Thursday, March 3, 2022

Four Simple Tips When Planning to Relocate


We are moving! It may have been the most abrupt decision we've ever taken, but things just fell into place, prompting us to make a decision right then and there. 

Apart from relationship split or losing someone, moving house is perhaps the second most stressful thing you can do in your life.. When moving house, there's a lot of unknowns and a lot of uncertainty as you pack up your belongings and move from one location to another. This is now the current situation we are having right now, we are on day 5 of packing things, boxes, bags, and lots of boxes! 

Given the stress element and the financial reasons for relocating, some people will only do it once or twice in their lives. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to prepare yourself in advance of your move to lessen many of the unknown factors as well as the following stress components. This is my fourth move in 24 years. To be honest, it wasn't that difficult at first; there were fewer things in the house, fewer clothes, appliances, and other house items, compared to now, when each of us has our collection of things, things needed for school, work, the kitchen, and everything else.

I've learned so much from the previous and current moving predicament we're in, I guess I can call myself a "seasoned mover" haha! I've learned a lot, and I'm still learning how to do things. But, in this post, I'd like to offer some advice on how to go about packing and moving your belongings to your new home. 

Although this move was abrupt, I am managing the time of two weeks to pack. So, time is very essential to this action. 


This could be the ideal opportunity to organize and sort your belongings! You'll be surprised at how many food containers you don't use and how many pairs of shoes you have but only wear a few. Clothes, documents, books, and other culinary utensils are stored in boxes and storage units that you will see for the first time after years of ownership. 

Label various boxes for donation, give out to those you know who might need it, and keep a few items for yourself. 

Reorganize your belongings so that moving into your new home is a breeze.


There's no such thing as packing early when you're certain you'll be relocating to a new home. 

You can start thinking about the items you won't need before you move house in the months leading up to your move, which can be carefully packed away into a storage place to save time on the final packing.


When packing your boxes, be smart and wise.

It may seem self-evident, but bulked-up objects like books and paperwork can be rather hefty, making it difficult for you or even the movers to lift. For big or heavy objects that need to be carried quickly from your home to the moving vehicle, use smaller and thicker boxes. 

To provide support while in transit, delicate items and breakables should be separately wrapped in newspaper or bubble wrap. Also, make sure they're well labeled or place stickers of caution; fragile and breakable. Similarly, any dangerous materials should be labeled so that you and others can transport them with extra caution. 

Ensure that you are always aware of the whereabouts of your valuables. Important paperwork and jewelry should be packed last, and it's a good idea to keep these items with you during the move—something I made sure that I carry this bag along with me on the day of the move.


Please notify any key offices, as well as family and close friends, that your address will be changing soon. Give them the information, and have any pending packages that are due to arrive before or after your move rerouted to your new address. 

Moving house does not have to be at the top of your list of most stressful events with proper planning, time, and care.


We eventually relocated to our new house a few days ago, and the packing and shifting went without a hitch. We still have 10% of the total boxes and items to unpack and place in their proper locations and cabinets in the coming days. From the first day of moving to the last day, there were no damages, losses, or additional costs! :)

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