Tuesday, June 6, 2017

NearGroup Let's You Connect with People Around the World!

Technology in communication, a bridge to connect people from places all around the world. The technology involving it are being developed every minute and an innovative way comes to surface for people to try out.

Social media sites became an efficient tool for people to communicate. One famous social media that is on the top of the list right now is Facebook. Almost all entities are connected and trying to connect to the platform. Did you know that through Facebook itself you can connect with people nearby using Facebook Messenger!

NearGroup allows you to do that. Get connected with people instantly without creating a new profile and sets your profile anonymously. Reveal identity to only you like. It is a safe place to connect with people by means of chatting. Just like the page NearGroup and get connected when you click the Send Message button and voila! You are in the world where you can scout, identify and be aware of things happening around the world. 
Culture and society can bring us closer to each other by means of discovering things on the other side. That is how communication works and in today's generation, communication is just a few buttons to press away.
The perfect site for the Millennials who enjoy the company of new people not just locally but globally. NearGroup provides you that service.

Pinoys all around the world what are you waiting for? Press Get Started to begin!

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