Saturday, March 26, 2022

How to Make Your Outdoor Space Priceless

 This post is sponsored by Daniel's Lawn & Tree, LLC , the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

I recently published an article about our move to a new house, which I recently shared. I'm astonished at how quickly time passes because it's been two months since we moved in! 

There are always numerous things to do when you buy a new location or a house, such as removing and adding new fixtures and pieces of furniture to match and make use of every part of the house. 

There are still a few boxes to unpack and clothes to hang in the bedroom's empty drawers and closet. Seasonal garments will be boxed and stored in the garage for later use because we don't have a built-in walk-in closet this time. 

We tossed and disposed of over 30% of our belongings during the packing and sorting process from our old place—mostly old clothes, toys, and kitchen items. Even though the volume of what we disposed of was sufficient, we still have stuff and goods that need to be stored. Due to a shortage of space in the house, this is extremely true about maximizing and utilizing the garage as storage. Fortunately, there is enough room in the new garage for us to use and store everything, including work tools, other sports equipment, a couple of mountain bikes and other sports equipment, and bulky objects. 

There are three things I've learned in the past regarding maximizing garage space that works wonders, and I'll be applying them to our present one as well. 

  • Maximizing wall spaces- If you just store things on the ground, you'll quickly run out of space. Your garage's walls might be a great source for extra storage space. The most basic storage to install is shelves and cabinets. 

  • Using ceiling spaces to their full potential—ceiling spaces are an ideal place to store objects that are rarely used. 

  • Purchase some heavy-duty foldable tables that can be used as a work surface.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to make better use of your garage space. It only takes a little planning as you use the space throughout the years.

Now, let's move on to the portion of the house that I'm most psyched about: the backyard! 

We didn't have an outdoor area in the last house we lived in. The outdoor space was always set aside for laundry and a little place to store outdoor items such as the griller, hoses, and a few gardening tools.

The large outdoor area was one of the primary factors in our decision to buy this house! 

Because the space will be turned into a patio, we decided not to put anything extraneous in it. I was also smitten with the java plum tree on the property's lot's side. Both the beneficial large area in the outdoor backyard as well as the lovely java plum tree were acquired by us!

As you can see in the photo, there are still a lot of things needed to be done in the backyard before we set up furniture, decors, and landscaping to maximize the outdoor experience. For assistance to help you choose the best plants for your patio, or need tree care, in New Castle County or the surrounding area, be sure to call Daniel's Lawn and Tree, LLC for all your landscaping requirements. I am so ecstatic to build something or even add an extension to the java plum tree. I'm thinking about hanging a hammock between the trees or swinging on a single pole, which would be a great position to watch the sunset. 

I wanted this area to be as simple as it is because the view will be the highlight of the backyard. We will be needing some tools for grass trimming, materials to control unwanted weeds growing within the concrete walls and the walk pavements. 

I was told that if we were going to build a new garden or just plant a border, we should make sure the soil was clear of certain specific weed species before we started adding any floor plants. Bermuda, Bindweed, Dodder, and Galingale are the kind of weed species that produces extensive root production that makes physical removal extremely difficult. 

When these weed kinds are not visible but their presence in the soil is suspected, the ground must be thoroughly watered to foster their growth and allow them to be sprayed. This is a time-consuming procedure that can take up to 2-3 months if done correctly.

When weeds, grass, and other unwanted plants are controlled I can now identify pieces of furniture. Outdoor furniture differs from indoor furniture in that it is built to resist the elements and is also meant to be easy to clean. There are three distinct types of outdoor furniture to consider: woven or rattan, hardwood, and aluminium. I choose budget-friendly furniture for both indoor and outdoor use. I'm trying to recycle some wooden furniture or purchase wooden planks to construct benches out of it. Wood is known as the most expensive type because of its value. Rainwater and excessive heat from the sun can cause cracks in certain types of wood furniture. You may protect them from this by coating them with varnish and keeping them protected during inclement weather.

There's always a decent range of candles to position and hang on low branches, opaque glass panels, Moroccan lanterns, or even tea-light candle lanterns. To save power and go green, LED strip lights or solar LED lights can be affixed to the branches. 

It is a perfect set-up when I invite family or friends for barbecue dinners, afternoon tea, or simply putting up the inflatable pool for our furbabies, and visiting nephews and nieces. 

An additional variety of outside potted plants is usually the greatest idea since I can move and rearrange an area as needed, creating a different atmosphere and feel when family comes to visit.

No matter what season you are having, an outdoor space is the best place in every home. The ambiance is always priceless.


  1. Congratulations on your move! I love the plans you have for your yard. The java plum tree is gorgeous! We have lots of trees that need some maintenance, but it is hard to find a reliable tree trimmer in our area.

  2. We are big into gardening and love our backyard spaces. I have some new ideas thanks to your post. My husband is going to LOVE that. :)