Monday, January 23, 2017

GumAlive The Spa Toothpaste!

Look what I brought to work? #GumAlive The Spa Toothpaste! This was part of my prize from Ms.Prelel from her blog and just recently we tried the full tube at home. 

The prize was a full tube of GumAlive Natural Whitening which was my personal pick since winners can choose which variant they want. The prize comes with a 20gram sample tube and good thing they gave another variant for me to try out. 

Okay, here are our thoughts when we used the brand for the first time. 
The taste weirded us because it was really the scent when you enter a spa where everything smells menthol. With just a pea size of the paste and the color gray from the variant, I chose it was not that appealing. It also has the weird taste of charcoal! It also has this aftertaste when done brushing teeth. 

After brushing I read again the box of the toothpaste and there confirmed all my thoughts about. Yes, I did not read thoroughly the box information before using it. I wanted to have a first-hand impression of it and not basing it on the box info.

So the information stated:
GumAlive Natural Whitening 
For healthy gum, natural white and clean teeth.
Bodhical Extract, Bamboo Salt, and White Bamboo Charcoal:

*Eliminates residue from tooth surface without the side-effects of abrasive bleaching substances.
*Maintains the balance between purely cleaning teeth and caring for tooth surface.

From the appeal, taste, and color to the after use of the paste. It convinced me 100% that this oral care brand really stands out its purpose. Every after brush teeth and breath feels fresh. And, I got used to the taste which eventually leads me to want to use it more. 
Although I was used to using commercialized toothpaste it was not that bad to try out a different brand. 

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The sample tube I got and brought to work is the GumAlive Fresh Breath variant with Guava Leaf Oil, Distilled Wood Vinegar, Sacred Fig Tree's Bark Extract, Chamomile Extract, Cloves oil, and Mint.

Using this brand for your oral care you might have to adjust your budget a little because a tube is a little expensive compared to the commercial brands in the market. 

GumAlive toothpaste cost about Php395 per full-size tube. 

I'm a happy user with a big smile until the tube runs out. :) 

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