Monday, November 14, 2016

Enjoying the Goodness of Emborg Dairy Products!

How do you love grocery shopping? For me grocery shopping is my therapy, I find happiness every time I visit a grocery store for a large or small quantity of products I need to buy. I like stocking on things especially the necessities because I can save more and can get the freshest items of course!
When I ran out of anything needed in the kitchen most especially the ones for cooking I get a little stress out. This coming holiday season, better get a little of everything you need and stock ém up for later use. 

Today, I am going to share my latest dairy find in the grocery. 
I picked up these two last night at SM supermarket in Olongapo along with my list of items we need. 

Emborg is a product of Denmark and locally sold here in the Philippines. My first dibs of this brand was from the duty-free shop inside the Subic Freeport and I am glad that it is now available at the local supermarket like SM.

Emborg cream cheese and skimmed milk were my breakfast buddies this morning before I left home. 

Emborg cream cheese classic flavor. 
The containers have 200 grams of cream cheese, the cheese is spreadable a little like the "kesong puti" (comparable to cottage cheese) that is locally made cheese here in the Philippines, a little less salty version of it.

Each container sells at Php94.50 ($1.92) way cheaper than the other imported brands of cream cheese sold in the supermarket plus it has its own easy open container to protect the cheese product inside. I used to buy Philadelphia cream cheese bar not until I discovered this. 
Two points that totally convinced me of this product brand: 
1. price 
2. taste 

Emborg skimmed milk was a good pairing for my Starbucks Sumatra dark roast (no sugar). It has a fresh and creamy taste when I mixed just enough of the skimmed milk over my coffee. A liter box of Emborg skimmed milk cost Php74.50 ($1.51) almost the same as Anchor lite and Anchor fresh milk, which was our brand before. I can switch every now and then for Anchor and Emborg since they both passed my criteria for milk in cartons.

A good source of calcium which I never neglect of having not just for me but for all of us at home, whether it is mixed with cereals, coffee, and chocolate drink. 
Each serving can give you different vitamins and minerals the body needs, most especially the kids.

It is fun and exciting to discover new products in the grocery and eventually sticking to it as a regular product brand the family use. 

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