Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid for ALL your Cleaning Needs!

When it comes to cleanliness my OC-side of me turns on 101% most of the time. The satisfaction I get when I know things at home are clean, most especially everything in the kitchen is clean. I always volunteer to clean up dirty and used dishes every after use during meal preparation and mealtime. No matter how tired I am I will make sure that all plates and pans are squeaky clean and all smells fresh!

I am the one responsible for grocery shopping and dish washing agents are never to be forgotten. From my recent hobby which is baking, additional use of pans and baking dishes are needed. And, when you use something in the kitchen you much wash and rinse it well for the next use. Those stubborn grease from meat pot-pies to butter and chocolate spills from cupcakes are the trickiest part to manage.

This is the time when for a bio-degradable, convenient and gentle on hands dishwashing product comes in. 
Bubble Man Easy Rinse dishwashing liquid became my partner since the day I discovered it. 

The most important thing I always look for a product is the effectivity of it when used. We need our money-valuable in purchasing items at home and since this product is consumable- the effectiveness of it becomes our top priority to look at. 
Bubble Man dishwashing comes in three scented-variants; Antibac, Lemon, and Kalamansi. 

Each has a distinct scent depending on your liking and preference but the quality of every drop of Bubble Man dishwashing liquid are all the same. Out of the three variants available I love the lemon scent! It gives and leaves a natural, citrus scent on cutleries, plates and drinking glasses. So, basically, this is being used in the kitchen most of the time along with the kalamansi scent which is somehow the same as the lemon scent. 

Bubble Man dishwashing liquid is not only limited when used. Aside from being an aid in the kitchen, it can also be used for bathroom cleaning specifically the bathroom sink, tiles, and walls. Everything in the bathroom is spotless clean when I use the Antibac scent. It smells like ocean breeze! 

Some other points that made me consider this product of choice is:

  • Gentle on hands. I don't need to worry that my skin will dry up after washing dishes.
  • Bio-degradable. Environment safe and kids can use it too.
  • Affordable. Compared to other brands that offer the same benefits, I will go for this one.
  • Availability. Can be bought in any leading supermarkets and groceries nationwide.
  • Handy bottle container. No matter what size, it has an easy-grip bottle when used.
  • Easy rinse. Saves you money and time.
So, having a product brand that is not only for washing dishes but can be an all-around cleaning agent, I am truly convinced...tried and tested!

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