Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Thankful for MacBook Air Prize from Red Ribbon!

When my daughter graduated from elementary a couple of months ago and saw Red Ribbon's Graduation raffle promo, no second thought I will join and take my chances in winning one of the 35 MacBook Air laptops they are giving away. And, no doubt our entry was one of the lucky winners! 

A contest entry needs to buy a Graduation cake from Red Ribbon for their graduates and have it along during the celebration. We bought one and brought it with us in the graduation ceremony at school which ended up past 10pm!
After the ceremony we took photos of our graduate along with the Red Ribbon Graduation cake and submitted entries! 

From the promo ad on their page, there was a pinch of grain that I doubted the promo contest for the reason that the said prize is expensive and they are giving away 35 units of it? But, vast part of my willingness to join was the chance if ever it's true and I can be one of the winners. 

When they announced the winners a month ago, it was true and the mixed emotions and feelings were all-over the place that time. 
From the announcement of Red Ribbon, people who joined the contest who did not questioned some of the winning entries as it did not abide to its contest mechanics. From the questions the management receives they were able to handle it and made the final announcement with corrected list of winners. 

This was our winning entry, my daughter and her brother posing with Red Ribbon's Graduation cake while we wait for our super late dinner at Aresi Restaurant. 

From the updates from email, online and registered mail we were able to claim the prize to the branch were we both the cake. My mother and mu daughter claimed it and we brought home our newest addition in the family. 
Our MacBook Air prize, the most expensive gadget we won in a raffle contest to date! 

So thankful for this and thank you to Red Ribbon specially to their branch personnel who processed the prize for claiming smoothly!
Always take chances you'll never know when luck hits you way. :)

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