Thursday, March 24, 2022

Billy has turned TWO!

We got this baby two years ago when everyone else was fighting and on lockdown due to the pandemic, and it changed our lives! 

We ultimately grasped the entire experience, as it was our first time owning a dog at home; we were novices! 

A little backstory on Billy's first few days. Billy's first few days with us were all cute, exciting, and fun...until we noticed something on his elbow and everything scared us. 

I made this article when he was four months old and updated it when he was seven months- Bill's Health Journey.

And, now, Billy has just turned two years old!
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Billy had vanilla ice cream, cheesecake, boiled beef meat, and his favorite treat Pedigree beef jerky sticks! 


Let's see how old Billy is in human years. 

Since the 1950s, the standard method for determining how old a dog was "in human years" has been to divide one dog year by seven human years. 

What is the formula for converting dog years to human years? 

One article from the American Veterinary Medical Association divides it down like this as a general rule: 

  • The first year of a medium-sized dog's life can be compared to 15 human years. 
  • A dog's second year is roughly equivalent to a human's ninth year. 
  • After that, a dog's year would be around five years for every human year.

***This dog age calculator and age chart in human years is only a rough guide and may not be completely accurate. To learn more about your pet dog's age or any other health concerns, we recommend contacting a licensed veterinarian.

The rate at which a dog age is also influenced by its size and breed. Smaller dogs may mature more swiftly in their initial few years of life than larger dogs, even though they live longer. A huge dog may mature more slowly at the beginning, but by the age of five, it is already considered geriatric. Small and toy breeds do not reach the age of "seniority" until they are around ten years old. In terms of maturation and lifespan, medium-sized breeds are in the center. 

Rabies Awareness Month is observed in March, with the goal of rationalizing control measures for the prevention and eradication of rabies. 

Having your pets vaccinated is one of our responsibilities as fur parents.


  1. Aw...Happy Birthday to your precious fur baby. I'm glad he had a great birthday party.

  2. A: Billy is aboslutely adorable!
    B: This chart is fantastic. I've always wondered how old my dog is.

  3. How cute! It looks like Billy had a wonderful birthday.

  4. So many people got dogs in 2020. Looks like a fun party.

  5. Looks like Billy had an awesome birthday! Having a dog is really life changing.

  6. omg! So cute naman your dog! Happy two years with him. I wish I can have my own pet too

  7. Happy Birthday to Billy. He is a cute little dog. It looks like he had quite the spread for his 2nd birthday.

  8. Happy birthday to Billy! I love celebrating pets birthdays as well. I think it's fun and very special.

  9. Happy birthday Billy! Owning a dog is such a beautiful experience. We've got a dog recently and he has only 5 months now. He is so so cute!

  10. Aaahhhh what a cutie Billy is. We heard a few friends got dogs over lockdown. Sounds like he had a fun birthday.

  11. Happy Birthday Billy! He is such a cute dog! I like his color, all white like my teddy bear.