardian mint dental floss.
One 100 ml Guardian Mouthwash in cool mint flavor.

One pack 10 sheets Guardian Rose wet wipes with Vitamin E and Aloe
It is mild and refreshing, alcohol-free & paraben- free wet wipes
One pack Guardian facial tissue travel pack (50 sheets x 2 ply)
Ultra soft and smooth
One Guardian Sakura & Yoghurt heavenly moisturising shower cream in 1 liter pump bottle. 
Dermatologically tested and proven to gently cleanse, hydrates and soothes skin, with Hydra Active content.
This one excites me the most because I so so love body wash and scrubs, I always on the look for different brands of body washes in the market. My current use is from Watsons the strawberry gel scrub which I got from the buy2 take1 free item last November. 

I opened the twisted pump cap and the smell is truly heavenly! (I am not exaggerating here)
I has a hint of fruity smell with a bit of sweetness to it. The combination of sakura and yoghurt really does the trick.

From the Sakura extract and the yoghurt which will leave my skin hydrated and conditioned I am definitely looking at a fresh and supple skin feel. And also because it is contained in a pump plastic bottle I can dispense the desired amount I want to use. 

Winning something that are so useful to your everyday life feels like a reward. Thank you Rose Pharmacy and more power!

Have you tried this brand before or and any item listed above? Share your thoughts and help me discover the brand. :)