Friday, June 30, 2017

IRONMAN Philippines in Subic Bay for June 2018!

The sports capital of the world Subic Bay! Subic Bay caters the majority of the sports happening from local to international; water and land competitions. The favorable waters of the bay to the perfect streets for bike racing and marathon, Subic Bay is well-known for it!

I've witnessed and covered some major and local races and still, no one can beat the beautiful place of Subic. Ironman Asia announces the Ironman Philippines race for next year and again the venue will be here in my hometown Subic!

Registration opens on Tuesday, 1st of August save the date! Check out the link here. Make sure you can book your hotel as early as now, there are lots to choose from within and outside the Freeport. 

See you all here for the Ironman 2018! 

The photo was taken last weekend during my weekend bike ride around the bay.

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