Monday, November 14, 2016

Holiday Shopping for the Family

Holiday is just around the corner and time is passing by so quickly. Reunions and Christmas parties are lining up and I am a little stressed out with the limited time I have at the moment. I need to squeeze up time after work to do some house errands and my scheduled time to go to the mall is being canceled for a couple of times already. I promised myself not to do the Christmas shopping rush like I did years ago. The quality of clothes and items I got from the rush got me so disappointed. A somehow waste of money on my end and also stressing out makes me not so beautiful for the holidays haha! 
This year I will be dividing my time, 50% will be for mall shopping and the other half will be for online shopping. 

Online shopping is the in thing right now, from local to imported items we can buy and the variety of design and sizes are endless. I always rely on family and friends recommendations when it comes to an online shopping site. But, I sometimes need to try new ones for myself and test the water for the service and products. 

I am looking at StyleWe for some dresses I can use for the coming high school reunion next month. Torn between the casual pants and blouse or to buy green dresses which can be a color motif I can incorporate for this season. 

I can also add some items for my daughter who is into jeans and shirt for her going out an with friends at the mall. Teens are always into style and comfort specially in a tropical season like we have. Ripped and distressed are so in right now and I am glad I came across the topic on dress up tips for skaters for me to get more additional ideas on what to get her. 

Online shopping tips:
1. Value for money
2. Free shipping
3. Timeframe for the item to reach you
4. Product quality 
5. Return product option

Those are my key points when purchasing items online and I hope this coming holiday season you can get all the things you need for you and your family! 

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