Friday, June 30, 2017

IRONMAN Philippines in Subic Bay for June 2018!

The sports capital of the world Subic Bay! Subic Bay caters the majority of the sports happening from local to international; water and land competitions. The favorable waters of the bay to the perfect streets for bike racing and marathon, Subic Bay is well-known for it!

I've witnessed and covered some major and local races and still, no one can beat the beautiful place of Subic. Ironman Asia announces the Ironman Philippines race for next year and again the venue will be here in my hometown Subic!

Registration opens on Tuesday, 1st of August save the date! Check out the link here. Make sure you can book your hotel as early as now, there are lots to choose from within and outside the Freeport. 

See you all here for the Ironman 2018! 

The photo was taken last weekend during my weekend bike ride around the bay.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Feature: PYREX SlowCook 3.6L Casserole

A single pot is not enough to use when you are in the kitchen, you need different sizes of pots and pans to go through your time cooking. I love making meals at home, I do consider it as my relaxation and a way to enhance my creative side. And, of course, I love to eat...I guess that's the main reason? Some other reasons would be; 
  • prepared meals at home are budget-saving.
  • nutritious, healthy and clean food.
  • cook for additional meals for the next day, you can enjoy another serving.
  • teach children to appreciate the variety of taste, texture and smell
  • a family bonding.

Every time I watch any cooking show, the kitchen is set-up nicely, with all the kitchen tools and gadgets that are available within reach. My eyes are always glued to the pots and pans they use and of course, wishing to have those someday. 

The complexities and necessities of every kitchen tool or gadget depend on how you will need them. Basic pots and pans can do wonders...but what if one brand can offer more than the basic, of course, I would love to have it. Filling-up your kitchen with pots and pans can drain up your wallet as it is not a joke when it comes to pricing. It can be an investment too when you decide to get the quality and branded ones.

Here is my newest collection in the kitchen.
PYREX SlowCook 3.6L Casserole, the striking color of bright red will definitely illuminate in my kitchen. 
From the famous and trusted brand PYREX which I know most of you know. I have known this brand since I started to appreciate cooking. 

It has a stainless steel knob for oven use, easy-grip, self-basting effect and has an enameled base.

The casserole is heavy because of the cast iron material and it has a round shape with 24 cm in diameter with 3.6-liter capacity. Two easy-grip handles with ridges for more effective handling. You need to use pot holders when using the casserole as all materials are iron cast. 

Pyrex SlowCook casserole is dishwasher safe, vitro ceramic can be used inside the oven at 280°, over a gas stove, electric, halogen and induction cooking.

So, as excited as a kid in having a new toy I tested the casserole. I made ginger creamy chicken for dinner. 

Browned and sauteed garlic, onion, and ginger in the low heat but it creates added heat because of the material of the casserole. One part I am happy about is I am going to save gas every time this is in use.

Placed the cut up chicken and cover the casserole with the lid, without opening it for 30 minutes in the medium heat it reached the desired temperature for the chicken meat to become tender. Added cream and other spices to add taste and the dish was ready for a total of 45 minutes including the preparation.

One whole chicken cut-ups with cream filled-up one-third of the casserole. I turned off the heat leaving the pot still simmering to thicken the cream, the good thing about iron cast cooking. 

Using a sponge with a dishwashing liquid those crusting in the sides of the casserole was easily removed. It did not leave any marking or stain at all, it was quite impressive! I will surely enjoy preparing meals using this casserole and expect photos of it in every photo I will be posting. 

The only I had a hard time dealing with the pan was the weight, it is really heavy and lifting it will need the effort to do so. But the overall experience and use were satisfying. 

You can check this Pyrex SlowCook Casserole over their website for reference or purchase it for $128 US.

Happy cooking and happy long weekend! 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Choose What Games You Play Online!

As a working Mom, there are times that I get exhausted mentally and physically.   24/7 of your time requires you to do your responsibilities at home and at work and a little diversion is needed.

The typical Mommy's physical presence is normally needed in the household, I can find something that I like and love to do online. It won't let me leave the house which can cost me less of the gasoline expense and at the same time, I can manage home and the kids too.

There are lots of online games you can search in the web and it all caters to your interest and liking. To you time availability and as well as skills. I don't believe that online games are only for kids, especially in the modern age we are in now. Everything is all accessible to can be reached in a push of a button. 

Since I used to play bingo with my cousins and relatives during summer breaks when we were young and finding out that there's an online site for bingo games I totally am up for it. I like playing bingo because it is easy to play and also it lets you practice your focus and concentration. 

From a typical roulette with numbered buttons and slotted bingo cards, everything now got level-up by means of playing bingo.
Boomtownbingo, an online company that provides Internet bingo sites and the transactions are secured. This was introduced to me by a friend who loves to play bingo too. The site offers a wide array of game features and of course the basic ones that I do like to play. 
They have popular brands of bingo that are being ranked and rated by users worldwide. And, what I like about this site, even more, is the mode of payment, they accept Paypal for payment! And, they offer great bonus and huge jackpot prizes. 

When playing online we need to make sure our payments and winnings will be secured...well we don't want to lose a penny from all the hundreds of untrusted sites out there, make your money safe and secured and enjoy playing bingo! 

Monday, June 19, 2017

How does Marian Rivera make Garantisadong Ginisarap dishes?

Marian Rivera-Dantes is used to playing different characters: Primetime Queen, recording artist, brand ambassador, style icon, and philanthropist. But her favorite roles by far have been those behind the camera: as wife to Dingdong and mom to Baby Zia.

As a modern homemaker, who manages her time between work and family, Marian has found comfort in cooking as one of the best ways to make her family feel loved and to improve her culinary skills. On her social media pages, the Kapuso actress has posted some of her own culinary creations that range from baby food to little Zia, stews, soups, and veggies. And on days when Marian is short on time, stir-fry dishes have become her go-to choices for easy, yummy meals.

Topping her stir-fry list are Chopsuey and Fried Rice made with AJI-GINISA® Flavor Seasoning Mix, as seen in the seasoning’s two new TVCs which began airing last June 4, 2017. In both versions, Marian dances and sings to the tune of her hit song, “Sabay-sabay Tayo,’ while she adds AJI-GINISA® to each dish to make them more delicious and “Garantisadong Ginisarap.”

Like Marian, you can also whip up “Garantisadong Ginisarap” dishes – even non-vegetable ones – by adding a touch of AJI-GINISA® to your favorite stir-fry recipes.

Visit and like and for more dishes to try.

Ajinomoto Philippines Corporation (APC) is an affiliate of Tokyo-based Ajinomoto Co., Inc. Established in 1958, APC lives by its promise to provide consumers products that will always give the delicious taste too healthy and nutritious meals as embodied in APC’s slogan Ajinomoto® “Eat Well, Live Well.®” APC’s complete line of quality food and seasoning products are produced by international affiliates and local toll manufacturers using Ajinomoto’s license, quality standards, and technological expertise. APC’s products include AJI-NO-MOTO® Umami Seasoning, Ajinomoto® Brand Ginisa Flavor Seasoning Mix, AJI-SINIGANG® Cube, Ajinomoto® Brand Chicken Powder, PORKSAVOR® All-in-One Seasoning Mix, CRISPY FRY® Breading Mix, CRISPY FRY® SEASONED CRUMBS®, TASTY BOY® All Purpose Breading Mix, AJI-SHIO®

Seasoning Mix, SARSAYA® Oyster and Sweet and Sour Sauce and “amino Fres-C” Instant Drink Mix. 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Head of the family: not just a provider but a father

Imagine working in a world where time seems to just past by and where almost everything changes instantly. Think of having to keep up with an environment where it costs a lot to stop or even slow down for a while. Sound taxing, right? What more of prioritizing the welfare of everybody in the household on top of it all. 

But every head of the family doesn’t mind it. Fathers are said to be the pillars of our homes. They toil sun up to sun down to give our needs and desires.

Some of them go abroad with tears in their eyes because they will be physically separated from their families. However, there is a certain joy in their hearts knowing that they will be able to provide for their loved ones back home.

To honor these gallant paternal men and let them feel how extraordinary they are and important their sacrifices are for their families, Father’s Day has been a yearly universal event. As we mark again this special occasion on Sunday, June 18, 2017, our applause and recognition will never be enough to show them how grateful we are to have them in our lives. 

Our dads, together with our moms, take good care of us the moment we’re born. They are the ones who provide everything we need for our everyday lives. From infancy up to adulthood, they feed and clothe us. 

As we take our initial baby steps, our patriarchs' guide and lead us in the right direction. When we stumble and fall, they assist us to rise and move on. In times of danger or any threat, they shield us from any harm.

All of these, they do out of unconditional love. Their selflessness, though, has its own toll. Working tirelessly could lead to high levels of stress constantly and problems not only mentally, but physically, too. So better watch out for the signs. 

Has tatay been constantly complaining about losing strands and strands of his hair every day? Or maybe has he been searching for a way on how to get them to grow back?

According to the hair loss statistics conducted by Statistic Brain in the year 2016, 40 percent of men experience noticeable mane vanishing as early as age 35. And as per the American Hair Loss Association, there are a couple of different factors that cause excessive hair fall, one being an extreme degree of stress.

Nutramedica Inc. introduced a revolutionary product that aims to address this problem: NOVUHAIR, nature’s answer to hair loss. Being the only topical scalp lotion in the country that is made from 19 natural herbs, essential oils and co-factor nutrients all working synergistically, it’s perfect for all the heads of the family out there, be they biological or not.

NOVUHAIR is proven effective and safe to help prevent and stop the progression of hair loss and, at the same time, help promote locks’ growth. Simply spray a liberal amount of NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion onto the scalp and massage for 5-10 minutes. Voila, it penetrates deeply into the roots, which helps rejuvenate, nourish and maintain the natural moisture of the hair. 

Still, have no idea on what to give him on his big day? Well, NOVUHAIR might not be the most expensive gift to impress him, but the most valuable present he could ever have. This nature’s answer to hair loss provides him the chance to be ahead already in preventing his “crowning glory” from receding in the near future. 

So, head on to all leading stores nationwide and get a dose of this breakthrough product. NOVUHAIR is also available in shampoo and conditioner formats to further complement the benefits of NOVUHAIR topical scalp lotion. NOVUHAIR is available at Mercury Drug and other leading drugstores nationwide. You may also order NOVUHAIR online at For inquiries, you may call 413-6570 or 0922-8830575, and visit

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Nominations are Open! Show Some Love for Military Veterans

Veteran Shane Kruchten was the first recipient on the MISSION: THANK YOU tour and was honored at a ceremony in San Diego in May. 

This summer Adam Sandoval is hitting the road with Harley-Davidson for a cross-country ride to honor those who have served and give away bikes to eight lucky vets.

Adam is an avid H-D rider, and he and his chihuahua Scooter have crossed the country in support of military vets. His ScootinAmerica initiative has raised awareness for several veterans organizations, and he’s honored to partner with H-D to bring relief to more riders. He understands that riding can be a relaxing, restorative hobby for vets, especially for those suffering from PTSD. 

Anyone can nominate an active military member or veteran to MISSION: THANK YOU for submitting their story of sacrifice, strength, and courage to Adam will be part of the group reviewing and selecting deserving patriots for the award. 

Follow the mission on or on Facebook or Twitter.


Harley-Davidson believes that every American should be able to experience the profound freedom of motorcycle riding, especially those who risk their lives to protect our freedom. To show its appreciation and support for military personnel, Harley-Davidson has partnered with Adam Sandoval, founder of ScootinAmerica, and the Wounded Warrior Project for a cross-country ride where they will give away new motorcycles to eight lucky veterans. Adam recently spoke with us to about this project —MISSION: “THANK YOU”— and his upcoming stop in Los Angeles. 

Q: How did your journey begin? 

AS: I hit the road in November 2014 with my Chihuahua, Scooter, to visit every Harley-Davidson dealership in the lower 48 states to raise awareness and money for our military and their families. A lot of bikers are veterans, and riding is sort-of wind therapy, especially for those with PTSD. Scooter and I rode over 80,000 miles during our two-year journey, raising $300,000 in donations in the process. 


AS: Scooter and I are hitting the road with Harley-Davidson to thank those who have protected our freedom. We’ll be honoring a total of eight deserving members of the military with a free motorcycle powered by the new Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight Engine. I think this might be the most impactful trip of my life. 

Q: You already kicked off the tour in San Diego. What was the first stop like? 

A: It was great. I had the pleasure of presenting Shane Kruchten with a new motorcycle during my time there. He was wounded while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, and riding his Harley-Davidson helped him cope with his PTSD. The experience was a reminder of why I started my journey back in 2014, and it’s great to partner with Harley-Davidson to do this for veterans. I can’t wait to do it again in L.A. 

Q: Why did you choose to partner with Harley-Davidson on MISSION: “THANK YOU”? 

AS: Harley-Davidson does so much for our veterans and active military. For example, they offer the Harley-Davidson Riding Academy New Rider Course at a discounted rate for military personnel and first responders and their spouses. There’s also Operation Extend the Ride, which extends factory warranties by the number of days you’re deployed. As a Harley-Davidson rider myself, it was an obvious choice to partner with them for a cause I’m so passionate about. 

Q: How can people get involved with MISSION: “THANK YOU”? 

AS: Folks can go to my website,, until early November to nominate deserving military personnel. They can even nominate themselves! A panel consisting of representatives from the Wounded Warrior Project, veterans working at Harley-Davidson and myself will select seven more military members to surprise with a new motorcycle this summer and fall, with the final bike being awarded in New York City on Veterans Day prior to the world’s largest Veterans parade. I also urge everyone to listen to the stories of any veterans they know, follow my ride on social media and share the mission with their friends.

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid for ALL your Cleaning Needs!

When it comes to cleanliness my OC-side of me turns on 101% most of the time. The satisfaction I get when I know things at home are clean, most especially everything in the kitchen is clean. I always volunteer to clean up dirty and used dishes every after use during meal preparation and mealtime. No matter how tired I am I will make sure that all plates and pans are squeaky clean and all smells fresh!

I am the one responsible for grocery shopping and dish washing agents are never to be forgotten. From my recent hobby which is baking, additional use of pans and baking dishes are needed. And, when you use something in the kitchen you much wash and rinse it well for the next use. Those stubborn grease from meat pot-pies to butter and chocolate spills from cupcakes are the trickiest part to manage.

This is the time when for a bio-degradable, convenient and gentle on hands dishwashing product comes in. 
Bubble Man Easy Rinse dishwashing liquid became my partner since the day I discovered it. 

The most important thing I always look for a product is the effectivity of it when used. We need our money-valuable in purchasing items at home and since this product is consumable- the effectiveness of it becomes our top priority to look at. 
Bubble Man dishwashing comes in three scented-variants; Antibac, Lemon, and Kalamansi. 

Each has a distinct scent depending on your liking and preference but the quality of every drop of Bubble Man dishwashing liquid are all the same. Out of the three variants available I love the lemon scent! It gives and leaves a natural, citrus scent on cutleries, plates and drinking glasses. So, basically, this is being used in the kitchen most of the time along with the kalamansi scent which is somehow the same as the lemon scent. 

Bubble Man dishwashing liquid is not only limited when used. Aside from being an aid in the kitchen, it can also be used for bathroom cleaning specifically the bathroom sink, tiles, and walls. Everything in the bathroom is spotless clean when I use the Antibac scent. It smells like ocean breeze! 

Some other points that made me consider this product of choice is:

  • Gentle on hands. I don't need to worry that my skin will dry up after washing dishes.
  • Bio-degradable. Environment safe and kids can use it too.
  • Affordable. Compared to other brands that offer the same benefits, I will go for this one.
  • Availability. Can be bought in any leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.
  • Handy bottle container. No matter what size, it has an easy-grip bottle when used.
  • Easy rinse. Saves you money and time.
So, having a product brand that is not only for washing dishes but can be an all-around cleaning agent, I am truly convinced...tried and tested!

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

NearGroup Let's You Connect with People Around the World!

Technology in communication, a bridge to connect people from places all around the world. The technology involving it are being developed every minute and an innovative way comes to surface for people to try out.

Social media sites became an efficient tool for people to communicate. One famous social media that is on the top of the list right now is Facebook. Almost all entities are connected and trying to connect to the platform. Did you know that through Facebook itself you can connect with people nearby using Facebook Messenger!

NearGroup allows you to do that. Get connected with people instantly without creating a new profile and sets your profile anonymously. Reveal identity to only you like. It is a safe place to connect with people by means of chatting. Just like the page NearGroup and get connected when you click the Send Message button and voila! You are in the world where you can scout, identify and be aware of things happening around the world. 
Culture and society can bring us closer to each other by means of discovering things on the other side. That is how communication works and in today's generation, communication is just a few buttons to press away.
The perfect site for the Millennials who enjoy the company of new people not just locally but globally. NearGroup provides you that service.

Pinoys all around the world what are you waiting for? Press Get Started to begin!

Thankful for MacBook Air Prize from Red Ribbon!

When my daughter graduated from elementary a couple of months ago and saw Red Ribbon's Graduation raffle promo, no second thought I will join and take my chances in winning one of the 35 MacBook Air laptops they are giving away. And, no doubt our entry was one of the lucky winners! 

A contest entry needs to buy a Graduation cake from Red Ribbon for their graduates and have it along during the celebration. We bought one and brought it with us in the graduation ceremony at school which ended up past 10pm!
After the ceremony we took photos of our graduate along with the Red Ribbon Graduation cake and submitted entries! 

From the promo ad on their page, there was a pinch of grain that I doubted the promo contest for the reason that the said prize is expensive and they are giving away 35 units of it? But, vast part of my willingness to join was the chance if ever it's true and I can be one of the winners. 

When they announced the winners a month ago, it was true and the mixed emotions and feelings were all-over the place that time. 
From the announcement of Red Ribbon, people who joined the contest who did not questioned some of the winning entries as it did not abide to its contest mechanics. From the questions the management receives they were able to handle it and made the final announcement with corrected list of winners. 

This was our winning entry, my daughter and her brother posing with Red Ribbon's Graduation cake while we wait for our super late dinner at Aresi Restaurant. 

From the updates from email, online and registered mail we were able to claim the prize to the branch were we both the cake. My mother and mu daughter claimed it and we brought home our newest addition in the family. 
Our MacBook Air prize, the most expensive gadget we won in a raffle contest to date! 

So thankful for this and thank you to Red Ribbon specially to their branch personnel who processed the prize for claiming smoothly!
Always take chances you'll never know when luck hits you way. :)