Thursday, January 26, 2017

Marks & Spencer Tin Canned Cookies

When I was a kid I never got a chance to own a tin can pencil case or a lunch box which was the coolest thing to have back in the 80's. I never complained but my heart was asking for it. Maybe, being a kid gives you that sense of wanting something that you can show-off to your classmates or even for kids your age. 

So when we got these tin can from Marks & Spencer somehow brought me to that age again and I was automatically in memory lane. 

We got these for my daughter as one of her birthday gifts at Marks & Spencers with an assortment of cookies inside. She literally is so obsessed with anything that has the United Kingdom in it. That is her dream place to go to...someday!

The cans were a bit pricey because you know the brand speaks for itself and also having it as a themed tin can with cookies inside.

So we opened this light blue can and cookies were wrapped in singles and different variants per pack.

I love the ginger cookie which ginger bits are very evident in every bite, daughter did not like that flavor. Some are plain chocolate cookie butter cookies and the rest were chocolate oatmeal cookies. 
Each can cost around Php 700-750, and after you consumed those amazing butter cookies you can reuse those cans for school or storage for your art materials, paper cuts or even pen and pencils. Well, that was really the main purpose. All the cans are empty now and now on my daughter's study table,, not sure what she placed inside but I am sure everything is cool. :)

Were you be able to get the holiday tin cans from M&S last time? 

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